Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2005 on FOX

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  • Not my absolute favorite, but amazing none the less.

    When all the six friends and their significant others get together, tensions run high.

    *Sam and Will have an amazing moment, but I feel so sorry for Vanessa, it's so sad when she breaks up with Will.

    *Sam is amazing in the scene when she yells at Rachel. It also starts the pill drama with Sam. I hate Craig and Rachel, they are both horrible.

    *Poor Aaron, loosing his best friend and business partner.

    *I can't believe I'm saying this, but go Craig for sticking up for Will and standing up to his father.

    *I love Carla's monologue at the end, it's so sad, but she does a really great job.

    *The thing with Jenna's husband is funny! I love it, though he is a a**hole.

    It will always boil down to just the six of them, no matter what, and I love that.
  • The six friends reunite to spend Thanksgiving dinner. The day starts out all full of hope and fun but pretty soon dramatic events take place that change the tone of the dinner party. Each friend goes through individual problems that leads them to be caugh

    The six friends reunite to spend Thanksgiving dinner. The day starts out all full of hope and fun but pretty soon dramatic events take place that change the tone of the dinner party. Each friend goes through individual problems that leads them to be caught up in their own world. Jenna brings her conveniant husband who hits on Will, Will brings his girlfriend who realizes he is still in love with Sam, Sam is popping pills and she confronts Rachel, Craig's mistress and Aaron's date. Craig's dad shows up and causes problems like he always does. Craig picks Will over his father, which I thought was a very smart move. There were some great moments like Will and Vanessa's break up was a very well acted and written scene. Carla's outburst was also very well acted and written. This episode was one of the more humorous episodes. With Will, Jenna, and Aaron providing some funny scenes or one liners during a tense episode. This has made it to one of my top episodes of Reunion along with 1988 and 1989.
  • The 6 friends and their dates gather for Thanksgiving dinner and it ends with the 6 of them. Sam finds out a secret thet can ruin her marrige. Vanessa breakes up with Will because he still has feelings for Sam. Marjerino trys to kill Will. Future: Craig c

    I think this episode was pretty good. I hate Craig for cheating on Sam. What a jerk! If I were Sam I would probably break up with him. I can't believe Jenna is married for fame, to a gay guy!!! Wow!! Its sweet that Will still like Sam. He would have probably treated her better. Its wierd that Marjarino tried to kill Will. I'm glad Ella got to him and he stoped. I feel bad for Aaron cuz he thought Rachel liked him. Future: Craig can wa;k!?!?!? I wonder if he was faking it or it was real but it got better and then he faked it. It makes it look as if he killed Sam, and i think he didnt. I wonder who really did and why????
  • good

    It was very, very good! It was nice to see all these different problems evolve at one simple Thanksgiving dinner. Jenna's husband being gay, Craig sleeping with the secretary for 6 months, Will still having feelings for Sam, and all of that was so intense! Plus Craig's dad ordering him not to talk to Will! I truly enjoyed it!

    The best part of every episode is the end, because we end up discovering new about one of the characters in the present day.
  • I loved the concept of this show before it cam on the air. I loved this show when it came on the air. Now, with this episode, I'm hooked tight. Fox, if they have any brains, will see this through to the season finale.

    Man, what an episode. It's thanksgiving day for the Reunion group and almost everyone brings a problematic partner to the fray. Carla shows up alone and of course Sam and Craig are married, but everyone else comes with someone else. Aaron shows up with co-worker/secretary Rachel. Will shows up with the sister of his best friend from his army days, Vannessa. Finally Jenna shows up with her movie star husband Jake and things begin to slide downhill from there. First we find out that Craig is cheating on Sam with Rachel, Aaron's date. Before that we see Sam pop some kind of pill and when she reveals that she knows that Craig's been cheating on her she shakes herself so badly she has to take another one, and trust me, these aren't aspirin. We then see the partnership that Aaron and Craig have formed crumble in front of our eyes. Will continues to show love for Sam and even though it's not evident in his words, according to Vannessa, it's evident in his eyes so Vannessa leaves the party claiming that she can't be a backup romance. Craig's dad shows up to the party, but when he sees Will there he almost blows his top. He leaves for an hour and tells Craig that at the end of that hour, when he returns, Will better be gone. Will's got another problem though as he is hit on by Jenna's husband Jake. It turns out Jake is gay and Jenna gets so ticked at him for hitting on her friend and for trying to bring Hollywood to New York that she boots him from the party. As Rachel and Vannessa have left we simply wait for Craig's dad to come back and when he does and Will is still there Craig is given a choice. His friend or his father. Craig tells his dad he'll talk to him soon and his dad leaves quite ticked. The party ends up as just the six of them and they wonder if no matter what happens it will always just be the six of them. Oh, by the way, this whole time Will has been watched by a man named Kenny, or as we know him in the present, Ken Marjorino! Ken wants to kill Will in order to avenge his father. In order to keep a comfortable eye on Will, Ken goes into a coffee shop where he meets a lady named Ella. They talk and Ella gives Ken her number. Ken can't find it in his heart to kill Will and he ends up heading over to Ella's place with tacos. In the present, Ken begins to change his mind as to who the murderer is and begins to suspect Craig over Will. Craig is slipped a note that says "I know who killed her". Ken returns home to his wife and realizes he missed his daughter's school play that he promised he would attend. Ella says that she and Ken's daughter have had enough. They leave for a different home and Ella tells Ken that he needs to find his own place and once he has stopped obssessing over the case to look her up. Finally, at the end of the episode Craig has contacted someone on the phone and tells them about the note he received. The comes the huge shocker of the evening. Craig hangs up the phone and pulls himself out of the wheelchair and walks across the room! This episode had everything and the giant plot twist at the end really took me for a loop and I can't wait for the next episode of Reunion.
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