Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on FOX

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  • I SO did NOT see that coming!

    I instantly thought that we wouldn't find out til that end of this episode who the killer was when I learned that it would happen in this episode. I was also leading to Jenna becoming the dead friend.

    So yes it was so easy for me to be fulled by this show into believing that Jenna was dead. Which then lead to the big shocker that Samantha was the one shot and killed! I thought for sure she had to live in order to complete the whole Joey-Rachel-Ross triangle question. (I'm a big Friends fan.) Even though Will since became a priest, my fingers were still crossed.

    Craig reconciles with Will who is about to go off to war in Kuwait. Which kind of makes up for the year they spent apart.

    Carla learns that the man she's been sleeping with, aka Amy's foster parent, Paul, is a rage-aholic. She first learns this through his ex Meghan, but then gets quite a bit of his wrath herself. It's a good thing he hasn't found out who else she's been taking Amy to see. Yet.
  • Right on the money... although it's tragic.

    This was great. As I suspected, it was Sam... but when the show began I immediately thought I was wrong. They set up the show brilliantly, revealing the actual victim in the end.

    I was thoroughly disappointed, thinking that when Sam sat down to tell a story... that she was meeting with the detective on the case. In actuality, it was for their high school reunion.

    I was initially right tho... It was Sam, although I can\'t believe that they were all a part of it, especially since she married Craig and had a child together. I know that she betrayed him, but how could he live with himself knowing that he was part of killing the mother of his child? So sad...
  • I totally called it in the third episode that she was gonna die

    Check the reviews fokes, I totally called it at the end of the third episode when She asked to babysit the little girl. I totally knew that she would bite the big one. Though they did a good job of making me think i was wrong. Throwing that video tape in there to confuse us was clever of the creeps
  • The victim is Sam!!!

    Wow the writers sure pulled a fast one. I totally believed that Jenna was the one who was murdered, but alas we were seeing the high school reunion tape. I have to admit that this show has gotten way better since the beginning. I cannot wait until the next episode. Carla is going to be in some major trouble, I only hope that Aaron can rescue her, if they do not end up together in the end I am going to be so unhappy. This show better go until the end, that would just be cruel, to cancel before we find out everything.
  • This is one of the best is comparable to the OC and Desperate Housewives.Each episode is riveting and exciting

    This is one of the best is comparable to the OC and Desperate Housewive. Each episode is riveting and exciting. I look forward to Thursdays so that I can watch more. It always leaves you wanting more. This show is very unpredicatable and always leaves you hanging on for more.
  • The most important year yet.

    And so we finally find out who the victim is. Had my suspcisions as in those ads of the characters then and now show Sam changed the least. Was saddened as she was my favorite but that makes it all the more intriguing. Plus, we will get to see more of her as the series goes on.

    Indeed, that is now the hook. Now that we know who, the key is why? What happened to cause Sam's death. How did she and Craig end up, married or divorced? Why was Craig in the wheelchair? Was it the war that drove Will to the priesthood or something else?

    Some questions are answered by this ep. This realtionship with the abusive man explains a lot of why Carla is so colder in the present. It was nice to see Will and Craig patch up somehow but I doubt that will hold when Craig finds out the truth about Sam's baby.

    So the series takes a major new twist that makes it continue to be one of my favorites. Let's hope it continues so we can find out the truth soon.
  • Now that the murder victim has been revealed, I just hope Fox sticks with the show for the rest of the season so we can find out whodunit!

    This is my big guilty pleasure of the week. Now that the murder victim has finally been revealed, I just hope Fox sticks with the show long enough for us to find out who killed Sam! The whole time I figured the victim was Jenna, so it was a neat little twist at the end to cut from Sam's interview to a shot of Jenna watching what was actually a reunion tape.

    Strange that Sam would focus her reunion message on just 1990, but whatever. The episode not only shed light on the identity of the victim but also on the events that seemed to have hardened Carla over the years. Shame that the guy she pined over for years finally realizes that she is THE girl but only after a full year in Prague; only to return to New York and find out that Carla is with another man. Too bad that man is the increasingly unstable adoptive father of Sam's daughter. Who knew that George Newburn could be so genuinely creepy? Yikes.

    The preview for next week shows a pretty bruised and battered Carla, isolated from friends and family, pulling a gun on her psycho boyfriend. Should be interesting.

    Equally interesting will be Jenna's take on 1991 and the further unravelling of the mystery, especially given Carla's reaction to the detective talking to her, "She's going to tell him everything!"

    Now that we know who the victim is, it will be fun to figure out the why and who. Right now I'm wondering what Sam could have done to deserve a bullet. Sure she had some major issues like a kid with her husband's best friend, unresolved feelings for said best friend, and the beginnings of conflict with Carla over her relationship with her daughter. But she didn't seem like an evil person...but who knows, maybe 1991-2005 will reveal a different person. Have to say though, I'm disappointed that it is Sam, I get why it has to be, but still too bad.

    Looking forward to next week!!!
  • The victim revealed

    Another great episode. I really love this show. I hate that I missed 1989. My TIVO screwed up!
    They really had me going with who the victim was. That last minute switcheroo was classic. I really hope they have one more marathon of all episodes just to get people into the show who may be missing it.
  • We finally know the victim now who killed Sam?

    I really liked the way they did this episode, they really set it up so that you thought it was Jenna that died. I was glad that Craig went to see Will before he left for Kuwait. I'm really shocked that Sam was pregnant in 1990, I can't wait to find out if she has the baby or if something happens. I really haven't figured out who the murderer is yet, it's hard to believe anyone wanted her dead at this point so we'll have to wait and see what happens. I also think the show just keeps getting better and this was the best episode so far, it's just unfortunate that more people haven't found this show yet and I really hope they find it before it's too late.
  • Wow- Fooled me once shame on me fool me twice....

    Going in to this episode I though th That Jenna had so little to do with the story, that it must be a red herring, and sh die. Then I was "right" but so eary in the show. And the one whose mom dies young and says that she probably won't be alive in 20 years does die, thats a little too easy. Then it was a Video tape. So cool.
    I feel sorry for her possible kid though. And why would Carla not call the police and leave between she and Amy's mother they could probably get Amy away from that man?
    The writing could be a little better but the idea is so good t makes up a little for it. And it will only be this season for these chacters which is brillent like a real mini-series tell your story and get out before everyones sick of it.(Still dont see Will as a Priest)
    To bad for the presidents speech this would have been a great return from baseball after a cliffhanger
  • You find out who dies.

    Well this is the ep where you find out who dies.

    I really do like this show. Its far better then most give it credit for. Maybe the writing needs so work, and the dialog is clunky at times but hey its still an interiguing show.

    Now we know who died.

    But we don't know who killed.
  • So intriging

    I honestly didnt see it being Samantha as the dead class mate. I was shocked. I cant wait to find out more and learn who actually did it. I hope its an outsider and not one the group, but I guess that isnt true. I love this show. Keep up the good work, everyone involved in this show.
  • The revelation of the "murdered" victim transforms the drama and effectively hooking us in the process. In the year 1990...

    I guess I was wrong. I was patting myself in the back when I thought Jenna was dead. Opps – we find out it was Sam. And for some reason, the show begins to take a new look. If it was Jenna (the most troublesome of the group) who got killed, you’d think she deserves it. But now, with Sam dead (and with that straight hair making her prettier and more innocent), I’m awkwardly rooting for that badly-acted detective to seek justice.

    I still cringe when they go back to the “present day.” It must be that unconvincing make-up and yes, that badly-acted detective. And I don’t like the bad narrative technique of characters saying – “Oh yes, in this year so-and-so, it was a year of change. This is what happened on this year alone. On this year, this character did this and that character did that. And so on…” Hey, this isn’t show and tell. It should only be a show.

    Thank goodness, the drama is mostly in flashbacks. It is still capable of making unforeseen twists. The Carla story line unfolded quite nicely. First, there was her secret boyfriend; it turns out to be her “nice” boss. Later on, the boyfriend/boss is revealed to be wife beater. Plus, she’s also caught in the middle as Amy’s “mother figure,” to her friend Sam’s distress.

    I also liked Aaron’s story line. For a moment, I thought it’ll be like “Before Sunrise.” He meets a French girl and the trains are delayed until the next morning. So they spend their time alone until they depart. The twist in his story is quite unconvincing though. Who knew that she was just a compass, who’ll point the guy in the right direction? It’s good that Aaron is back in the States. He’s been kind of isolated. We know how he is with Carla and Jenna but he’s neither interwoven into Will, Craig, nor Sam’s story lines. Get in there, buddy. Look a little guiltier.
  • Really good episode don't think you know anything to the last minute.

    The best episode ever!!! I can't believe the twists and turns of this episode. Don't think you know anything about this episode. I'm still wondering what put Will in a wheelchair. Is it Sam or Jenna? You'll find out this episode!

    That Detective is really twisted and they show the lengths that he will go to find out who killed one of the girls.

    Carla's boy friend is starting to act like his old self as his ex-wife said he would. Wait to the next episode Carla decides to stay and keeps on taking his abuse.

    Is it Sam or Jenna? Sam is caught between a love affair between Will and Craig. Jenna was mean to Carla on that photoshoot and Left Aaron for other people. Is that enough for either of them to DIE.
  • Wonderfully Shocking

    I thought it was awesome the way that they lead you to believe that Sam was alive throughout the whole episode and made you think Jenna was dead! At the end when they showed that it was a tape and Jenna was watching it I was shock the was the best thing ever! Great Twist!