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  • #2 Best Comedy Show To Ever Air on TV Land

    When I first saw the promos for this show, I was super excited to watch this show and literally couldn't wait any longer. The only disappointing thing about this show is that parents are separated... I didn't expect to see that in this show but that's pretty much the only complaint I have. The other disappointing thing about this show was that David (Jonathan McClain) had sex with Jessica's mom Susan in the pilot episode and then Alan (George Segal) had sex with Jessica's mom Susan at the end of the Season 1 episode... what the heck, I find that kind of stupid in this show and it kind of bugs me. Oh well, this show is hilarious most of the time. All of the characters in this show work well, the chemistry in this show aren't great BUT who cares, as long as this show is hilarious and I enjoy it very much. I would have to say this is the 2nd best TV Land Comedy Show while "Hot In Cleveland" is the 1st best Comedy Show on TV Land. I can't believe I have to wait til' January 2012 for Season 2 to premiere and see what happens next. Well, the year goes by fast so hopefully January will soon. Overall, the 2nd best Comedy Show to ever air on TV Land. 9/10
  • Cute & Silly (But Not Stupid!)

    Yes it's predictable. No, it's nothing new. But it is George Segal & Jessica Walter, for Chrissake. Overall you can't go wrong. Everything else is just dressing. Be a cynic. Be a Kardashian lover. Watch your freakin' housewives. This is mindless entertainment at its best. Don't have to think hard. The lines write themselves. If you're all about the steamy mirrors and bikini bods, remember... You're gonna get old too... Quicker than you think.
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