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Network Ten (ended 1986)





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  • Dynasty down under.

    Missed the 1st mini series, but the 2nd series was ab fab. Lots of silly bed & boardroom antics laughably played by a top notch cast of Australia'a finest. Peta Toppano was a stunner as the token villainess Jilly, & I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the late Megan Williams(Alice from the Sullivans)in it as Cassie(Blonde hair & up for it). I suspect this show was made with the export market in mind, as this 80s Aussie drama had better sets & higher production values than most of that era. Never the less great viewing, my only regret was Jilly never got the chance to feed Steph to the crocs.
  • Return to Eden was the Australian version of Dallas and Dynasty. Central character of both series was Stephaine Harper played by Rebecca Gilling. Stephaine struggled to retain control of her company from her sister Jilly and Jake Sanders.

    Return to Eden was one of the few Australian soap operas to follow Dynasty and Dallas and be set in the business world. Stephaine Harper controlled Harper Mining and had an evil sister called Jilly who was determined to take everything that Stephaine had. Stephaine was married to Dan Marshall but her efferts to keep her empire meant that her marriage to Dan collapsed. Another central character in the show was Jake Sanders who was in love with Stephaine but also in cahouts with Jilly to take Stephaine's company away from her. When the show was cancelled the script writers tied up all the loose ends by filming an extra scene to be added to the show's last episode. Apart from being shown in Australia the show was also shown in Great Britian.
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