Return to Eden

Season 2 Episode 9

Series 2 (Episode 9)

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1986 on Network Ten

Episode Recap

Bill is rushed to hospital and a heartbroken Sarah is forced to end her engagement. Jilly tells Jake of the news and demands her shares back in Harper Mining. Dan tells Stephanie to be careful of Jilly as he thinks she is double crossing her. Jilly blames Cassie for everything that has gone wrong recently in Stephanie's life.

Stephanie confronts Jake and states she will regain control of her company again. She calls old friend Sheik Ahmal to enlist his help. An angry Tom blames Stephanie for his split with Sarah.

Cassie decides to tell Phillip Jilly has been unfaithful. Dan asks Stephanie who Tom's father is but she refuses to say who it is. Sheik Ahmal arrives at Eden to help Stephanie.

Jake offers Stephanie the chance to join forces with him but when she refuses he says he will have her dismissed from the board. Dennis sides with Jake in the vote and Stephanie is ousted. Stephanie tells Sheik Ahmal he is Tom's father.

Jake and Jilly celebrate in Stephanie's office. Philip sees them there and records a tape which he sends to Eden telling Stephanie of all the things Jilly has done and then he commits suicide.