Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2005 on FOX

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  • A sad, but really great episode.

    I love this episode, it's so sad though. When all the friends are at the grave, it really breaks my heart. I love the story line with Aaron, although I'm not Pascale's number 1 fan, I love Aaron with Chloe, he's so sweet! But I feel so horribly bad for Carla, but at least she found Peter, who is uber sweet and cool. And Sam, it was so great her story line, so sad, but I loved Will being there with her, Will and Sam 4ever! And then the end when Sam is throwing out all the pills... Something about htis episode. The scene at the grave is so heart breaking though, but a great episode.
  • Everybody hurts - like the ending song of the chapter. That should be the title of the episode. Each character has doubts and deals with his or her past. Great chapter!

    Everybody hurts - like the ending song of the chapter. That should be the title of the episode, maybe even the whole show.
    What I like about this show and this episode is that the characters are real people they have fears and doubts, they have bad judgment sometimes, and not everything goes there way. Each chapter shows the characters downfall and their hope to rise.

    And this chapter was the perfect example.
    Craig and Jenna find their high school files and doubt everything in their life. They doubt their carrier choices, their romantic choices, what they have done with their life. And most of all did and could they change since they left high school.

    Sam doubts her capability of pursuing her dreams and being a doctor when she has to confront the results of her actions. A patient dies and she blames herself. And she realizes she has an addiction to meds. As u see life can turn not the way u want them to.

    And that brings me to Carla and Aaron. Finally the moment we have been waiting for since chapter one: They were supposed to go on a date. But life surprises u and Aaron finds out he has a daughter and does the responsible thing and marries the mother so she could stay in NY.

    But the show isn't depressing it still has hope and the characters are copping with their reality..
    Craig will run for politics. Sam will stop taking meds and they have each other for support. Carla meets her futer husband. And we see that Aarons wife likes him.

    in this episode will was a supporting character and one of the story tellers .But now that Aaron has a daughter we have to expect that the secret of will being a father will be reveled soon. yeahy!!

    In conclusion this was a great flashback episode.
  • And the mystery continues, more characters added and I still want Will and Sam together.

    I really like this show and I'm so bummed it's being canceled before they finish it. Nicely done back and forth to past and present. I thought the first episode was slow but it picked up from there. So many mysteries to find out about they just can't cancel it. Not fair to leave us hanging.
  • What a very sad birthday...

    This episode I found to be the most painful to watch. In this year, Samantha actually kills someone in the hospital because she wasn't able to control her nerves. Her drug dependency is the cause for her patient's death...or is it? Anyway, I didn't think these kids would have so much character depth. However, the show gets better every episode. Much like wine, the show gets better with age as well as the characters on the show. The kids mature into adults and we relate well with the growing complexities of the friends. I am ashamed of FOX for canceling this show because they don't want to waste more airtime. I think they need to sit down and think harder about allowing this show to continue. This is the most intriguing show I've seen. If FOX wants to keep me watching, they will keep this show on. This show can easily be put up in the same league as 24, Prison Break, and House.
  • Oh wait, they all are. And I'm okay with that!

    Craig and Jenna are looking a little to cuddly. The way they were together only shows us that they are going to hook up, and hopefully Sam will find out and dump Craig.

    Aaron and Carla are finally supposed to hook up, and then Pascale (the girl Aaron boinked once and then that was it) comes back and says "oh yeah, we have a daughter." And like the man Aaron is he wants to be with his daughter, so he decides that him and Pascale should marry before her green card expires. Which means we have to wait that much longer before a Carla and Aaron hook-up can happen!!

    Craig and Jenna also get a look at their old high school records which hold letters that no principal would ever put in there. Basically, the letters said that both were going to go nowhere. A little unlikely, but it's a show people!

    Carla finds another guy at the bar where Sam's suprise party was to be held, but noone was there because Sam wasn't feeling well.

    Sam has her first patient die on her, and of course she fully blames herself, but she has good moments with Will.

    I wonder if they will ever explain why Craig is "in a wheelchair". Surely they won't make us think that absolutely nothing happened for him to even possibly end up paralyzed.

    Please let these questions be revealed before the plug is pulled on this show!
  • Everybody hurts...

    It's sad that Reunion had to get canceled after 13 of 22 episodes. It's not liek were trying to save a show that has been on the air for 10 years. We just want a conclusion. Well anyways another good episode infact "series classic". Plus Carla + Aaraon have husbands/wives.
  • Aaron gets married, Carla meets someone new, Craig and Jenna get inspired to go after their professional dreams from High School, Sam loses her first patient, Will gets on with his life by going to college, but is still in love with Sam.

    I love this show. It is amazing how quickly things can change and watching this mystery unravel is addictive.

    Each episode shows the characters maturing and moving onto the life they want for themselves, or at least the life that best suits them. I can only hope the remaining 5 are as good as this one and that FOX will recognize the gold mine they could have by filming the last 8 episodes and releasing it on DVD.
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Carla and Aaron are supposed to get together. I felt bad for Carla about her husband though but ugh. Good episode though. The preview for next week is SICK. AHHHH i love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Carla and Aaron are supposed to get together. I felt bad for Carla about her husband though but ugh. Good episode though. The preview for next week is SICK. AHHHH i love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the way that Jenna and Craig kinda flirted. Cute couple. But yea. NEXT WEEK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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