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  • Intriguing show

    Had me hooked from Episode 1.. it's so compelling from one episode to another. I had just finished Kyle XY before finishing Resurrection, and boy, TV-writing is now so superior to how it was a decade ago!

    Season 1 was more innocent, mostly surrounding Jacob and his family coping with his arrival. Caleb was the single sinister element.

    Season 2 went beyond Jacob and his parents.. and touched on the townsfolk, mass returns, societal issues and creepy Margaret and the 'Govt B*tch' lady! (whose plane visions are still a mystery to me).

    But I personally feel that the final episode brought sufficient closure.

    For me, we don't need explanations about how ppl return.. In fact they summed things up profoundly well when Maggie said to Marty 'we don't even know why we're here'. (as the living) .. I rate S02E13 a 10 :)

  • Could have been better

    This show was driven mainly be an unexplained mystery. While that is interesting at first, you do want things explained over time. Yes, I'm disappointed that the show was cancelled. But I'm more disappointed that they never gave us much of an explanation behind the things that caused the people to come back to life. The ending was the most disappointing of the whole TV season, in my mind. Just give us a cliffhanger when all the warning signs that your show would be cancelled were there. You could have given us an explanation as to why people were coming back. I still like this show in a way, but I don't think that I'll rewatch it and I wished that they just could have explained more of the mystery within it.
  • ABC sucksssssssssssssssssss

    Why even bother watching ABC's shows? They cancel all the good ones. Could have at least wrapped the story up. Now I have to watch the unrelated French series to get anywhere close to closure. Friggin' ABC. Fockers.
  • ABC=Another Bad Choice

    ever wonder why ABC can't get viewers? It's because they put on crap until they find one the people like ,then decide take it off and show something like it! WE don't want something like it we want IT. The cast and crew have a good idea about the show so let it stay and we will watch the way it unfolds into another generation. BOOOO ON A-B-C
  • why cancel? we love it!

    it is a very good show!! too bad it canceled
  • Love this show

    Great fresh show love watching it. Can not believe they have cancelled it. What about us in the UK. Don't we count.
  • the perfect ground breaking drama

    no words.

    beyond expectations
  • Leave it alone

    every time I get interrested in a show the networks all ways take it off.

  • Living and the Dead

    I love the series Resurrection.

    I am hoping in Season 2, ABC with direct its focus on the problems of the dead returning into a modern society with emphasis on the developing relationships of its characters. The show has some interesting, strong and likeable characters. Get rid of the hokum that has begun to edge in ( Preacher James having the ability to resurrect the dead and Rachel's baby being somewhat of an Anti-Christ).

    What would an average person do if notified that their grandfather who died in the 20s needed a place to live and work? Focus on the zillions of problems that need to be addressed and allow the characters and storylines within the series to develop. And what about all the loving people who have not returned?? What is the criteria for being a 'returned'? Many questions have popped up for the viewers. Address some of these issues. ABC keep up the great work with Resurrection.

    . I thought the opening 'city scene" was of Covington, Georgia not Virginia. Where is the opening scene?
  • pissed, ABC will not let me watch the latest episode!

    ABC, why the . stopping me from watching the latest episode 'Old Scars' on your website? I get the show on cable, but my drv only tapes up to 2 shows at a time, so I went to the ABC website and cannot watch the video. Why the mind games? other networks let you watch their shows without all of this .
  • Matters of Life and Death

    Resurrection is ABC's most unusual drama in which the community of Arcadia, MO is suddenly seeing deceased individuals reappearing under mysterious circumstances.

    The matter is being investigated by Homeland Security agent Bellamy (Omar Epps) who discovers that a child who has died 3 decades ago has returned home & at the same age. Pretty soon, many others have reappeared who were also dead, including some less desirable types.

    The show walks a fine line between the spiritual & supernatural & time goes on, more will be revealed as to the reason behind the revived beings. As i am sure this show is facing some serious competition against AMC's wildly popular zombie drama The Walking Dead, Resurrection just might be the show for those who would rather welcome those who came back from the dead not as monsters, but as long-lost loves.
  • . But,

    Good concept. I have one questions - can they drag out each episode and storyline anymore? I don't think so, it's stretched pretty thin already. I can't remember how many i've fallen aslepp while watching - but that could be do in part to the overwhelming number of commercials - thank goodness for DVR.

    I have to give it a 5 just because of the dragging on of the story.
  • Review - after entire 8 ep First Season, and the start of another.

    I binge watched this show and fell in love with the concept. Yes. the CONCEPT. While the thought of it is sad, somewhat creepy and pretty far fetched (to say the least) the concept got me hooked. Having said that, I think the overall way the characters are written and directed leaves a lot to be desired. That could be better. Much better. My like of the show is primarily the idea of people coming back (in whatever form they actually are/whatever they actually are) and how that is going to play out. With other series, I'd be pretty sure it's aliens - sleeper aliens that become people that have some thing they need - be it blood type, organ.. who knows.. plus the whiney character's crazy brother.. Caleb's son... mentioned that and it probably is going to be whatever he said... think V or BSG, etc, etc.. But that barely matters - it's the story and how they're going to get it from point A to point B that grabbed my attention. So for me, the concept is what keeps me tuning in. The acting, direction - could be way better.
  • clever but not plausible

    Okay, I think this show is more interesting than its somewhat rude counterpart, "Les Revenants" I watched sometimes, being in Europe.

    I can imagine innocent children returning from the death but criminals? Do they think the Allmighty is unwell to put it mildly. I studied Ancient Christianity and in the old legends only the good return from the death.

    Also often these resurrections are interpreted as pointing to the Apocalypse.

    Dear me what are the makers thinking off!
  • Location, Location, Location!

    Interesting that Arcadia, MO, is represented on the opening credits by an aerial view of Williamsburg, Virginia!!! You would think the editors could use a more generic photo.
  • the road to Arcadia

    is interesting. Not much of impressionable acting but it's a show that definitely earns your attention.

    Michelle Fairley, is an excellent addition. I hope she's regular to the show.
  • Interesting concept with some lackluster characters/casting

    Heard it was renewed and got some positive reviews so watched the eps on the DVR.

    Some interesting concepts are being explored and the boy, Jacob, and his parents are a solid cornerstone for the series.

    Less thrilled with Omar Epps who seems to stare blankly half the time. Maybe I am just jealous that he has a job where he can wander off for months unofficially to sort through an immigration issue. I understand that it is a complex situation but obviously it is beyond the scope of his job. Not sure if the actor is bad or is the character is just written poorly.
  • He's not child protective services, he's immigration...

    He's not from child protective services... pay attention. He works in immigration. He says this many times throughout the show. He had the kid because the kid woke up in China.

    Even if he was in child protective services he could still have his own personal handgun if he had a permit in that state anyway (depending on their gun laws of course).

    Honestly, I surprisingly love this show. I'm always doubtful of shows involving people from the past showing up out of nowhere, but I think Omar Epps does a spectacular job and really helps carry the show well. Plus it doesn't hurt that Red Foreman is one of the main characters ;)
  • Maybe I'm getting a little too technical here.....

    Its actually something that just occurred to me about one of the characters... Bellamy. So how does someone from child protective services end up brandishing a handgun on a permanent basis and acts like he has more authority and training than someone from the
  • Great first season. Too short!

    I was unsure, if I'd like another supernatural Show, but I've just finished binge watching Resurrection and I was instantly hooked albeit it's seamingly slow pace. I found the series suspenseful and more engaging than many other supernatural shows, where a lot of blood and gore and special effects come into use. The only thing I'd complain about, is that there only were 8 episodes. I'm dying to know, what will happen to Marty and Jacob and what those dead bugs meant. And last but not least, the cast is really great, they portrayed some gutwrenching moments with such ease and credibility, that I was right there with them.

    I'm looking forward to the second season. :)
  • Great show

    Only 8 episodes for the 1st season is obviously not enough. It is crazy how Marty is actually the son of the Thomas's. I truly think that the helicopter and the vans are some more important government people that knows whats actually going on in Arcadia.

    If you know what Arcadia means in art and literature, you will definitely find the concept behind this series intriguing.
  • OMG/ This is so amazing

    I love this show. I want to no what happened to Jacob and Omar at the end when the helicopter arrived? This is a great tv show and everytime I watch it i want to see more and more. Great job producers of this

  • Ripped off

    This series was promoted as a full story over 8 episodes. It was slow but, given the expectation to get the answer I kept watching. There was no answer, we have to watch more seasons to get that. Pass.
  • season two

    this show keeps me on the edge of my seat and look forward to season two
  • Aliens or Cloning - We all need to know?

    I am totally in love with this show, Jacob seems to be a bit more special than the others but I have not figured out why. It looks like agent Belamey may be the son of someone maybe a returned couple. What was the significance of the insects at the end ?????? I am pulling my hair until the next season starts !!!!

    I have a lot of theories but that is all they are. :)

  • interesting..


    So glad there is a season 2!

    What is with the dead bugs?

    And Bellamy was with his parents and never even knew?

    Anyways, awesome show! Can't wait to see more!


    I've watched the first 3 episodes so far and I've never read the books from which the show came from. It's gripping. That's pretty much it. So, yeah, I wanna know what the heck this is all about. But this is the type of show where the answer should in itself be it. So, what I don't want to see is 5 or 6 seasons of lingering clues getting you to the answer.. Unless, it is truly entertaining and the journey is credible within the incredible premise of dealing with pardon the pun, literal resurrection :)
  • jacob's story

    This show is so amazing. I look forward to the season two. i never miss a one show.
  • Jacob's story is my favorite

    But I do enjoy all of the show. I watched because I have two little boys and just thought "what would I do if God forbid I ever lost one and then they returend?" I would probably be like Jacob's Mom. I would be sooooo overjoyed to have them back in my life. The finale has made me think. The finale made me Agent Bellamy a returned? I didn't catch when that flood happened. Also is there still a tie to the river? Jacob and Barbara drowned in the river, Caleb died near the river burying the money to stole, Rachel drove her car off a bridge into the river and now the flood a lot of the people die in the flood? Please renew for season 2! It is a bit slow, but don't be another LOST!
  • cloning

    the show is good didn't really understand it all the other night. it is unrealalistic but good acting and good story line are they clones? does anyone understand the story line? the preacher's girlfriend has come back twice. I wonder if it will be renewed!! we don't care if it is far fetched as long as it is enjoyable.
  • Reminds of that Sci-Fi Show The 4400

    It reminds of that show The 4400 that ran from 2004-2007 only difference is that they had powers when they returned. I like Resurrection too. I believe a lot of people can relate to how much we would like to see our loved ones again.
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