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Created by late comedy writer Harry Thompson, Respectable is a comedy series about several women working and bonding at a suburban brothel, which is run by a chainsmoking grandma who has seen everything.
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  • If you like Coupling, you will love this....

    I started watching this by accident but became hooked after only five minutes. The brothel characters are fantastic, the interaction between the characters is fantastic, the situation is realistic, and we all know someone just like Michael Price.

    Maureen (the Madam) has some fantastic one liners and the northern attitude which goes with them. She keeps all the girls together and would never ask them to do anything that she would not be prepared to do herself.

    Barry is played wonderfully by Nick Holder who is game for every sort of sexual act and does not mind talking about it.

    Yelena is a Serbian who also has an attitude, quote; all men are poofs except for Serbian men; unquote.

    Hayley is very young and naive and is treated like a daughter by Michael. Michael does not see Hayley as a prostitute and is horrified when Barry talks about the things that he has managed to do with Hayley.

    Kate is a student who gets caught up in being a prostitute because she likes the money but deep down she just wants to meet a nice guy and settle down.

    Pippa is Michaels long suffering wife who has no idea that he visits a brothel.

    This is a must watch series, buy the DVD and watch it over again, you will be amazed how much you missed first time around.moreless
  • A British comedy to make us Brits proud

    Respectable is set in a British Brothel and is as funny as you like,I have visited such establishments and the detail in Respectable is uncanny even the brash nature of the madam lol,

    Anyways it is a great piece of comedy with hundreds of one liners and visual humour one character Barry has me in stitches with his wealth of knowledge about the brothel industry from what the girls do and what places are best to visit and this is a worldwide knowledge he posses, it makes me laugh till i cry, and Yelena is the funiest working girl you will ever meet.... enjoy the showmoreless