Return to Eden

Season 1 Episode 1

The Mini Series

Aired Unknown May 02, 1983 on Network Ten

Episode Recap

The central character in the show is Stephanie Harper, a rich heiress after her father passes away.

As the series starts she is marrying Greg Marsden a champion tennis player who is a few years younger than her.

Everyone can see that he is no good. He has been having a secret affair with Stephanie's best friend, Jilly Stewart. Whilst on their honeymoon at Eden, Greg pushes Stephanie into a crocodile infested pool.

Everyone thinks she has died but really she has escaped and is given a new body, face and name by a plastic surgeon named Dr Dan Marshall. She returns to Sydney as a new woman using the name Tara Welles, where she becomes a model and makes Greg fall in love with her.

They return to Eden where Jilly follows them. Stephanie comes up with a plan and confronts the pair of them. Greg shoots the aboriginal help working for them whilst Stephanie and Jilly save Eden from burning down.

Greg then tries to kill Stephanie in the swimming pool. Instead he is badly injured by Jilly and he attempts to flee in an aeroplane. It crashes and he is killed. The next day the police arrive and arrest Jilly.

Stephanie is then reunited with the Dan and with her two children, Sarah and Dennis.