Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on FOX

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  • The detective hated the wrong man for so long and the love triangle, you don't and won't get an other better than that, definitely one for the ages!!

    I couldn't believe what all happened, love triangle, hatred to the wrong person, i was on edge for the whole hour!! It was great that all of this happened in the kind of the beginning, it means that the show is going to get better, i loved it!!! take so off guard with it all!!
  • 1989 brings a wedding. But present day happenings are the most interesting.

    The premise is great. The acting is not. The writing is not. How did they take something that sounded like a second cousin to 24 and make it a mixture of Beverly Hills 90210 and Knots Landing?
    I am sure there is supposed to be a star to this show. Somebody here is supposed to step forward and be the break out newbie for the year. The problem is that it just is not happening. I feel like we are watching an infomercial for the best of the 80s cd collection. When the background music is the best part of the show, then something is wrong. Revealing the living members one by one has been a painfully slow process. Granted, it was made slower by the baseball playoff interruption. But no amount of World Series fever can explain how a girl who finally beds the man of her dreams tells him to run away without her.
  • A pivotal year with some intriguing developments.

    Once again, things on this show don't work out the way you expect. I thought they were going to hold off on Aaron/Carla for a while but it is good to see them together, if only briefly (that is, until 1999). I like the tension between Carla and Jenna and how that might play into their futures.

    Also didn't expect the Will/Craig/Sam thing to blow up so fast but it makes sense. I do find it more than a bit hypocritical that Craig is upset over Will busting his dad considering that Will went to jail for him. Leaving off with Sam on the verge of her choice between them was a good call.

    The modern-day developments are quite interesting. Again, surprised the detective found out so fast about Will's innocence in that hit and run so long ago. There's also the surprise of Craig not only a senator but in a wheelchair which raises more questions over the paths these people take, which is a major part of the show's appeal.

    And at the end, we find out it's either Jenna or Sam who was killed. I won't guess anymore which one it is since this show has so many surprises in it and that's the fun of watching. We can be sure that the paths of these people are going to be interesting to watch if the audience keeps up with it.
  • And then there were two... Jenna or Sam?

    I thought there was no way it would outdo the last episode. I was wrong. The drama is indeed getting juicy. The baseball season ruined it; the show's incredible momentum was unfairly interrupted.

    I think the show is getting a bit smarter, just as the characters are getting smarter themselves. Aaron finally realizes Carla as a potential love interest (Hands down - best part of the episode). Craig figured out that Sam is also Will's girl. It took years, but at least, we only endured it for four episodes. I think the show is heading towards the right direction. All that immature plotting in previous episodes seem forgivable now.

    As to who I think dies? I'd say Jenna.
  • I think its Jenna that dies. b/c Jenna and the business dude were talkin about how marilyn monroe died when she was 36 and he was like you would change places with her right.carla was 21 yrs old and then jump 15 yrs reunion and equals 36

    Loved the best show ever. I cant wait till the next episode... with all the show that are on tv it is great to find a show different from the rest the show is hot hot and jumping each episode a year. This is a great show. Love it it
  • i think Sam will be the one killed she is going be in the middle of a love battle between Craig and Will and by accident she will be shot. I think they try and cover it up because Will doesnt want to go back to jail

    I think Sam will be the one killed, she is going to be in the middle of a love battle between Craig and Will and duing this by accident she will be shot. I think they try and cover it up because Will doesnt want to go back to jail
  • Exactly why I watch this series.

    Okay so the dead one is either Sam or Amand Rigetti from the oc. I will once again predict that it is Sam. and that her daughter is gonna be to one to kill her. I think they are trying to throw us off by saying that it was one of the friends. Maybe, Maybe not.

    Anyone get confused when we first saw the prick in the pool at the end of the episode and think he was the yuppie. I was like wait. He wasn't in the wheel chair last episode.

    This show is deffenantly worht my thursday nights.
  • Finally Will gets his revenge on Russell and Craig.

    It's about time Will got even with Russell and Craig for putting him in prison and taking nine months away from him. But this time, Russell is now looking at 5 years or so. And as for Craig..., Well let's just say he's got in "the swing of things." It's like I always say: "Those who suffer in the beginning get lucky afterwards."
  • Totally worth waiting for!

    I didn't like the break between the episodes, but after seeing this episode, I think it was worth the wait. In the past, we see that things between the friends are heating up, as well as they are in the present. Present day Craig is show, and it is revealed that he is now in a wheelchair. This rules out Craig as one of the murder victims, and means the murdered was either Jenna or Sam.

    This was one of the best episodes of Reunion yet, and I hope they continue to get better as the years go on, as I'm sure they will.
  • Worth waiting for!

    I hated the break between episodes, but it was worth it. This episode is pivotal in the character's relationships, and I love the new twist with Carla and Aaron. It's also interesting to finally get a clue as to who it is that dies. Though the present-day scenes could be much better, the scenes from 1989 are amazing. The first meeting between Amy and her father is sweet. The music selections are fitting and work very well with the episode, as always. This show consitently leaves you wondering and wanting more, and this episode is a fine example of that.
  • I'll wait a month between episodes if each one is like this one.

    Reunion didn't really register as a blip on my TV radar even before the baseball-induced hiatus. I watched the first 3 episodes because my school's TV lounges are conveniently empty after The O.C. runs--my perfect viewing environment. The time concept is a novelty and is about the only thing I consciously remember about the first three episodes. Of course, the call to arms for The O.C. went out again today, which happened to jog my memory. Much as I did Bones, I would give Reunion another look.

    Mostly, it didn't disapoint. Carla is my favorite character, in both her past and present incarnations, and it was wonderful to see her finally get something that she wanted, though I have a feeling the fallout from that thing is exactly what will create the antithetical hardass we see in the present. Interesting that it would come this early.

    As for the other characters, many of them reach the shatterpoints of broken loyalties, and it's heartbreaking to watch. And bang, the 80s draw to a close.

    Marjorino continues to disappoint. When another main character is revealed in his/her present form, the news that character delivers to him, though shocking, don't generate any sort of dramatic flair from the detective, which by all means it should have.

    Sweeps has a way of bringing out the best in shows. I hope the momentum generated in this episode will carry it forward, all guns blazing.

    One of the highest concept new shows really takes off with this episode. All of the secrets begin to unravel, and the betrayel starts to rear its ugly head. Will performs what seems the ultimate acts of betrayal in this episode by confessing that he loves Samantha and he is implemented in leeking information about Craigs dad that puts him in jail. Carla is betrayed as well by Jenna who promised her a photo shoot and then uses a professional instead. We also learn that in the future, Craig is somehow a cripple, not being able to move his legs at all. The whole episode was really involving with alot of action and drama. Its secrets are starting to feel like lost and thats both a good and a bad thing!
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