Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the present day, Det. Marjorino is carrying a video camera because he was told to videotape all statements on the murder case. He is excited because he finally found the one friend missing to give the statement and he will meet that person that same afternoon.

Through the camera's screen we see the older Samantha talking about the year of 1990, her first year of marriage.

The year is 1990. Craig and Sam have moved into the loft Jenna used to share with Carla. Jenna has moved to LA to persue her career and Carla has moved into Paul's and Meghan's to watch Amy closer. However, things at their place seem confused because Meghan has been having some meltdowns.

Left all alone without a friend, Will has joined the army and his station is schedulled to be next to departure to Kuait for the war as Aaron is finishing his time in Prague.

While in the movie set shooting a death scena, Jenna gets a call from the hospital in New York that her mother is very sick and recquires her presence. She goes, very angry and upset at her mother.

Will has made a very close friend in the army, a man that writes to his sister on regular basis. He asks Will why hasn't he written to anyone yet and Will replies that the people he wants to write to do not wish to hear from him.

Craig has taken over his father's business and things seem to be falling apart at the Brewster corporation, but he refuses to tell Sam about it. Things between them haven't been good lately.

Carla tries to keep Amy from realizing her parents are fighting a lot. Once, getting home from the park, she sees Meghan packing her bags and hysterical. She calls Paul to help his wife, but the womam screams at her, in fear. When Paul gets home, he asks Carla to take Amy out so he can work things out with his wife and she does.

In a train station in PRague, Aaron meets a beautiful french girl named Pascale. They are reading the same book and she mentions it. When their train gets delayed, they go for coffee.

Sam picks up Jenna at the airport and offers to drive her to the hospital. In the car, Jenna brings up Will and tell Sam he's leaving for war. Sam becomes scared and upset for the situation between them. After dropping Jenna at the hospital and going home, she tells Craig about it. However, he does not show any concern for Will. He has too much in his head to care for the man who has put his father in jail.

Back in Prague, Aaron and his new friend, Pascale seem to be getting along just fine when they learn their train has been cancelled until the following morning. He invites her to eat something. She accepts.

When Jenna gets to the hospital, the nurse tells her her mother has pneumonia. Jenna becomes angry that her mother had her flying all the way there just for that, until she learns the pneumonia is just a complication to her mother's AIDS.

When she comes home with Amy, Carla finds Paul sitting all alone in the living room. He tells her his wife has left him and Amy for good. Carla feels bad for him, looking so fragile. He tells her he hopes she can stay and help him and Amy because she is now their only family. She happily agrees. Carla and Paul engage in a romantic relationship and Amy starts looking up to her as a mother.

Craig meets his financial advisor in a bar. On the TV, he sees the American soldiers leaving for the Kuait war but he does not seem to care. The man tells him he has to talk to his father and find out where are the last assets that can be sold to keep the Brewster company away from breaking down. He does not want to talk to father.

Back at the loft, Sam is watching the same report on TV, thinking of Will, when the phone rings. It is Craig. He is calling to let her know he won't be home until the next day. She tells him she has something very important to discuss with him when he gets back. He is clearly concerned about it.

Jenna and her mother are in the hospital. She tells her daughter about her illness. Jenna asks her mother if she has always wanted her. She replies she has, but Jenna does not believe. Her mother confronts her about her disbelief and she denies it. They laugh. At that moment, her mother colapses. The nurses and doctors enter the room and Jenna is left by the doorway, crying alone, as she watches her mother die.

Aaron and Pascale are in bed together. They have just had sex. As they are talking about themselves, he notices she har a ring in her necklace. That is when he realizes it is an engagement ring. She tells him she was supposed to be getting married at that exact time but she had cold feet and ran. They start talking about friendship and sex and she says those two things cannot exist together but he disagrees. He tells her about his one night with Carla. She then looks at him and tells him that none of their hearts were there that night. They hold each other and fall asleep together.

Morning comes. Will is about to leave for war when he sees Craig waiting to talk to him. He approaches Craig a little surprised. They talk about their friendship and make up. Not knowing exacly what is happening, Will looks into Craig's eyes and tells him to tell Sam the truth. Craig smiles. Will leaves to war. His friend approaches him and tells him that "maybe those people did want to hear from him after all". They leave for Kuait together. Craig turns back home with a smile of relief upon his face.

Sam helps Jenna gather her mother's things and prepare for the funeral. When Samm goes out of the room to pick up the phone, Jenna finds and old scrapbook of her mother's, filled with pictures of Jenna when she was a baby. At that moment, Jenna realizes her mother was indeed telling the truth about always wanting her. She breaks down in tears of sadness and regrets, holding the scrapbook close.

When Aaron wakes up, Pascale is nowhere to be found. The only thing left is the book he was reading at the station. When he opens it, he reads Pascale handwriting: "Go get her". He smiles.

Craig gets home. Sam is waiting for him. He tells her thay are broke and that the Brewster Corporation is falling apart and he understands that she wants to leave him. She looks at him and asks if that is what he thought she wanted to tell him. He says it was and she laughs. He looks at her confused. She holds his hand and leads it to her stomach, telling him she is pregnant. They are both delighted and happy about the news. He tells her he thought she couldn't have any children and she tells him it is a miracle. Just then, Aaron arrives from Prague and is the first to hear the good news. He tells Craig about wanting to start an internet business and tells both him and Sam he has come for Carla, but they have bad news for him about Carla engaging in a relationship with Paul. He is extremely disappointed.

Back in the present day, the footage of Sam talking about 1990 is still running. However, it is not a statement for the police, but a footage taped on their 20 years reunion from high school. The person watching it is Jenna. Det. Marjorino enters her living room as she is watching it. She tells him she is late. He asks her if she minds him taping her statement.