Restaurant Makeover

Food Network Premiered Oct 02, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Are You On Drugs

    just finished watching the second episode of this show,this one is transforms an Italian rest into a Southern rest.

    The two women on the show, the designer and the chef are of of the most pompous, egocentric people I have run across.The chef thinks shes Julia Childs and the designer has been eating too many fruit loops :she has no idea about construction.

    Add to this mix a Russian who does whatever he feels like and you have a show that is too stupid to be believed.

    Excuse me ,I am going to go and throw up

    This site insists that I give the show a rating before I enter my comments

    Can it be a negative number
  • For the most part I really love this show...BUT I have to say that I cringe every time I see the wanton waste of perfectly good recyclables.

    There MUST be a better way to deal with reusable materials like furniture, mirrors and other materials than smashing everything into unusable garbage that can only go into a landfill. Sure smashing things is fun but ...In a time when the world is trying to go green you are setting a bad example Some options...
    1) Get together with that show that does design makeovers using nothing but recycled materials. 2)Contact local used building material stores. Those mirrors, doors, bars, etc. are worth $$ which could be applied to the reno costs.
    3)Donate to local thrift stores.
    4)Use them yourself in another show that challenges your designers to use them in new ways.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!! It's time to think GREEN.
  • The show must go onnnnnnnnn!

    Hi every one! I mostly like CSI Miami. House, amazing race, and the new show the restaurant, I'm tilling you about the first Series of the restaurant so all my rating's and Classification are for the first Series of the restaurant.its show's on discovery travel and living channeled. I thought the show was new when it came to the discovery travel and living channeled but I found out that the show was aired on 2003/2004 so it's little bit sad to know that, but anyway I like the show a lot and I think this show will make a come back…. I wish good luck for all the people on that show.
  • Great for the small town places

    Love this show. Reminds me of a Allan Jackson song. The small family owned places can't afford to a large make over and alot of them need them. I would love to apply for my friend and bosses small place in my hometown. Love this show..This show makes me happy to see people work together.
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