Return of the Saint

ITV (ended 1979)



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Return of the Saint

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Simon Templar – The Saint –is a dashing young man, independently wealthy, who craves excitement and finds it as a self-appointed dispenser of justice. Seeking no personal gain, he deploys criminal methods in a one-man war against organised crime, always staying beyond the reach of the law enforcement agencies.

This revival of the classic 1960s ITC production of [url=]The Saint[/url] was developed and produced by the man behind the original show. It did not feature any original Leslie Charteris stories, but captured the spirit of the original, while Ian Ogilvy proved an inspired choice for the lead role. The new show was an international success, but ran for only one season.
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  • Ian Ogilvy, the next Roger Moore!

    The starting credits are the best thing about this show, promising a lot, but never really delivering. The white XJS looks fantastic, not quite as good as the P1500 though. Wooden and poor acting let the show down, especially when the actors are trying to speak with a foreign accent. The show is great to watch now, as a bit of nostalgia.

    Great locations, with a large ITC budget, I think it was the last of it's kind, trying to re-create the successes that had gone before. The episodes are watch-able being around forty minutes long, without the adverts. Just like James Bond, Simon Templar always comes through at the end.moreless
  • Return Of The Saint is a action packed programme which keeps me on the edge of my seat

    I remember watching Return Of the Saint when I was 5 back in 1978. It brings back great memories for me and still keeps my eys glued to the screen now. I'm especially fond of the Jaguar XJS wow! what a car it's so cool. I like the saint's charm and sense of humour. Hes handsome too. My favourite episodes are Collision course the diving scene was especially good I was realy worried about Simon. Of course I always had and still do have every confindence that he will get out ok but it still scared me. I'm currently enjoying watching re-runs. I also love watching The Saint too theres still a sense of mystery which has been there since I first saw re-runs as a 4 year old. I'm pleased to see so many others also appreciate my halo ed friend .