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It is 1998 and Craig is turning 30. Aaron decides to throw him a party that will lead to unfortunate endings for both of them. Jenna finally gets a significant working proposal. Sam tries to fix things up with Will as they join forces to search for Amy. Carla encounters someone from the past.moreless

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  • This episode was Will and Sam trying to find their daughter Amy, but theirs a shock in store!

    This episode was very good, but the fact that i knew it was the last episode and that it would end just like that ruined it for me! I don't get it people say that amy is suposed have killed Sam, but she's dead! So this was a good episode, but it was ruined with its annoying sudden end!
  • If they HAD to end it halfway through the show, this was the best choice...

    Reunion was the best show airing today. Fox cancelled it halfway through and left behind thousands of disappointed fans, but I think that they have chosen a fine episode to end it.

    Many questions of the show are answered in 1998, and many more come to the surface. We end the show knowing What happened to Amy, how Aaron and Jenna left things off, What happened to Carla's husband, who was blackmailing them in 2006.

    Despite the fact that we will never know what really happened to Samantha, the end of the episode with Craig on the phone saying "We have to tell the truth about who killed Sam", or something like that was the best way to make the few aired episodes memorable for us, fans all over the world...moreless
  • I saw this episode here in Brasil and unfortunately it was the last episode of the series...

    After the disastrous events of the previous year, Sam was broken up of Craig and wants to reconcile itself with Will and help him look for Amy - their daughter - but a chocking tragedy waits the couple. Amy and her adoptive mother had died in a fire, a few months ago. Craig obsessively tries to be reelected to the congress, and Aaron tries to help him to surpass the end of his marriage with Sam organizing the Craig's 30th anniversary party, with Jenna's support, that wants a bigger commitment of Aaron. To test Aaron, Jenna flirts with with a man in the party - but Aaron just leave the party alone. An sexy internal, who works for Craig, tries seduce him, but he says he is not ready for this yet. She leaves the party after some drugs use and came back after the party is over and finishes dying of overdose in Craig's apartment. Craig calls his father and he help him to dumps the body. Carla deals with the treatment of Peter's cancer, what threat the finances of them, and starts work as photograph in a publishing company - working for Paul, her former-lover who used to beat her, but now alleges to have become another person. The obsession of Detective Marjorino with Sam's murder case, case that cost its family, its professional credibility and almost its life, continues. With a track of the car that ran over him, Marjorino decides to persist in the case, and arrested Henry, Craig's son. At the end, Craig calls Carla and said that they have to say the truth about who murdered Sam. (Sorry if my English isn't very good).moreless
  • I hate Fox for cancelling this show!

    I just saw this episode here in Mexico, and I can only say how much I hate whomever decided to cancel it and not even give it a semi-proper ending. In the end we have no idea of who could have killed Sam, we are, if possible, more lost than ever. Amy was supposed to be the possible killer, as the writers and creators stated several times, but in this episode we learn that she died with her foster mother, Meghan. So... we are left with no suspect. Obviously, many storylines are not finished, and that just sucks. I was dying to know how had Craig ended up posing as a paralitic. Oh, as if it all wasn\'t bad enough, the stupid detective arrests Henry for attempted homicide. I just hate Fox network.moreless
Gregory Harrison

Gregory Harrison

Russel Brewster

Recurring Role

George Newbern

George Newbern

Paul Phillips

Recurring Role

Geoff Stults

Geoff Stults

Peter Holland

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Craig is the only one of the five surviving friends to appear in the Present Day.

    • Detective Marjorino uncovers Henry because of the DNA on some cigarette butts he finds in the ashtray of the Mercedes. This happens because Craig was not aware that his son smokes so, when he got the car cleaned, he did not bother to check the ashtray.

    • Although it was never aired in the U.S., this was the last episode aired on Latin America (Mexico, Brazil and Argentina among others) through the Warner Channel Latin America

    • This was the last episode of Reunion to be produced.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Craig: (On the phone, to someone unknown) I think its time we tell the truth about the murder. Fine. If you won't do it, I will.

  • NOTES (16)

    • This is the last appearence of Paul on the show.

    • In this episode, Marjorino finds out it was Craig's son, Henry, who ran him over with the black Mercedes.

    • A girl dies in the loft. This is the third time in the entire show in which somebody dies and Craig is around. (the car accident, Congressman Clark and the girl).

    • Craig and Sam are separated in this episode. However, in the present day, Craig still mentions Samatha as his wife.

    • Jenna leaves Aaron to pursue her acting career after getting a working proposal to shoot in New Zeland.

    • This is the first time Amy's whereabouts is shown after her escape with Meghan back in 1991.

    • When Paul gets fired, Carla takes him job. She is offered to keep anything she'd like from his office but the only thing she takes is a picture from Amy aged 11.

    • In this episode, Carla meets Paul Phillips again after 8 years. He threatens her once again and she gets him fired from the magazine they both work in.

    • Will and Sam hook up again after 10 years since their daughter was born.

    • Will and Sam gather in search of their daughter Amy.

    • Craig turns 30 in this episode.

    • In this episode, we learn that Amy and her adoptive mother Meghan have both dies in a fire in early 1998.

    • This is the only episode in the show in which Sam and Craig never meet.

    • The six main characters have all been romantically envolved with each other. These are the couples that never happened:

      - Carla was the only one that did not get envolved with Craig.
      - Will was the only one that did not get envolved with Jenna.
      - Sam was the only one that did not get envolved with Aaron.
      - Carla and Will never got envolved with each other.

    • Due to the show's cancelation, it is to say that none of the characters has a happy ending:

      - Craig finds out Amy is Will's daughter and throws Sam out of their flat.
      - Will finds out he has a daughter and cuts any relations with Sam. Craig, angry about it, breaks up Will's engagement (is that why he becomes a priest?)
      - When in search for Amy, Sam and Will find out she died in a fire and Sam is left without a husband, a child and a best friend.
      - Aaron and Jenna break up and Aaron is left with no wife, no children and no girlfriend.
      - Jenna leaves the country.
      - Carla has to meet Paul again while her husband is fighting cancer.

    • When Reunion was Cancelled by FOX, it was stated that Sam's daughter, Amy, would the most likely killer. However, in this episode, we learn that both Amy and her adoptive mother, Meghan, were killed in a fire earlier that year.


    • Before joining the cast of Reunion, actresses Chyler Leigh and Amanda Righetti had already worked together on the show North Shore, which was also cancelled by FOX.

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