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ABC really goes that one step further with this series.  It examines what will happen when those loved ones, people you cared for or even may be your pet, suddenly one morning stand at your front door...The little town of Arcadia is changed forever...

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  • Intriguing show

    Had me hooked from Episode 1.. it's so compelling from one episode to another. I had just finished Kyle XY before finishing Resurrection, and boy, TV-writing is now so superior to how it was a decade ago!

    Season 1 was more innocent, mostly surrounding Jacob and his family coping with his arrival. Caleb was the single sinister element.

    Season 2 went beyond Jacob and his parents.. and touched on the townsfolk, mass returns, societal issues and creepy Margaret and the 'Govt B*tch' lady! (whose plane visions are still a mystery to me).

    But I personally feel that the final episode brought sufficient closure.

    For me, we don't need explanations about how ppl return.. In fact they summed things up profoundly well when Maggie said to Marty 'we don't even know why we're here'. (as the living) .. I rate S02E13 a 10 :)

  • Could have been better

    This show was driven mainly be an unexplained mystery. While that is interesting at first, you do want things explained over time. Yes, I'm disappointed that the show was cancelled. But I'm more disappointed that they never gave us much of an explanation behind the things that caused the people to come back to life. The ending was the most disappointing of the whole TV season, in my mind. Just give us a cliffhanger when all the warning signs that your show would be cancelled were there. You could have given us an explanation as to why people were coming back. I still like this show in a way, but I don't think that I'll rewatch it and I wished that they just could have explained more of the mystery within it.moreless
  • ABC sucksssssssssssssssssss

    Why even bother watching ABC's shows? They cancel all the good ones. Could have at least wrapped the story up. Now I have to watch the unrelated French series to get anywhere close to closure. Friggin' ABC. Fockers.
  • ABC=Another Bad Choice

    ever wonder why ABC can't get viewers? It's because they put on crap until they find one the people like ,then decide take it off and show something like it! WE don't want something like it we want IT. The cast and crew have a good idea about the show so let it stay and we will watch the way it unfolds into another generation. BOOOO ON A-B-C
  • why cancel? we love it!

    it is a very good show!! too bad it canceled

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    ABC Cancels Forever, Resurrection, Cristela, and The Taste

    I guess they found a way to kill Henry Morgan after all.

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