Resort Recon with Shane Green

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Resort Recon with Shane Green

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Known for hospitality excellence, motivational speeches, leadership workshops, and for his ability to reconstruct winning corporate cultures, Shane [Green] is a business mogul who owns several companies and develops and inspires Fortune 500 cultures.

Utilizing more than 20 years of hospitality experience in opening, managing and turning-around hotels and resorts across the globe, Shane will share his expertise and insights with the owners of some of America’s best-loved resorts and hotels.

Driven by an understanding of what it takes to turn people and a culture around and the insights from his hidden camera’s, Shane will help resort owners identify the people and process problems that are crippling their businesses and placing their livelihoods in jeopardy. Shane and his team of world-class consultants and coaches will work to resolve those issues strategically, and then re-energize a resort’s culture to get each property back on track.

Viewers will get to watch as hidden cameras capture what really goes on when managers and owners aren’t looking, and how the relationship between the managers and employees impacts the customer experience every day and the success of their resort.

This is Resort Rescue.


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