Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2005 on FOX

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  • Intrigue!

    *Will and Sam!!! They got so close to getting together! But it all dies! I'm so sad! Will and Sam were so perfect and then when Sam is in the hospital and Will comes to visit, I just wanted to push them together. And Will talking to Craig about the girl who got him through prison... awwwww!!

    *I felt so sorry for Aaron, Jenna does not deserve him. And poor Carla trying to let him know and him brushing her off for aaron!

    *Will's a priest!!! I loved it! he was so old though! How did he become a priest? Too bad we'll never know...
  • 1987 continues to draw you in, further developing the characters.

    Another great episode. The flashback sequences deserve a 10, but I was disappointed to learn that the murder seems to be a conspiracy and not just the act of one person. We learn now that both Carla and Will are involved in the murder in some way, thus, even if they're not the killer, they still abetted a crime. I think it would have been better if it was the work of just one person.

    I guess we'll just have to see how this plays out now. But if they continue to link more of the friends I think it'll eventually ruin the whole murder mystery theme.
  • A good way to show how the multi-year arc spreads out.

    Like "24," Reunion is a concept you can't judge by just the first episode. You needed the second one to show you how the "one year an ep" story really works. And so far, it does look rather nifty. I can already tell there will be fun in the moves between the past and present day. It is rather striking how the present day Carla is so much more serious and even sad in contrast to her bright 80's persona.

    Ah, poor Aaron. He spends who knows how long wanting Jenna, finally gets her but then realizes the hard way she doesn't feel the same way. He does get a good line with how dumb he can be, which is even funnier considering how oblivious he is to Carla's feelings for him. The "let's get married at 30" thing promises some fun when we eventually get to 1999. As for Jenna, I don't know if her "I might be dead by then" line is meant to be a clue or not but I have to say, so far, of the bunch, she's the one I'd be less upset is the victim.

    A nice building on the Will/Craig arc. I am amazed Will isn't more upset with Craig over what happened. Then again, maybe he thinks it's payback for keeping quiet over sleeping with Samantha. Speaking of which, the twist in her arc is nice and I look forward to what happens when she has to come clean to both men over the pregnancy and who the father may be.

    The present day moves push things nicely with Carla throwing away the gun in the river. And then the final shot, which I honestly didnt' see coming, where we find Will is a priest now. I can already tell the fun of this show is seeing how these characters get to this point and I can't wait for more.
  • The showcase of horrible, shallow writing continues...

    After the first episode, which left me less than impressed, I was willing to see if the difference between the pilot and the actual series would be positive. After all, there’s usually a difference, because the pilot needs to cover a lot of exposition and character introduction. So I had some hope that the simplistic writing and stilted acting would repair themselves once the series actually got moving forward.

    The gimmick remains the most interesting aspect of the series, because not much else has been offered. I noticed an incremental improvement in the writing, but there were still lines that the actors could barely pull off, because they were an unnatural as it gets. George Lucas writes better dialogue! I truly worry that this is a concept that will die because of poor execution.

    The cast, for the most part, steps up to the plate and tries to make the whole thing work. Like the pilot episode, the most impressive member of the cast in this episode is Chyler Leigh. She pulls off the age difference rather well, and she looks hot in both eras. The rest of the cast hasn’t been able to showcase their talents in the same way, so perhaps they also have more to offer.

    I still find Will to be the worst offender in terms of the bad acting. The writing has a lot to do with it, but I still feel like he’s auditioning for an Afterschool Special. It’s really quite bad. He has his fans, of course, who will deny it, but he can’t emote to save his life. Even the Tom Cruise clone (far less interesting this time around) shows more talent.

    Among the writing woes: having teens less than a year out of high school, looking very young, getting served without question at bars. There are people I knew in college that were still being carded until they were 30! There’s no way Will and Craig would be getting served in 1987 at the age of 18. The sheer amount of alcohol freely available was a bit hard to believe. And did anyone else notice that Carla grabbed the murder weapon with her bare hand? Thanks for leaving your prints!

    Speaking of Afterschool Specials, Sam’s story is beginning to get ridiculous. How much more is this young woman supposed to endure, all while trying to keep secrets? For that matter, how could Craig not know what happened between Sam and Will? They have it written all over their faces. Jenna was better at hiding her feelings (or lack thereof) for Aaron (who’s still trying to do his best Alan Ruck impression.)

    Lest I allow my preference for arc-driven SF series get the best of me, I asked my wife if she’d like to watch this episode. It didn’t take her long to figure out what was going on. But like me, by the third act, she was not impressed. She saw a lot of the same flaws that I saw. The point is: the writing staff needs to get their act together soon and add some depth to the story. If they don’t, this just won’t be my first casualty of the new season, but it could very well be off the air against much stronger competition.
  • Just one more step closer to finding out who was killed. In this episode, we find out that Will is alive and that he is a priest. Another great twist was finding out that Samantha can not have kids anymore and she just gave up her only child.

    So now we know that Will and Carla are alive, four more friends left on the murder list. I personally don't like Jenna because she is so insensitive to Aaron. But, I do like Amanda who plays Jenna. Great twist as I mentioned before. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • The next year.

    I thought this show was very revealing... and I can't believe Will becomes a priest! Well, obviously he doesn't get Sam... But it was a very good episode and I think this show is very interesting. I will definitely continue to watch it. As for Jenna's comment "I'll probably be dead in 20 years" I think that might be a huge hint that she is the one who is murdered. I guess we'll see. I can't wait!
  • I hope Sam gets with Will, Craig and his Dad are jerks for letting Will go to prison. He does seem more mature now. Sad that Sam can't have anymore children. I cried! I wonder who Carla called and if she knows who the killer is?

    I liked this episode alot. I think we have to pay close attention to see if any clues are given. It usually happens that way, in the begining the most obvious is laid out in front of you. It is just impossible to see it clearly.Like Craig being aggressive and having the gun pointed at Will ex cell mate. I think it would be to obvious though if Craig is the killer. It would have to be someone we least expect. I hope it isn't Sam. I didn't think I was going to like this show but it has gotten my attention. I like the concept of every episode being a new year. I guess it is kind of the same concept of the show, 24. It's fresh,new, and it just grabs you kind of show. It keeps me waiting for the next episode.This is my first review I hope to get better at it as time goes on.
  • Enjoyable episode. I really like the dynamics between Will and Craig.

    This was definitely an exciting episode that didn't disappoint. Will's out of jail now, and really wants to get together with Sam, who has just returned from England. I liked how much tougher he seemed. In a funny way, it's like prison agreed with him. I think he really wants to get back at Craig for what he did to him... The scene with Craig holding Will's ex-cell mate at gun point was amazing. We know now that Craig isn't afraid to shoot a gun. Could he be the killer? Sam's story was the most emotional of all, when she discovered she couldn't have a kid. That really touched me in a way... because I think personally I'd be devastated if I found out I couldn't have kids. Superb acting by all!