Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2005 on FOX

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  • more competition, secrets revealed, another year done...

    great episode, we found out that the detective was the step-son of the man craig killed. totally did not see that coming. we learn that aaron is make money.. MONEY. and that he's not dead.... we learn more about wills past and what he will do to craig's family... and opens up anticipation for next episode!!!!
  • Each episode seems to fill gaps and give you one more character that you know isn't dead. Two more episodes and we'll have the answer. Of course that will have to wait until after the World Series.

    It was a fun watch. The only thing that annoyed me is I thought that when they look back with the cop they are telling him what happened so why is he blaming the priest for what happened, when in the first episode when the girl is looking back and telling the story of how everything began? If she didn't tell him what was in her look back how are we supposed to know what they are telling him and are not telling him?

    I do love this show, though, so this is a forgivable error.
  • what a grat epis\'..

    grat grat episoud... ditective margarina (dos enyon not gigel every time thay say that name?)haaaa.... no way i was ssoooo shouked. well as you all where probably... and... well i don\'t know there is somthing grat abut seeing everithing in years, but it will take getting used to... grat love storys. poor aeron... always... :( so sweet.... so blaind...
  • The show finally gets better; the episode wasn't that much contrived.

    YES! The show finally gets better and receives its highest grade from me yet. I'm a bit relieved, actually. The episode wasn't that much contrived. When it is good, the story does flow nicely.

    Let's start with the BAD - Matthew St. Patrick. I thought he's supposed the veteran of the main cast, but hella bad actor. When he was interrogating Father Malloy, he acted like a guy trying to be a cop. No sense of conviction or authority. Maybe the cheesy dialogue didn't help. There's a scene where he reveals his step father to be the man killed by the drunk driving Craig. But it took him so long to get to it that it lost its punch. And they shouldn't EVER mention that the present-day murder has something to do with what happened 20 years before! We accept the concept that we get a glimpse every year, but it sounds ridiculous that a detective would actually piece his investigation by year. I guess he's being extensive or more likely, procrastinating. It would have been more believable if he started on present-day and worked his way back to 1986.

    Good stories: Will's "only" crime and surprisingly, Jenna's relationship with her trying-to-be-better mother. It's also great that Sam finally found her baby and that Craig is so freaking nice now! Carla, meanwhile, becomes a nanny to Sam's baby and barely-seen Aaron is in Seattle, thinking of his company.

    Will Estes (Will) has the most sympathetic character so far, though his acting is limited (the priest get-up is not fooling me). Only Cheryl Leigh has pulled off the convincing transformation. I cringe at the thought of these characters growing old and uglier.

    And here's what I'm thinking what happened with the murder. The victim shot himself/herself. And the rest are just protecting him/her. If the murderer is still alive, then I'm guessing the rest are protecting him/her. Whoever is guilty -- I'm rooting for them to go scott free... because I hate the detective.
  • I really love this series!

    This was another great episode for this series. I never have been much of a fan of the soap opera but I love the concept of following these characters for 20 years and watching how twisted their lives can become and how the secrets and lies start to pile up. It's only been 3 years and I just recently tried to explain to a coworker all the twists and turns of the show and they were very confused but impressed as to what a complex storyit was. Also the show is giving out the clues to who may have died and the secrets slowly but in a perfect way to keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. I was floored with this episode that Detective Marjorino's father was the one that was killing in the car accident in the first episode. I hope this show maintains this till the end because I am loving it!
  • Not the show's best episode.

    Let's see what happened in 1988. Jenna had a confrontation with her mom. Aaron is living in Seattle. And, oh yeah there was the Will/Craig/Sam/baby saga which took up about 90% of the episode.

    Sam tried to get her baby back. Will tried to help Sam financially to try to get with her. Sam tried to tell Will about the baby, but couldn't. And Will got insanely jealous when he saw Craig and Sam dancing together. What is up with him? Dancing is nothing to get jealous about.

    Once again, Carla's only role in this episode is getting herself involved in other people's problems. She got herself involved in the Aaron/Jenna relationship before. And now she's getting involved in Sam trying to see her baby. Why can't Carla have her own storyline besides the interrogation.

    We also found out that Aaron is still alive in the present day. That was almost all we saw of him in this episode. So we know that niether Carla, Will, or Aaron are the ones who die. My bet is either Sam or Craig is dead, and the other one is the killer. It might make sense if Will was the killer, but he willingly gave up his DNA. For one thing, guilty people don't do that, and for another, the results will probably be back in an episode or two, and that's too soon to reveal the killer.
  • Best episode so far.

    Last week I was very disappointed in the episode. This week got better. In the next weeks after the World Series, look awsome. I am trying to fingure out who out of ther three left was murdered. I was very happy to see that Aaron made it big with his company. I can not wait to see how the rest of his 20 years played out.
  • I'm really liking Will... he's an interesting guy... But I don't think he could be a murderer.

    We know Will is a nice guy... and pretty suggestible at that. Craig convinced him to take the blame for the car accident. And now we see he'll do anything to get the money for the girl he's in love with. But does that mean he could murder someone? I vote no. He's too nice a fella. Even though he roughed up the business guy a bit, I don't think he'd cross certain boundaries. Maybe we're looking at this all wrong... the way I see it, maybe the detective has more to do with it than we thought. Maybe he deduced that it was really Craig that was driving, and he silenced him himself! Okay... maybe I've been thinking about this a little too much. Another decent episode. Looking forward to November.
  • Everything stops in my house when Reunion comes on.

    Even though I have Tivo, I can't go to sleep at night without watching Reunion first. I love Will's character, and I'm really pulling for him and Sam. This show is great. It's quickly won its way into my TV Top Three. (Lost, Reunion and Deperate Housewives; in that order!)
  • My prediction as of the end of this episode. Sam's gonna bight the big one. And guess who's gonna kill her. It's gonna be her daughter. Or her biological daughter that she gave up for adoption any ways.

    Sam's gonna bight the big one. And guess who's gonna kill her. It's gonna be her daughter. Or her biological daughter that she gave up for adoption any ways. That's my predection but it my prove wrong because she couldn't get the gun or maybe she could. i'm not sure. we'll see how this pans out.
  • 1988

    Its another episode and another year in the life of these 6 friends. This episode picked up almost exactly a year after the 87 episode. But unlike the '87 episode, it was really exciting and interesting to watch.

    Like probably most episodes in this show, alot of things happend in the past that is (nothing seemed to happen in the present).

    It is nice that you can see the writters and actors are starting to get really comfortable with their surroundings, and the characters that they are playing.
  • Getting better

    I was hoping this show would pick up and it did. The idea of one year per show was intriguing to me. When I saw the predictable cast of characters, I was worried that the vehicle would be a casualty of its own boredom.

    Then this episode (and likely next week's from the previews) saved it.

    I am genuinely interested in knowing who did it, who they did it to and why. I want to know what happens on episode 21 when they figure it out and they arrest the person. I want them to be put in prison with Michael Scofield so he can break them out!

    Too far. Sorry
  • Reunion improves with each passing episode.

    Once again, Reunion has proven to me why I should keep watching it. The back story is getting more gritter and the three surviving frinds that we know about are reavealing more and more about their intentions...whatever they may be. I had been worried that the plot would be thin throughout the series, and I would have already figured out who where and why. But, I must say that I have been pleased with the show thus far. I also must say that I can't wait until reunion returns, if only to be drawn more deeply into the mystery that is being woven around us.
  • We scene scenes from 1988 and in the future the Dective questions Will about the murder.

    Could this show be any greater. I mean with the Will, Craig, Sam love triangle now having the AMAZING twist that the baby is wills and Craig still loves Sam what will happen next. Carla likes Aaron, but Aaron still hasn't realized it. And Jenna's mom is 1 year sober and came to see her daughter's big movie premiere. In the future we find out. There was new blood found on the scene of the crime and Will has taken into questioning and Will is the #1 suspect and has his blood drawn to prove he's innocent. This show is the greatest new show of the fall season.