Resurrection Blvd. - Season 1

Showtime (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Juntos
    Episode 20
    In the first-season finale, Alex nervously prepares for his big championship fight and finally confronts Jack Mornay, which leads to an unexpected turn of events. Paulie informs Bibi that she must close her troubled business - "Bibi's Beauty Boutique" - because her building has been sold. Miguel returns back home. Alex loses his chance to win a championship title.moreless
  • Un Pacto con el Diablo
    Jack offers Alex a championship title fight. Bibi enlists Paulie's aid in straightening her finances, and he attempts to take advantage of the situation. Yolanda finds herself in a financial predicament and seeks consoling with Joseph. Karen offers Yolanda an ultimatum. Alex and Carlos begin to learn about Jack's strategies and Jack does some maneuvering of his own.moreless
  • La Visita
    La Visita
    Episode 18
    Bibi's business is in financial difficulty and she faces the reality of losing the shop. Bibi's parents make a surprise visit which evokes varied reactions from everyone. Rosa's adulation and comparisons between Teresa and Bibi is more than Bibi can stand.
  • Lagrimas en el Cielo
    Yolanda moves on in her personal life and encounters Joseph at Cantina Minerva. Carlos spends quality time with Adam, and learns the true meaning of responsibility. Alex deals with a situation gone wrong, which Jack holds Miguel responsible.
  • No Te Muevas
    No Te Muevas
    Episode 16
    Carlos becomes intrigued by Sulinda, after she assists him at the hospital. Roberto becomes bartender at the Cantina Minerva after a chance observation and learns from Julia that Cynthia frequents the establishment. Alex finds himself in a legal bind and turns to Yolanda for help. Bibi informs Roberto of her parents' intent to visit.moreless
  • Las Manos de Piedra
    Las Manos de Piedra
    Episode 15
    Carlos decides on surgery, and the family continues to support him. Roberto decides to use Alex's boxing assets as collateral for a loan to pay for the operation, and learns about Jack's management strategies in the process. Yolanda learns the scope of her inquisitiveness at the firm, and its price. Salvador's status catches up with him.moreless
  • Revelaciones
    Episode 14
    Carlos recovers in the hospital and the family maintains their supporting presence. Victoria blames herself for Carlos' physical condition. Yolanda believes to have discovered a procedural error at the firm and attempts to rectify the situation. Alex secures an apartment and Salvador inadvertently reminds him of the bond between father and son. Victoria deals with the situation between Ramón and herself.moreless
  • Comenzando De Nuevo
    Comenzando De Nuevo
    Episode 13
    Alex clashes with Roberto over training issues and his discipline, prompting him to consider his options. Bibi confides to Yolanda about the beauty shop's degree of business and how she misses Tommy, but assures her that she will be fine. Miguel is reminded by both Carlos and Alex of his shortcomings. Carlos secures a boxing match in Tijuana, and endures the consequences to his actions.moreless
  • Aniversario
    Episode 12
    The family prepares for the first anniversary of Teresa's death. Although Yolanda and Bibi plan a party to celebrate her life, Roberto is vehemently against the idea and lashes out at Bibi. Through Yolanda's intervention, Roberto apologizes to Bibi and they spend the day reminiscing about Teresa. Carlos postures with rival boxer Joey Rock, who helps him see the reality of his professional boxing career. Jack presents Alex with a new car and Roberto later expresses his displeasure of the gift with Miguel. Alex tells Miguel that he is considering moving out. Alex draws the line with Toni after she coordinates an intimate idea. Victoria endures the process of dealing with the death of her mother.moreless
  • Hermanos
    Episode 11
    This episode is dedicated to all the American casualties of war, both living and deceased. Ruben receives a letter from Charles Adams, an army soldier he served with in Vietnam. He is dying and Ruben immediately leaves to spend the last days of his life with him at the veterans hospital. At his insistence, Miguel allows Salvador to repair the steam room at the gym and later extends a dinner invitation as a gesture of appreciation. Alex continues to intimately indulge with Toni, neglecting to notify the family of his whereabouts. Carlos continues to train for his return to the boxing ring, much to Roberto's discouragement. At dinner, Roberto rudely objects to Salvador's presence and the family soon becomes aware of Ruben's absence. Roberto appreciates Salvador's and Bibi's involvement in the exhaustive and emotionally passionate search for Ruben.moreless
  • Mascaras
    Episode 10
    Yolanda bails Victoria out of jail although Victoria remains concerned about Sookie. Victoria attempts to support her situation and invites her over for dinner. Yolanda warns Victoria that girls like Sookie are troublesome and compares Victoria's actions to their mother. While Yolanda concedes to visiting their mother's grave every Saturday, Victoria admits that she has not since her funeral. Yolanda maintains hope that Peter will return. Alex catches the eye of a female interviewer, Toni, who takes a more personal interest in him outside of the ring.moreless
  • Cholitas
    Episode 9
    Bibi learns from Tommy's school counselor that he has been offered an internship in Boston and Tommy is torn over his decision. Yolanda continues to be pursued by Aaron Cross, who lavishes the Santiago household with his personal staff. Carlos decides to train for a comeback, much to the family's displeasure. After discussing their age difference, Roberto agrees to go out on a date with Cynthia, and he comes to realize a few things. Victoria scuffles in school with a girl who aspires to join an all girl gang, ready to endure a physical beating to herald her membership. Victoria comes to her defense, only to be involved in a police seizure.moreless
  • Luchando
    Episode 8
    Bibi arrives home early from the beauty shop and discovers Tommy smoking marijuana with a friend. An illegal immigrant, Salvador, is found sleeping at the gym by Miguel and Alex and they offer him a maintenance position. Roberto's interest in Cynthia strengthens with his daily visits to the panaderia (bakery). In an effort to promote Alex, Miguel schedules a photo shoot for him against Roberto's wishes and Jack's approval. Yolanda is assigned to client Aaron Cross, who shows a more personal interest in her. Cynthia's unexpected visit during dinner peaks the family's curiosity. Carlos attempts to outmaneuver Eric.moreless
  • Dos Padres
    Dos Padres
    Episode 7
    Bibi and Paco grow closer even as he intensifies his search for a new job. Miguel arranges press coverage for Alex. Roberto notices Cynthia behind the counter at the panaderia (bakery), who receives a troubling telephone call. He offers a sympathetic ear. Bibi becomes aware of Paco's indiscretion. Paco turns to the liquor bottle for solace. Despite Carlos' best efforts to dissuade him at a bar, Paco's intoxicated belligerence sends him into the night and straight to Bibi and Tommy.moreless
  • Negro y Moreno
    Negro y Moreno
    Episode 6
    Not appreciating of the treatment of the kitchen workers, Paco finds himself in a physical confrontation with the manager, and is promptly fired. Desperate to avoid returning to prison for violating his parole, he enlists the help of Yolanda. Roberto agrees to have Jack Mornet represent Alex, who promptly arranges his first prolific match. Yolanda and Peter face a difficult decision. Carlos physically defends the honor of a woman at a strip club, only to find out later that the man he scuffled with is a cop.moreless
  • El Regreso de Paco
    El Regreso de Paco
    Episode 5
    Bibi's ex-husband, Paco, returns on parole, legitimately employed as a chef's apprentice. Jack Mornet takes a professional interest in Alex. Yolanda is accepted into law school and makes plans to celebrate the occasion with Peter. Alex endures racial epithets upon meeting with Nicole at the park. She is stunned over his reaction and friction results between them. The Santiago family is reunited with Paco, but Roberto maintains his reservations about him. Paco insists on treating the family out to a dinner celebration in Yolanda's honor. Roberto seeks Peter's assessment on contractual matters much to Yolanda's displeasure.moreless
  • El Baile
    El Baile
    Episode 4
    Eddie approaches Alex and courts him as a prospective promoter. Carlos grows more distant with Carmen, who escapes to a club and becomes intoxicated. Vicki confides to Ruben while Bibi helps Yolanda prepare for a romantic evening with Peter. Carlos ties up some loose ends.
  • Sueños
    Episode 3
    Alex begins his training as a professional boxer, with Roberto taking care of business affairs as well as oversight of his training. Yolanda applies for law school. Carlos endures the reality of his boxing career and grows distant with the family and Carmen. Victoria receives a visit from the police who are investigating Jaime's death. Roberto learns the extent of her involvement in the incident.moreless
  • Pilot (2)
    Pilot (2)
    Episode 2
    Once Alex realizes that Carlos will not be able to continue his boxing career, he drops out of school and steps into the ring to prove himself as a professional boxer and to help support the family. Suspecting that Jamie was responsible for Carlos' injuries, Victoria hopes to coerce a confession from Jaime and meets him on a bridge. He discovers her scheme and disrespects her. After she flees, Ruben emerges from the shadows and throws Jaime off the bridge.moreless
  • Pilot (1)
    Pilot (1)
    Episode 1
    Carlos trains for a boxing match, securing his position as challenger in a championship title match. Victoria catches Jaime with another female and results in Jaime striking Victoria. Carlos takes matters into his own hands and quickly makes an enemy out of Jaime, whose retaliation affects Carlos' boxing career. Paralegal Yolanda grows fond of Peter at the law firm. Alex begins dating a classmate, Nicole.moreless