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ABC (ended 2015)

I recently finished watching The Returned (Or rather Les Revenants). By U.S. TV standards, the show was sexually graphic and showed more than I think even HBO or SHO would air. By the end of the season, I was still left with plenty of questions with very few answers. I wanted more!

Thankfully....a second season is supposedly in the works. Considering that the show ended in December '12, I am wondering when the second season will premiere.

Resurrection appears to be the American sibling of The Returned, complete with a doctor, a priest and a police chief/sheriff and a little boy in a red shirt as part of the main characters. Set to premiere in about two weeks, I am hoping for a show that gives me more answers than questions, but still leave a nice mystery that makes you come back for more every week.

With it airing on ABC, I am pretty certain that we won't be seeing the nudity we saw in The Returned, which is good because I think (as least I hope) the show will be forced to focus more time on the story.

Ultimately though, it got me wondering; Can this show hold its own against The Returned or even against the AMC network's juggernaut The Walking Dead? I know that TWD and Resurrection take two completely different approaches to the dead rising, but the comparisons will be made. These same comparisons were made when Revolution first aired too. People seemed to either be Team Revolution or Team Walking Dead.

Resurrection is going to be modeled after a show that was allowed to be more explicit and could drop a few more swear words.

And....it will be airing on Sunday night, TWD's night. Even with it being an hour or so after, that is a pretty tough competition. A competition for an audience who are used to seeing a well crafted story with creative filming and intense action scenes.

I am always looking for a new show to capture my short attention span. I truly hope that Resurrection does lure me every week. I hope it exceeds it's French predecessor.

I am a die hard TWD fan and so far, it has captured my attention.

So...where will Resurrection fit in? Can it capture the same attention as people who have seen The Returned? Does it have a chance to capture any TWD fans?

Let me know what you think.
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