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May 04, 2014
I tried watching the pilot of "Resurrection" a few weeks ago. The hype and premise for the show had caught my attention and as a fan of "The Walking Dead" and other science fiction/horror shows I was eager to get caught up in its web of mystery based on the sudden return of a boy who hadn't aged thirty two years after his death. The opening scenes effectively caught my attention, but soon my interest waned, and I eventually reached for the remote quite a while before the end credits rolled.
I told my wife that I thought the show was too much like a soap opera and there was way too much time being spent discussing "feelings" and "relationships" between characters. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but something about the kernel situation of the show was not being addressed in a way that would catch my attention. I announced that I would not watch "Ressurrection" again.
Weeks passed and my wife and daughter continued to watch while I chose other means of entertainment. Then the thing that sparked my initial interest in the show drew me back, the commercials. I would see previews for the up-coming show and once again fell for the mystery being portrayed. So I dove into the show again, finished the pilot and began to watch episode two. Once again I felt myself sinking in the mud of a show that I could only compare to a soap opera. As the plot thickened I continued to form questions about how the characters were handling it. Why doesn't the kid ask about the changes in his friends, family, and town? Thirty two years is a long time to not notice any major changes. I know I wouldn't even recognize my father if one day he was thirty and the next he was sixty two! He doesn't mention changes in buildings, clothing styles, music, nor anything else. Why isn't anyone asking about why the kid isn't asking these questions ? How did the toy GI Joe (which I had as a kid) survive in such a pristine condition in a tree trunk for thirty two years? Not possible. And what about his clothes? OK sure, they are eager to check the boy's DNA, but what about the shirt he mysteriously continues to wear (even after the mud of an Asian rice field, a plane ride half way around the world, and days of facing the mystery of his re-appearance)? Isn't anyone curious about the validity of material? Shouldn't the mother have the original, surely he wasn't buried in a simply school t-shirt? Shouldn't someone at least ask about it, even if they aren't going to perform a full CSI investigation on it? These questions continued to arise in my mind, and they doubled when a second character returned and mingled with the townsfolk with just as much ignorance to the passage of time as the boy.
Here is the epiphany I have had about why I cannot watch "Resurrection": It is literally a "stupid" show which ignores science and common sense.
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