Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

Episode Recap

It is 1998, and Craig is turning 30 as he is also working for his re-election for the congress. Aaron forces him to throw a party, though Craig is hesitant because he and Sam are separated, he is not talking to Will and Carla has to take care of Peter. Aaron and Jenna are still living together but Jenna feels they've fallen into a rut and when she is offered a role in an important movie that will be filmed in New Zealand doesn't know what to do. At the party, which is very crowded because all of Craig's acquantainces attend, Aaron and Jenna quarrel and Craig is stalked by a young intern. Jenna sees this intern, Courtney, snorting coke and asks her to leave, which she does, momentarily. Aaron leaves the party mad at Jenna. After everyone has left, Craig is picking up when Courtney reappears. He lets her sleep on the couch since she is really toasted, but when he tries to wake her up he discovers she's dead. Not knowing what to do, Craig calls his father who appears with two guys that take the body away and clean everything. When the police appears, Craig says that he barely knew the girl and that he saw her leave.

Carla gets a new job that seems to be perfect, but when she discovers that Paul works there too she thinks it might be a problem and files a complaint. She also sees a picture of Amy on his desk, so she sneaks into his office and gets the adress for Sam and Will. Paul gets violent with her at the parking lot, and therefore looses his job, which is later offered to Carla.

Will and Sam go to Maine to visit Amy. While they are staying at a motel, they kiss but Will leaves before anything else happens. When they arrive to what was supposed to be Amy's house, they discover there are nothing but ruins. They go to the Police Department where they learn that Meghan and Amy died 7 months before in a fire. Will is devastated because he never got the chance to meet his child, and doesn't want to see Sam anymore.

Jenna leaves to New Zealand, leaving Aaron really sad. Sam calls Craig, but hangs up.

In the present day, Marjorino is watching Henry closely and later goes to arrest him. He says they found cigarretes in the car of the same type Henry uses and that would probably match his salliva, and that since Craig didn't knew his son smoked he didn't clean that. Craig says Henry didn't do it but Marjorino says that only Henry could have done it since Craig is parallyzed. Craig wants to stand up and prove he isn't just to save Henry, but decides it's better to keep acting and lets Marjorino take his son away. Then, he calls Carla and tells her they have to come clean because Henry has been arrested. He also says that if they don't want to tell the truth about who killed Samantha, he will. The episode ends after his words.
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