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Season 2 : Episode 1

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ABC really goes that one step further with this series.  It examines what will happen when those loved ones, people you cared for or even may be your pet, suddenly one morning stand at your front door...The little town of Arcadia is changed forever...

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  • Interesting concept with some lackluster characters/casting

    Heard it was renewed and got some positive reviews so watched the eps on the DVR.

    Some interesting concepts are being explored and the boy, Jacob, and his parents are a solid cornerstone for the series.

    Less thrilled with Omar Epps who seems to stare blankly half the time. Maybe I am just jealous that he has a job where he can wander off for months unofficially to sort through an immigration issue. I understand that it is a complex situation but obviously it is beyond the scope of his job. Not sure if the actor is bad or is the character is just written poorly.moreless
  • He's not child protective services, he's immigration...

    He's not from child protective services... pay attention. He works in immigration. He says this many times throughout the show. He had the kid because the kid woke up in China.

    Even if he was in child protective services he could still have his own personal handgun if he had a permit in that state anyway (depending on their gun laws of course).

    Honestly, I surprisingly love this show. I'm always doubtful of shows involving people from the past showing up out of nowhere, but I think Omar Epps does a spectacular job and really helps carry the show well. Plus it doesn't hurt that Red Foreman is one of the main characters ;)moreless
  • Maybe I'm getting a little too technical here.....

    Its actually something that just occurred to me about one of the characters... Bellamy. So how does someone from child protective services end up brandishing a handgun on a permanent basis and acts like he has more authority and training than someone from the
  • Great first season. Too short!

    I was unsure, if I'd like another supernatural Show, but I've just finished binge watching Resurrection and I was instantly hooked albeit it's seamingly slow pace. I found the series suspenseful and more engaging than many other supernatural shows, where a lot of blood and gore and special effects come into use. The only thing I'd complain about, is that there only were 8 episodes. I'm dying to know, what will happen to Marty and Jacob and what those dead bugs meant. And last but not least, the cast is really great, they portrayed some gutwrenching moments with such ease and credibility, that I was right there with them.

    I'm looking forward to the second season. :)moreless
  • Great show

    Only 8 episodes for the 1st season is obviously not enough. It is crazy how Marty is actually the son of the Thomas's. I truly think that the helicopter and the vans are some more important government people that knows whats actually going on in Arcadia.

    If you know what Arcadia means in art and literature, you will definitely find the concept behind this series intriguing.

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  • Game of Thrones Vet Michelle Fairley Joins ABC's Resurrection for a Season-Long Arc

    Fairley will recur on the drama as Margaret Langston, the formidable mother of Henry and Fred.

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