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  • In the present, one of six friends got murdered, we go back 20 years and see what happend with these six friends in 1986. The story of the poor Will, the rich Craig, the beautiful Sam, the shy Carla, the rocking Jenna and the smart Aaron begins.

    Great television. Reunion picks up in a way that very rare shows do. Within minutes you get hooked to the lovely characters and all their problems. They are high school sweethearts with lovestories and complicated relationships, but their true story, is only just beginning. While the characters immediatly take over your heart, the story shows how genius it really is. The flashbacks to 1986 are really a close look to that year and time, the music, the clothes and of course the people. The episode keeps you close for it's entire run and when it is over, it still hasn't lost you. The perfect combination of nice acting, good writing, exciting music and a charm only good tv-shows have makes you wanna see everything about the show. The ending is amazing, especially the shot of Will in jail. Perfect television in its rare form, and of course, all good television shows never get an proper ending.
  • This is begaining of great series unfounatly it has been cancellied

    Wow-this is one of the best pilot i have seen for a teen show this summer. i wasn't expecting such strong story-lines from a pilot episode and that what makes it a lot more intresting for me to review . i mean there are so many different story-lines that happend in the pilot that it easy to end up very confused by end of the episode but i'm not confused and i'm guessing people were concentrating it was quite easy to follow . it's rather nice that pace of each episode cover a year which means 1985 was this episode.

    Still the clifhanger for next episode showing a flashback of a gun kind of suggest someone dies which makes you wonder which of 5 character. i suspect that person got shot but didn't die.

    It's strange seeing how character in present are so different that nice girl turn into a real evil woman-you kind can tell by what she wearing and tone of her voice. What makes this even more intresting we can see various turning point in characters leading to what they become in the future.

    This is what a good series should be like and i have no idea why this got cancelled.
  • The beginning of a great show!

    The Pilot episode of Reunion might not be the best one, but it is really good!

    They introduced all the characters really well, I thought. You got a feel for them all by the end of the episode. Plus there were so many things going on at once, and so many loose ends you just had to keep watching.

    I loved the references they made, and the clothes and music, they were really great. The acting was magnificent and I thought they did a great job with flashbacks. Some people can't do flashbacks, they make it really hard to follow, but this show pulled them off great!

    Superb Start!
  • good pilot episode. coule lead to a very interesting series. then again could not. interesting idea, different yet similar. too early to tell, but hold potential

    the episode starts out with a funeral, a narrative from a man making a speech, which leads into a flash back wich is 1986. where this episode will take place.
    someone has died, one of the 6 inseperable friends, which leads us immediately to beleive that it is a murder and one of the 6 is responsible!
    we are introduced to the 6 characters and how they relate with each other. Aaron is in love with Jenna, Carla secretly loves Aaron. Craig and Samantha are the perfect couple. except Samantha thinks she is pregnant, and Will is the father!
    Will takes the blame for Craigs accident and is sent off to Juvie for a year.
    a typical teenage drama with so much potential hate between the characters. which sets up a potentially perfect intro to the overall story. which appears to be, who did it

    im not sure how they are going to use the same actors to age 24 years in this series, although i think they did a good job with Carla at the funeral, she looked alot older and more mature, compared to 1986. interesting to see how the other characters apear to age.

    reunion uses a unique concept of 1 year per episode, which has been done by 24, which makes it similar yet different.
    the show could go either way from here, it has plenty of potential.
    a good pilot episode, lets hope the series lives up to its expectation!
  • Very well done, especially for a pilot.

    My general view of pilot episodes is that they suck. Bad. However, the pilot for 'Reunion' was captivating, and thrilling. Although a few corny lines every now and then to let the audience know what was going on ("Why don't you just tell him how you feel?" for example) it was definately a show I need to see another episode of.

    That being said, it's on fox, and that being said, I give it four more episodes before being axed, because as good as it is, it is not going to draw 'OC' ratings, which means it is not good enough for Fox.

    Very enjoyable episode.
  • A rather lacklustre start with a premise that could be promising. However, there may be just enough here to give the next episode a chance.

    I decided to watch the premiere since I find the premise of the show interesting. With each episode showing one year, it will be possible to show the characters' long-term growth. Plus the overarching murder mystery should tie together the episodes and give them purpose.

    But the execution of this promising idea wasn't quite up to par in the series premiere. The various storylines were very predictable... pregnancy but perhaps not by boyfriend, crush on guy who doesn't reciprocate, taking the fall for a friend. Nothing new is added to these common story devices.

    Not enough comradery is shown between the 6 main characters before everything falls apart. Either the amount of screentime or the writing only allows us to see them on a very superficial level, and only Karla makes an emotional connection with the viewers. Some of the characters, like Craig and Jenna are not particularly likeable. Samantha and Aaron seem a little dull.

    However, the show does an alright job of maintaining some intrigue - it is not revealed who dies and I'm guessing from the pilot that they will slowly and gradually reveal what has been going on with the 6 friends in present-day.

    So in conclusion, not a great start, but enough for me to try the show again for a few more episodes, at least.
  • i think this show has promise...

    the only thing i dont like is some of the actors they chose. i like craig. very convincing and very easy to hate because of what he asked will to do...and will, omg too hot (lol) and im really counting on him not dying...i dont want to lose him again after american dreams. and i like samantha she is so pretty and reminds me of lana from smallville. and carla i pity her because she kinda does seem like the hundredth wheel in the group but she is such a listener to sam..i would love a friend like her. but they should change jenna and aaron. jenna does fit the horny sexually drived character but the actress is kinda annoying. i liked her on the OC better...isnt it weird she played an "aunt" on that show and now shes like an 18 year old character? and aaron...i dunno theres something wrong with his face and i cant put my finger on it.
    anyways this show is really interesting mostly becuase of the murder that we KNOW is going to happen and i think thats clever from the writers because that will keep viewers watching til the end of the season but im not sure what they plan for season two. well if the show was only the two different love triangles (craig-sam-will) and (jenna-aaron-carla), i think it would have been kinda lame. but so far so good...
  • Very good series premiere, with a good cast and interesting history.

    For it's first episode I thought it was pretty good.
    I loved the ending when Carla says 1987 started with a "Bang!". It brought up many thoughts and ideas for the next episode and just made me want to watch more and more.
    The actors are pretty good as well. I especially liked Carla and Will.. I don't, maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I think Carla is the murderer. I don't even know who died yet but she, for now, seems to be the perfect country girl who wants attention.
    And the concept of showing the story of a whole year per episode is really cool too. It's different from any other show and I think this is going to be a good thing.
    It's kinda like a suspense, but friendly show, when you always want to watch the rest of the story in the first episode.
  • Drama filled while have mystery!

    I really liked this show! It has a very young fresh cast! I think its better way better than alot of this junk on TV. It has drama, but not the point, where your dating your aunt, like the O.C. and yet it has mystery! I can't wait to see who dies, and who the killer is!
  • This story opens up in the present and than goes back to 1986, the year 6 friends graduate from college. We learn that one guys bestfriend has slept with his girlfriend who is now pregnant.

    Murder, sex, suspicion, lies, intrigue... all the best to keep me totally interested. I really got into the lives of the characters right away. I could feel their emotions, and I enjoyed their story... even though they really didn't look 18. Mind you, no characters that tv shows now hire don't look 18... they always look at least 20... and usually they are at least 20! I think this could be a great show... but what happens after the 20 years are up??
  • Decent pilot, worth watching again.

    Anyone who watches FOX will notice many similarities between Reunion and their past series, but hey, nothing's completely original anymore. The concept is intriguing and certainly warrants watching the next episode at least. A few sad moments and some exciting drama, and of course the gunshot at the end, combine to make the pilot episode of Reunion a decent start to a series with some definite potential. As for myself, it was a great start to this season's premieres, and I will definitely keep my eye on this series.
  • Has potential but not quite there yet.

    This first episode was pretty good. Many events have occured that interested me.

    My one big problem with this premiere is that basically every character is unlikable. Craig is really really stupid. I can't believe Will would do that with his best friend's girlfriend. And Craig would ask Will, his best friend, to basically mess up his life for him. Rich white boys are typical in this show. I really liked Aaron but did he have to love Jenna? I understand, they changed each other, but still. Jenna is the crazy child and some people may like that kind of character but I don't. I think Carla would be my favourite character at the moment but I'm surprised that she has turned out to be a ***** and a smoker.

    This is why I'm still going to watch it: I need to find out why Carla turned out that way, and who died and got killed.

    Basically the whole point of the show, but I wish I liked the characters more. Reunion is sort of soap operaish.
  • The beginning of the mystery

    This show seems interesting. Because I am around the same age as the characters it makes it easier for me to get it. You get the normal teen age drama. Will sleeps with his best friends girl,Sam, getting her pregnant. Craig, the rich kid gets Will, his best friend to take the rap and Will feels guilty about sleeping with Craigs girl and does so. Carla, the good girls loves Aaron but Aaron, the brain, loves Jenna, the loose girl.
    Very engaging.
  • With an okay story and mediocore acting, this one might not make it to the end.

    The show starts in 1986 work forward a year every episode and revealing who dies at the end in the year 2005. Neat idea. Kind of been done with 24, but still original.
    The main problem with this one is that the acting and dialogue are fairly pathetic. I really felt like I was watching an interesting 90210, which I hate 90210. The actors were second rate, and I never got the feeling they understood their acting coach when he said "Stop the over-acting! Just act!"
    The idea really is neat, and might be the only reason I'll keep watching it. Well, that and the fact that I don't have cable, so I can't watch Nip/Tuck.
    A lot of people will probably like this show, and it's interesting, but a week later and all I can think about is the poor acting and weak dialogue. I think that says something.
  • A So-So Beginning

    I realize that '1986' is only the pilot episode of REUNION, but I hope the other episodes pick up the pace a bit if FOX wants this show to do good numbers. I definitely like the premise of the show and how each episode will represent a year, and of course, the period music/fashions/hair will be fun for those of us who are nostalgic.

    The characters, for the most part, seemed like a very boring bunch. Even the obnoxious rich kid wasn't very obnoxious. Even the floozy wasn't much of a vixen - and shame on any show that can't showcase the talent and beauty of Amanda Righetti. She was so great on NORTH SHORE - which was a guilty, glossy pleasure from the start - I hope they utilize her just as much on REUNION.

    I guess it's too early really for a verdict on the series but this episode really didn't surprise me or keep me on the edge of my seat.
  • Rough but has some major potential.

    It's always tricky judging a new show by the first episode as rarely do shows manage to get it right the first time out. Reunion is a good example. The dialouge is sappy and I'm hoping the writers don't overdo the wink-at-the-audience jokes about past times (like the Wham joke here). And yes, I can buy Chyler Leigh much better as the modern-day version of her chracter than the 18 year old version.

    However, the show has potential. That we don't know who the murder victim is adds some supense but one factor I wasn't expecting is that, so far, Chyler is the only one we see in modern times, hinting that perhaps not all these friends lived until 2005. That mystery and the entire "one year an ep" is what gets my interest.

    I do think some situations are cliche. From the moment Estes agreed to say he was driving, I knew the other driver was going to die. Still, I can see how it can play out over the series that the two friends have a major falling out over this. And I did like the intriuging love triangle going on with the geek getting the beauty, unaware Leigh wanted him as well.

    So again, it's rough and we may need to see another episode or two to get how the "one year an ep" format effects the overall story. So far, though, it does look rather promising and may be the guilty pleasure of the year.
  • Six friends make a toast to life being "as perfect as it is now" and soon find just how complicated it can get. The year is 1986, and upon graduating high school, some of them are forced to grow up more quickly than others.

    Although the music was really the only clue that the episode took place in 1986 and not 2005, the show seems very promising. The idea of each episode being a different year is innovative, and should prove interesting to watch as it unfolds. Amanda Righetti shined in the pilot. Most of the characters seem multidimensional, and will likely prove moreso in the next few episodes. Finally, a FOX show worthy of this timeslot!
  • Awful

    I decided after The O.C. to watch this because I thought the premise of this show seemed interesting. Wow! What an awful show! The script was extremely poorly written, the acting was awful, and it didn't hold my intrested at all.

    First off the opening scene who gives a eulogy like that? Terrible. Lines like Haley's comet line I mean seriously who talks like that? Also, how could any of them be best friends they don't seem to hold any of the same interest and Jenna didn't even has a big scene with Will or Craig or Sam.

    The acting? Sean Faris may be pretty but he can't act at all, Amanda Righetti and Alexa Davolos was awful plus Righetti she doesn't even look like she 18, Dave Annable's character Aaraon was copy off Adam Brody's Seth Cohen, Will Estes was ok but he had lots of crappy lines, Chyler Leigh was the best of the bunch she was great in the scene where she tells her Dad about how important her friends are to her. The only scene I enjoy in the episode. Mathew St. Patrick had like 4 lines so I really can't say anything about him except he's hot.

    The only other thing I enjoy in this episode beside Chyler Leigh's scene with her Dad was the music. 80's music rocks. Also like the reference to Molly Ringwald.

    In otherwords I won't watch this show and it will be cancelled after 13 episodes because the timeslot its in screws them over. CSI and The Apprentice.

  • The 1st episode of the series. Aaron loves Jenna,Jenna doesn't love him back but Carla loves him but just won't tell him. Samantha is pregnant with Will's baby even though Craig is her boyfriend and Will's best friend. Craig and Will get into an accident

    I really liked this episode. At first I couldn't get into it because The O.C. was just on so I stopped watching it. Then on Friday night it was the encore so I decided to give it a shot. It turned out pretty good and now I know what I'm doing after I watch the OC on Thursdays!
  • This episode is about 6 friends from highschool. one of them was murdered and now they are all a suspect.

    WOW. this was one of the best pilots i've ever seen. it was awesome. the characters were all cool and i have no idea which one was murdered. i really cant wait to see the rest of the show! its so suspencefull. i cant wait. i really have no clue who did it either. but i kno it will be very exciting to find out who.
  • A risky, innovative idea for a show, but if the pilot is any indication, the writers/producers definitely pulled it off. The acting was decent, the characters were believable (even if they didn't exactly look 18), and the writing was very good.

    So far everyone I've spoken to that has watched the show (from early 20's all the way up to 50-60's), have loved the show and/or are really interested in finding out the mysteries.

    Like 24 uses 1 hour to represent 1 episode, Reunion cleverly uses 1 year to represent 1 episode (through flashbacks and retellings). Coupled with a murder-mystery plot, this makes for a very unique television experience. And they even took it a step further, at least in the pilot, in masking not only who the killer is, but also who the victim is. As of now, all but one of them can be the victim, and all of them can be the killer.

    I think what made the pilot so good, besides just using this mystery to lure you in, was that the characters were believable and their development was done well. This is similar to what made Lost such a big success last year. Lost has the mystery element to it, but what really made the show so riveting was the character development. Lost is centered around the characters, whereas the story (the mystery of the island) is merely an underlying force that drives the show forward. In Reunion the murder-mystery is the underlying force of the show, and it's going to be through the gradual character development, year-by-year, that is the real focus.

    The only problem I see with the show is that it's been put into an extremely tough time period (although many time periods are tough for Fox when American Idol's not on the schedule). But going up against established popular shows CSI and Apprentice is a tough task for any show, and even Everwood has an established similar-appeal following. ABC will be airing another new drama The Night Stalker at that time. Night Stalker will have Alias as its lead-in which is such a major flop it couldn't even do well following Lost, whereas Reunion has The O.C. which is a perfect lead-in for it, so I don't think ABC will be much of a threat there.

    All that being said, I rate it a 10 due to its unique, innovative storyline and episodic treatment, and the allure and curiosity created in teh pilot. The acting was decent, the characters were believable (even if they didn't exactly look 18), and the writing was very good. Whether you're a fan of murder-mysteries, drama, or just damn good tv, I think one would find this highly engaging and enjoyable, if not at least pique one's curiosity.

    I just hope the tough time period doesn't cause low ratings, and ultimately cause Fox to end the show prematurely like they did with last season's The O.C. lead-out Point Pleasant.
  • It's truly head-shakingly pitiful to think that so many other quality FOX shows have been cancelled for less than this embarassing O.C. coattails rider.

    I'm a television show viewer with principles.
    That is to say, I practice what I preach.

    Time and time again I have shouted to the imaginary network execs within earshot of my TV that they could do worse than to let a season or two of a show drift by with less than stellar ratings to give it a chance to develop.

    Wonderfalls, Firefly, heck, even Fastlane, are great shows with quite a lot of diversity that just didn't get their fair shake. I often wonder if they had a bit more time on the air, their charms would be discovered, and we'd have some interesting storytelling on television.

    But, I'm sorry. It's really, really, really hard to keep an open mind when ridiculous shows like Reunion are made and pushed hard.

    Almost every aspect of the show is a travesty. I thought the show's opening epitaph dialogue was leading into a comedy sketch. The amount of exposition without acting is truly insulting to the viewer.

    Characterization is handled by constantly telling us about the traits of the leads but never actually having them act or demonstrate it.

    Amanda Righetti, while not the greatest actress of our time, has proven herself a flexible character actor as she's been shuffled around the FOX network. Even her modest talents are completely wasted here, thanks to the weak writing and jarring pacing.

    Production values are very poor in contrast to recent big network debuts. Remember the O.C.'s dazzling color palette, obsessive attention to fashion and up to the second lifestyle trend spotting that was established the second the show started? Even the pungent North Shore had a sheen that reflected big bucks on stylists and film stock and color correction.

    The shows only potential? It's rather unconventional concept of retelling major events from a single year every episode, leading to the revelation of circumstances surrounding the death of one of 6 close friends. This episode was 1986 and was resplendent with too-obvious '80s-isms like Don Johnson suits and clips of A-Ha's "Take on Me" flashed on screen. The set-up for next episode is 1987. I have a sinking feeling that the '80s references coming won't extend past the broad strokes shown in 1986.

    But like I said, I am a viewer with principles. I'll watch one more episode to see if there's a glimmer of hope for this shallow, mind-numbing show. For the coveted O.C. chaser slot, it would have been truly inspired of FOX to offer viewers a lot more.
  • Very well written.

    I was pleasantly surprised by Reunion's pilot episode. It was a well thought of, well written, and reasonably well acted beginning to one of the best new shows of the season. Although by no means perfect, this pulled me in from the beginning and has me anxious for the next installment.

    The pilot opens at a funeral. One of six friends, we don't know which, was brutally murdered. A detective investigating the murder shows up to interrogate Carla, one of the group of six and the last person to see the victim alive. She takes him, and us, on a trip back to 1986, when she and her other friends, Aaron, Samantha, Will, Craig, and Jenna, graduated High School. What followed was a tale of lies, betrayal, lust, love, fear, and teen pregnancy. I can't wait until 1987: Apparently, it starts off "with a bang."
  • WOW, WOW, WOW!! Got me hooked from the beginning. Beat expectations and then some.

    I am still in awe of the show I watched. This has to be one of the best shows I've seen in years. The characters are so perfect and you could absolutely believe they could have really been friends. The are so fleshed out and each having their own problems, not unlike Dawson's Creek was, but 1000 times better. The acting of them all was absolutely superb!

    You had to know when Gregory Harrison was going to be a guest star that someone would end up in prison. If you've EVER seen a Gregory Harrison TV movie, you know what I mean. I can't believe Will was actually dumb enough to think that it would all go according to planned and why did he agree to do it anyway? I guess it was because of Sam being pregnant, but still. I liked how Carla finally got to get out of town and ended up going to London with Sam so she wouldn't have to have her baby alone. Could have done without Aaron and Jenna doing it, but I'm sure that is going to play a major factor in the show. Maybe it's one of them that's dead.

    I loved how the show kept going back and forth. I usually despise shows that do that but this way it was SO interesting. Also, glad to see Matthew St. Patrick working after SFU and I hope he gets some good stuff on the show since last night he didn't have much.

    Oh now I wonder who died? It's obvious it's not Carla since the detective is interviewing her. But what about that necklace.

    This could easily end up being my favorite new show of the year!!
  • Definitely lived up to my expectations, and more!

    I thought Craig and Will were the stars of the pilot. They were both great! Will felt so guilty about sleeping with best friend Craig's girlfriend while they were broken up, he was willing to take the rap for him for the DUI accident. I was so surprised to see the judge be so hard on him... In my opinion, it looked more like the other guy's fault, if not equal... they were both speeding, for sure.

    But anyhow, I loved the 1986 allusions! Reminded me a lot of my childhood! The Haley's Comet reference was great! And the funny Tom Cruise comparisons to Sean Faris too. I have a feeling I'm going to totally love this show!
  • The buzz was high, but the premiere is a little flat.

    I had read so many reviews of this show, that I frankly expected better. Thirty minutes in, I was wondering if I would continue to watch the show, much less the series. The "twists" in the premiere weren't all that captivating, especially since I had seen every one in previews. However, It was a decent start to introduce the characters.

    There were a few very interesting plot points in the previews for the season at the end. It should be noted that we find out who was killed in episode 5, in November. Long breaks for special events such as baseball playoffs are the best way to lose interest in episodic television, which why "24" was switched to the Spring last year.

    As for the look of the show, it was very good. I recently went to my 20th reunion, and I knew the guy that wore the pink Izod/Polo over the blue Izod/Polo, and flipped both collars up. I think I dated a couple of girls dressed just like Jenna. The music was right on target, and that is not always good in some cases.
  • Weak acting and predictable writing abound in this pilot, but an intriguing concept and attractive cast give me hope that the series will be much better

    “Reunion” is not the kind of series that I typically watch, largely because of the kinds of predictable elements that are strewn throughout this pilot episode. A lot of the “twists” were easy enough to anticipate, and while they might eventually add up to an intriguing set of divergent paths, they don’t make for the most interesting introduction to these six characters. But that’s not what makes the series worth the time; the gimmick, in this case, sparks my interest.

    Thursday nights are already really packed, so it takes something that promises a payoff to get on my viewing schedule. That typically means something unusual in the premise. Playing out a 20-year long mystery over the course of a season is a great idea, continuing along the same path that “24” and “Prison Break” have already trodden. The gimmick is the star of the show, at least in the beginning, and the question is whether or not the cast and writing staff can capitalize on it.

    That’s where my concerns lie. A lot of the writing in this pilot was terrible. It wasn’t just a question of using predictable plot devices to get the story going. It was how blandly the whole thing progressed. There wasn’t much pop to the dialogue. A lot of the lines that were meant to be ironic or sarcastic fell absolutely flat, and I had the feeling that the cast had been directed to portray their characters as if they were starring in a “Best of the 80s” montage.

    Some of the line deliveries were absolutely painful. Will stands out as a particularly bad example, because most of the time, I was cringing when he was trying to emote. But a lot of the scenes came across as “high school drama” quality, as if the cast wasn’t sure how exactly to pull it off. If this had been a completely green cast with little experience, it might have made more sense. But a lot of these actors are experienced; that’s why the lack of presence is so perplexing. For example, I love Alexa Davalos, so I was shocked to see how hesitantly she seemed to approach her character.

    Speaking of Alexa, I was certain that she would catch my eye the most during this hour, so I was taken aback when that didn’t happen. Her character hasn’t grown on me yet, I guess. The one character that has gotten my attention is Carla. Both in the 1986 and 2005, Carla left me breathless. I’m not sure how I missed the gorgeous Chyler Leigh before this, but I’m very happy to get the chance to see her every week. She reminds me of the kind of girl I would have drooled after in high school (and for that matter, college, work, etc.)!

    So from that perspective, using Carla as the link between past and present, as the most “normal”-seeming character among the six main cast members, does much to keep my attention. I’m hoping that the writing woes were due to the conflicting demands that always plague pilot episodes, made worse by the needs of the season’s arc structure. For now, I consider myself intrigued, but guardedly so.
  • A show that can quickly warm itself into you heart with backstabbing, betrayal, love triangles, pregnancy, and murder... and thats only the pilot episode.

    Ever since I originaly read about the pilot back in January of 2005, the idea of the show intriged me. Right now I have just finished high school and awaiting next week when I can finally move into my college dorm. So the idea of a show that starts right where I am in life and going on through 20 years seemed really interesting to me.

    All summer I spent trying to find the pilot to download to no aval, yet finally tonight I watched it. And let me tell you... it is awesome. If this is a true pilot and only a glimpse at what is to come, all I can say is that I cannot wait. Althought it is made rather clear that this is pilot episode by the spotting action, weird chemistry, and experamental writting. Yet they whwere all tied together with an awesome soundtrack that really clicked.

    The pilot introduces us to the main six characters, right at their high school graduation, and follows them through there summer between high school and college. Two of the characters are involved in a drunken car crash and ends up sending an innocent man to jail. One of the girls fight with her pregnancy, while another tries to find herself believing she will be stunk the town she was raised in, and the other guy gets the girl of his dreams.

    Honestly, I have not been this excited about a series premier since "Gilmore Girls" and I cannot wait to see what is next.
  • Great start to what I hope will be a great series!!

    First of all I didn't really expect to like this show so I was very pleasantly surprised. I'm not a fan of CSI so I've been looking for something else to watch and now I've found it. This is my era, I graduated from high school in 1983, so I can relate to what was happening to the characters. I'm impressed with the way they go back and forth between the past and present in this episode and hope they will keep it going the same way. The actors do an excellent job playing off each other and I can find them very believable as friends. I can't wait to find out which friend is murdered and which one is the killer. Way to go FOX!!!!
  • "Reunion" starts off with a BANG! Literally... (THIS IS A SPOILER ALERT!!!)

    FOX's newest TV show "Reunion" starts off with a bang. As in the vehicular accident that sets the tone for the 20-year course through the lives of six friends.

    The first episode opens up with Detective Marjorino turning up for the funeral for one of the six friends. In the first five minutes, we can safely assume (according to the show) that one of the six friends has been murdered. We can also assume that one of the six friends murdered that friend. However, the show cleverly sidesteps the reveal of the survivors and/or killer.

    In the next time frame, the show transports back to the first year, 1986, the year that all six had graduated in. In this year, Craig, one of the friends make a toast for things to stay perfect the way they are right now for them. However, we learn that Samantha, Craig's girlfriend, is possibly pregnant with Craig's best friend, Will. Also, a pivotal car accident occurs that leaves the victim dead and Craig to blame for it. In the recovery room, Will takes the blame to save Craig and call it a car accident. Unfortunately, Will's arresting officer announces that the pickup driver victim died later at home of internal bleeding from the accident.

    In the third time frame after commercial breaks, Detective Marjorino tracks down Carla (Chyler Leigh), ruling her out as the victim. However, her apprehension and her demands for her rights, not to mention a pendant she wore twenty years ago mark her as a suspect (until more friends are revealed in The Present Day).

    Carla's questioning flashes back to the graduation party where Aaron (Dave Annable) has grown jealous of a former high school teacher for a growing crush, Jenna (Amanda Righetti). This may spark as motive for murder, possibly. Also, Will has growing anxiety for the pending court trial for the vehicular manslaughter case. In the court trial, it is learned that Will is sentenced to one year in a correctional facility.

    After the next commercial break, the show cuts back to how Will doesn't regret getting Sam pregnant out of love. He vows to get back together with Sam. Once Will and Sam part company, Sam checks into an abortion clinic. However, Sam refuses to abort the baby and decides to take the scholarship to London. She tells Carla that she's a much better friend for not changing. It's nice to see Aaron and Jenna finally kissing and making up for the night they got into a fight. Unfortunately, Carla spots them and quietly runs away from the couple. It appears that Carla loved Aaron and feels a desire to change herself. The show ends with Will serving a year sentence, Sam declaring her intention to fly to London with Carla, Craig to Brown University alone, and Jenna and Aaron making love to each other before the summer ended. At the end of the show, Carla begins to introduce 1987 "with a bang."

    This is a very interesting show. Marjorino plays like the Christian Slater character from "Interview With the Vampire" as the journalist and Carla as the female Brad Pitt character. None of the dialogue nor the moods feel forced, and I cannot wait for next year (the episode, anyway)!!! For a first episode, I give this show a perfect 10!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Note: This review was written while the critic was watching the show.)
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