Return to Eden

Network Ten (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Series 2 (Episode 22)
      Stephanie and Jake sign an agreement to make the bet legal. Jilly tries to get rid of Tara's Pride but is unsuccessful. Tara's Pride wins the race. Stephanie celebrates at Eden. Jilly kills Jake but makes it look like Stephanie is too blame. Dennis proves Jilly is guilty and Stephanie is freed. Stephanie is reunited with her long lost son.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 21)
      Jake saves Jilly's life. Tom and Sarah are reunited. Jilly wants Jake to leave the country with her. Stephanie is watched by a mystery man. Jessica is offered an acting job. Jake is made an offer by Stephanie that he can't refuse.
    • Series 2 (Episode 20)
      Dan is furious that everyone knew Stephanie was alive apart from him. Jake tells Jilly that she will never be the woman Stephanie is. Dan and Stephanie agree that they have no future as a couple but hope to remain friends. Jake orders Anton to kill Jilly. Jilly calls Jake and tells him that she is pregnant. Anton tries to kill Jilly.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 19)
      Jake tries to use Sarah's illness to flush Stephanie out into the open. Cassie and Dennis realise that they love each other. A fashion show is organised at Tara's. Johhno manages to trick Jilly into signing the land deal before Jake can stop her. At the fashion show Stephanie reveals that she is still alive.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 18)
      Stephanie manages to switch places with the real princess. Stephanie tells Bill of the her plan to get Jake interested in buying the land Ahmal is after as really the land is worthless. Jilly falls for the plan and mortgages everything she owns to get a option on the land. Sarah tells Tom he is the father of her unborn baby and Tom then tells Sarah they are not related. Sarah faints in shock threatening the life of the unborn baby.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 17)
      Cassie photographs Jake and Jilly disposing of Olive's body. Cassie blackmails Jake and Jilly into giving her 50% of Tara's. Johnno takes Bill to see Stephanie. Jake unexpectedly shows up and recognizes her.
    • Series 2 (Episode 16)
      Stephanie manages to convince Ahmal to let his sister Princess Talitha return with her to Australia so Stephanie can pose as her. Romance begins to blossom between Dan and Jessica. Harper Mining is in financial trouble. Stephanie dressed as Talitha joins Ahmal at a business meeting with Jake and Jilly. Stephanie is upset when she sees Dan and Jessica together. Jake catches Olive trying to break into Eden with a snake. Believing it to be just another harmless snake he throws her into the shower with it but as it's a poisonous snake it kills her.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 15)
      Stephanie is shocked when Johnno tells her that Tom is his son making him not her son after all. Angelo proposes to Sarah. Dave forces Stephanie to face her fears. He gives her a small fortune of opals, which she promises she'll pay back in time. As Sarah is getting married to Angelo, Tom awakes from the coma and instructs Bill to stop the wedding but he is too late. During the reception Jake proposes to Jilly whilst Stephanie flies out to see Ahmal.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 14)
      Olive saves Jilly from the snake. Tom is in a coma and Sarah sits by his bed side hoping he will recover still not knowing they are not related. Stephanie and Johhno go to stay at Dave Welles' place where Stephanie plans her next move. Another snake turns up this time in Jilly's bed. Jessica takes care of it this time. A memorial service is held for Stephanie and Jake tells Anton he is going to marry Jilly as it's the only way to control her. Sarah discovers she is pregnant.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 13)
      A mystery man rescues Stephanie. Everyone thinks Stephanie has drowned and Jake thinks it is Jilly's fault. Johnno, the mystery man, suggests Stephanie should act dead a little while longer. Tom rushes back to tell Sarah the news he's not her brother but is involved in a car accident. A mystery person substitutes Jilly's breakfast with a snake and it wriggles towards her.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 12)
      Jilly gloats when the Harper's are forced to sell and move out of Eden. Having discovered Jake is Greg's brother Jilly forces Jake to give her a place on the board otherwise she will expose him. Jilly is announced as the new owner of Eden. Tom finds proof he is not Stephanie's son. Jilly makes it look like to Stephanie that she is sleeping with Dan. Stephanie ends up at a deserted beach, where she undresses and heads out into the water to apparently kill herself.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 11)
      Stephanie is determined to win back the company. Dan feels as if he is coming second again to everything else in Stephanie's life. Jilly discovers Jake is Greg's brother. Stephanie manages to acquire 51% of Harper Mining. Jake tries one last time to convince Stephanie to join him in business then announces when Stephanie refuses that he has transferred all active capital to his own company Sanders Investments an hour ago.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 10)
      Jilly manages to get the tape back before anybody can hear it. Jessica tells Jilly that Phillip sent her a copy of the tape and tries to blackmail Jilly. Tom refuses to believe he is Stephanie's son. Stephanie tells Jake that she will get Harper Mining back at any cost.
    • Series 2 (Episode 9)
      Bill is rushed to the hopital. Dan warns Stephanie about Jilly. Jake offers Stephanie the chance to join forces with him but when she refuses he says he will have her removed from the board. Dennis sides with Jake in the vote and Stephanie is ousted. Stephanie tells Sheik Ahmal that he is Tom's father. Jake and Jilly celebrate in Stephanie's old office. Philip sees them there and records a tape which he sends to Eden telling Stephanie of all the things Jilly has done. He then commits suicide.
    • Series 2 (Episode 8)
      On hearing about the boat explosion Jake decides to organize a search. Stephanie is found alive. Olive tells Jilly that Stephanie's illegitimate son is still alive. Bill arrives at Eden to tell Stephanie that Tom is really her son and as he's about to tell her Tom and Sarah arrive and announce that they are engaged. Bill suffers a heart attack and as he lies on the floor he blurts out the truth.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 7)
      Jilly urges Stephanie to go after Dan. Stephanie and Dan are reunited. Jake tries to take control of Harper Mining. Stephanie tries to talk to the board via telephone but the line is cut before she can. The boat which Stephanie is on explodes. Jake is elected chairman in Stephanie's absence.moreless
    • Series 2 (Episode 6)
      Jilly gets married to Phillip. Dan asks Stephanie to put him first for a change. Jake gets enough shares to get a seat on the board. Stephanie misses the flight and Dan leaves alone. Jake asks the board who is in charge now.
    • Series 2 (Episode 5)
      Stephanie starts to believe that she is Tara again. Jilly warns Jake not to double cross her. Stephanie snaps back into reality. Dan sees Jake kissing Stephanie.
    • Series 2 (Episode 4)
      Dan shoots the crocodile before it gets to Stephanie. Tom is smitten with Sarah. In Stephanie's absence Dennis takes control of Harper Mining. Stephanie's mental state reverts to how it was seven years ago.
    • Series 2 (Episode 3)
      Stephaine recovers in hospital from the shooting. Jake increases his shares in Harper Mining. Jilly continues to plot against Stephaine. Dan is jealous when Stephaine dances with Jake.
    • Series 2 (Episode 2)
      Stephanie tells Jake that she has no intention of losing Harper Mining to him. Jilly is furious when Jake tells her he is not only going after Harper Mining but he has sets his sights on Stephanie too. Stephanie tells Dennis she knows about him gambling. Olive shoots Stephanie.
    • Series 2 (Episode 1)
      The series starts seven years on from where the mini series finished. Stephanie learns Jilly is her half sister after Jilly is released from jail. Stephanie tells Jilly that she thinks she can forgive her. Stephanie learns a man called Jake Sanders is trying to take over Harper Mining. Jake turns out to be Greg's Brother.moreless
  • Season 1