Rescue Me

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2006 on FX

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  • Funniest scene of the episode! Prime example of how fantastic this show is! The dialogue is tight and clever!

    Tommy (after seeing Lou\'s new Gal for 1st time): Hey! Nice!
    Lou: Yeah she is cute huh?
    Tommy: How was she?
    Lou: Oh come on now, nice guys don\'t tell. Get outta here punk, you\'re ruinin my afterglow!

    Tommy leaves the Lou\'s room, and goes back out into the Living where Lou\'s cute girl is now fully dressed and wearing a Nun\'s habit:

    Girl: Uhm, sorry about that!
    Tommy: uh yeah yeah....right...
    Girl: okaay.
    Tommy: uhhhh see ya.

    Tommy then turns on his heel and heads back into Lou\'s room

    Tommy: get out of the bed, whore.
    Lou: huh whatta mean?
    Tommy: get up...
    Lou: what\'s the matter.
    Tommy: Tell me I didn\'t just witness what I think I just witnessed.
    Lou: Whatcha witness.
    Tommy: She is not really a Nun right. She\'s just wearing like a nun costume, lalalike her french maid outfit is at the dry cleaners or sometin. sic right???

    Lou: huh, Okay, uhm...Your confusion is expected, as was this conversation. What the mind sees is sometimes not that which is real but rather the reality which is brought to it.
    Tommy: really, yeah hmm hmm

    Lou: I am brushing up on Buddism and the Buddist approach to thought and deed. Ask yourself this Tom, If a Tree falls in the forest and there is noone there to see or hear it... (Tommy takes the book on Buddism out of Lou\'s hand and throws it out the window)...would you still be such an **** Actually, you might have done me a favor there by discarding one of my possessions. That is part of the path to enlightenment.

    Tommy: Okay,My..My foot is about to take the enlightened path up-your-ass. Is she a Nun or is she not a Nun?

    L: She\'s a semi-nun.

    T: She\'s a semi-nun...wha, wha, what is that supposed to mean, she is in the Nun Natl. Guard, huh! she is the bride of Christ one weekend a month! What the Hell does that mean?!

    cutting longer part in the middle.

    Lou: She is a nun until the end of the month. Trying to adjust.
    Tommy: Adjust what? Her vagina!

    cutting part to get to the big payoff

    Tommy: I need to lie down.
    Lou: you alright?
    Tommy clutching chest: What is that smell? It is either the kitchen or I think you might have actually burned a hole in my soul...oh yeah that is it, uh ow yeah...right through the middle of the soul...

    Geez I just love this show!