Resurrection Blvd.

Showtime (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Resureccion
      Episode 13
      After telling Yolanda about the rape, Bibi decides to confront her attacker. Odell reminds Carlos of his debt.
    • Verguenza
      Episode 12
      Bibi tries to cope with her traumatic experience, while Carlos slacks off before his big fight, and Ruben befriends Martin, a homeless man who begins to take over the Santiago household.
    • Un Amigo Viejo
      Un Amigo Viejo
      Episode 11
      Bibi bumps into an old family friend, John Ramos, while Alex feels guilty and helpless about Dr. Pool's dilemma with the law and Carlos is desperate for money as his gambling habit spirals out of control.
    • Engano
      Episode 10
      rift breaks out between Yolanda and Victoria over a political campaign, while Alex is alarmed at the consequences of a decision at the clinic and Carlos is paid a not-so-welcomed visit by Odell Mason, who is collecting on his debt.
    • El Gato, El Vato, La Cena y El Padre
      Miguel and Olivia decide to get married, and enlist Roberto's help in getting everyone in the Santiago family to a family dinner planned for Olivia's parents who are in town that weekend.
    • Pararse
      Episode 8
      Bibi receives a special birthday surprise from her nephew Carlos, while Victoria becomes a school hero for her fight for student rights. In the meantime, tensions arise at a family picnic.
    • Justicia
      Episode 7
      Yolanda decides not to attend the trial of Luke's killers, Alex is told to train his replacement and Zeke makes a call that will change his life.
    • Las Tristesas de Zeke
      Carlos Santiago is facing his first World Champ title defense match, while Victoria is convinced to go on a modeling audition, and Yolanda hears news about Luke's murderers.
    • Nino del Polvo
      Nino del Polvo
      Episode 5
      Carlos Santiago is proclaimed "East L.A.'s Hometown Hero," but his fame goes sour after he proudly tells a reporter he is moving out of East L.A., while Bibi continues to deal with Paulie, who is trying to convince her to book some of his acts at her club.
    • Un Miembro de la Familia
      Carlos Santiago anticipates making his big move from his East L.A family home into his own Brentwood condominium, while change is also in store for Miguel who announces to Carlos, younger sister Victoria and younger brother Alex that his girlfriend is pregnant.
    • La Guerra de Bibi
      Miguel is the happiest he has ever been after discovering he is a soon-to-be father, Bibi finds herself involved in a petty but nasty confrontation with her next-door neighbor Lupe.
    • Esperando Lagrimas
      The family is concerned about Yolanda coping with Luke's murder. Meanwhile, Miguel has some concerns of his own, perplexed and confused by his girlfriend's withdrawn attitude. Olivia seems to be keeping something from him and it is affecting their relationship. Alex meets Dr. Roberta Pool at an ELA Clinic where he hopes to work. But, he has second thoughts about working there after he finds the environment not exactly to his liking. Zeke is now working at Roberto's gym and Bobby Davis adamantly distrusts him. Bibi and Miguel are shocked when they learn about Zeke's past. And Miguel is surprised as he learns what was bothering Olivia. Nearly firing his want-a-be PR person, Carlos agrees to give him one more chance only to be embarrassed by what was supposed to be a "really big" commercial gig. The entire Santiago family is stunned and embarrassed for him and no one is laughing. No one except…Yolanda.moreless
    • En un Momento
      En un Momento
      Episode 1
      Carlos has great news of his own as he announces to his buddies that he is appearing on the "Late Late Show" with Craig Kilborn only to be embarrassed as he is pre-empted by an orangutan appearing on the show. Ezekiel "Zeke" Grant, an ex-con whom Roberto and Bobby Davis know from his days as a World Champ. Despite Bobby's suspicions, Roberto takes compassion on Zeke and offers the ex-champ a job. In the meantime, Bibi and Victoria are busy planning Yolanda's wedding shower and bachelorette party. Carlos, Miguel and Alex are similarly planning Luke's bachelor party. The bachelorette party is celebrated at Bibi's Mascaras Nightclub where Bibi surprises Yolanda by arranging a surprise appearance by Jose Feliciano.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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