Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2005 on FOX

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  • Well, it doesn't offer any conclusion to the fans, but evidently it is the conclusion of the show...

    This was a really great episode, like all episodes of Reunion, there are so many things going on, but it's so great!

    Will/Craig/Sam: The whole election thing was very dramatic. I liked that Will was managing the campaign, and helping Sam regain faith in Craig. It was really great... if not sad. But at the end when they're at the hospital, I love how Sam totally slams Rachel!

    Carla: Awww... the thing with Peter was so sad, because they are like the cutest couple! And I love how she's Noel's god mother.

    Aaron: I don't like Pascale, but it's nice seeing him as a dad again.

    I don't think it was Rachel, even though she's horribly mean, because why would the friends be covering up for her? But I wish we knew more about her mental breakdown and the things Marjorino mentioned at the end.

    Aack! I hate FOX!!!
  • This episode revealed soooo much about who could be the killer of Sam. I can't wait until 2006.

    With Rachael coming back into Sam and Craig's life’s, another suspect has arose. In 1994: Rachael threatens Sam. Sam says that "your not going to hurt us again," but Rachael says "if your not there to protect them."(Meaning she just might be the killer. Pascale and Aaron have another baby and they're now back together. Carla still has some feelings for Aaron so she breaks it off with Brad. When she learns that Pascale was pregnant, she feels bad about Brad and gets back with him. Will helps Craig for the millionth time to get back with Sam. In 2006: Rachael asks why Craig isn't in jail for killing his wife.
  • The people at FOX are morons!!

    This episode was fantastic. Granted, all of the bad-timing jokes between Carla and Aaron got repetitive and tiring, but besides that it had everything that a prime-time soap needs to be successful. There was a psycho stalker girlfriend, a pregnancy, and even a possible vehicular manslaughter. It's just a damn shame that fans of the show may never be able to experience this program in its full capacity, thanks to the infinite wisdom of the FOX Broadcasting Company.
    Alright, I can understand why FOX would cancel a show that isn't doing good in the ratings. Fine, that's one thing. But not only are they not condluding the series, they have the ordacity to tease us with these continuous cliffhangers and plot twists.
    Over the years, many FOX shows have come and gone. There were some that deserved it, like "The Pitts." While there were others that didn't, like "Fastlane." But to cancel a show with a continuous storyline that millions of people watch is just insane. I can almost guarantee that they would never even think of doing that with "24," it would be a ratings suicide.
    In the end, whether another network picks up the show, or we never find out what happened, the FOX network only has itself to blame for losing 5,000,000 viewers. After all, they were the ones who decided to put "Reunion" on a month-long hiaitus only to bring it back against "CSI." Let's just hope that they don't make the same mistake with their other shows.