Return of The Art Maker

PBS (ended 1987)


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Return of The Art Maker

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Return of The Art Maker is an educational TV series from the American Public Broadcasting System that broadcasts a celebrity art instructor teaching intermediate students different art genres. Educator Dan Mihuta invites Western Instructional Television cameras into his Parma, OH, studio to film some intermediate art lessons. Mihuta starts the season with sketch drawing, giving kids lessons on how make shapes out of lines. Next up in the curriculum is creative painting. Mihuta goes into his backyard and looks for something that will inspire a good portrait. Clay art, print making, soap carving and silhouette drawing are among the different types of lessons that the instructor gives throughout the season. Viewers can find advanced subjects towards the end of the series when Mihuta puts art appreciation on his agenda, as he heads off to the museum to find some oriental paintings and cave drawings. The instructor then takes viewers back into the studio to give some lessons on how to recreate them.