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Episode Summary

This was supposed to be the last episode of the show, but it was cancelled by FOX before it had even had a chance to air - or even be produced.

This would be the episode in which the flashbacks and the present would merge and Samantha's murderer would be revealed, along with several other mysteries the shw has left hanging.

According to the FOX executives and responsible for the show, the identity of the killer was leaning towards Sam's abandoned daughter Amy. However, some time after the show's cancellation, it was revealed that there was a big chance of changing the killer's identity to Craig's father.

Recently, it was posted all over gossip websites that both suspects would turn out to be the killers. This is how the plot was supposed to be: Amy would shoot Sam by accident. Craig would find her dying body and call his father for help. When arriving to the scene, his father would realize Sam was still breathing and finish the job in order to help his son's political career.

Rumor has it that the show has re-started shooting in Vancouver last august. However, many fans point out it is very unlikely, once two of the main actors of Reunion's cast have already picked up new projects: Alexa Davalos is now starring Feast of love and Dave Annable is storring on Brothers and Sisters.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Athough it is revealed that Craig is faking his condition, his character did have an accident that would take place between 1998 and 2005. According to the producers, he and Jenna would have been in a car crash caused by her. Craig would be driving and Jenna would try to apprach him sexually. The accident would happen because he would get distracted when pushing Jenna away. This would also be the reason why Jenna is angry at Craig at the "Present Day" plot.

    • After the show's cancellation, the producers revealed that the reason Craig is faking his health problem and still using a wheelchair is because his father believed it would help his political career.

    • After months of speculations on Samantha's killer, it is revealed that both suspects would have turned out to be guilty.

    • According to the producers, if Amy had been the killer, Samantha's death would have turned out to be an accident.

    • According to Peter Liguori's, from FOX, this is why Reunion was cancelled and how things were meant to turn out: "Reunion was particularly cumbersome in terms of trying to provide an ending for the audience. How [creator] Jon [Harmon Feldman] was laying out the show to gap those additional 14, 15, 16 years was an incredibly complex path. There were a number of options, and he didn't make a definitive decision on which option he was going to go with as to who the killer was, and there was just no way to accelerate that time. We put these shows on with every good intention to end them, but eventually, the audience votes. We discussed a number of options, and the best guess at that particular time was that it was going to be Sam's daughter that was actually the killer."

    • The original plan was for the killer to be Sam's daughter; however, the 11th-hour change was that the killer would be Craig's father.He felt Craig's political career would take off with her out of the picture.

    • Amy would have been 20 by the time of Samantha's murder. He other child, Henry would have been 16.

    • When the show was cancelled, the producers revealed Samantha's murderer's identity was leaning towards her abandoned daughter, Amy.

    • Samantha's murderer would have been revealed in this episode.

    • This episode would have been the series' finale if it hadn't been cancelled by FOX in December 2005.

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  • NOTES (9)

    • Despite the rumors that Reunion is back on production in Vancouver, Canada, it is said that the "Reunion" signs seen all over town are for the show Masters of Horror. Apparently, the production company responsible for this show is called Reunion Pictures.

    • Sean Faris (a.k.a. Craig) has been seen wondering around Vancouver, location for the show. His appearence has strengthen the rummors that the show is back on production.

    • Rumor has it that Reunion is back on production in Vancouver, Canada.

    • Before cancellation, the show aired Thursdays (9:00 - 10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on the FOX Television Network.

    • 13 Episodes were made. There was a gap of about 6 months between the airing of the first 9 and the rest.

    • Reunion featured relevant music tracks each episode that matched up to the year of the show. Early episodes featured popular 80s tracks while later episodes featured well-known early-to-mid-90s alternative songs.

    • Although set in New York, the show was filmed in and around Vancouver (mostly on a closed set in a North Vancouver studio).

    • These are some of the mysteries that would have been revealed if the show had remained on air:

      - Why Jenna was so upset at Craig in the present day.
      - If it was the cancer that killed Peter Holland.
      - Why is Craig in a wheelchair and why is he faking it.
      - What happened to Pascale and the little girls after moving to France.
      - Why did Will become a priest.
      - Why did Henry ran over Marjorino with the car.

      And last, but not least:

      - Who murdered Samantha and why.

    • This final episode was never even produced doe to the show's early cancellation.


    • After the cancellation of Reunion, both Alexa Davalos and Dave Annable have engaged new projects:
      Alexa is now starring Feast of love and Dave Annable is starring on the new show Brothers and Sisters.

    • Jon Harmon Feldman, the creator of Reunion was also the creator of another show cancelled by FOX Network: Tru Calling.

    • Before Reunion, the six actors casted as the leading characters were all on shows that had been cancelled as well:

      American Dreams: Will Estes (Will).
      Life as we Know it: Sean Faris (Craig).
      North Shore: Amanda Righetti (Jenna) and Chyler Leigh (Carla).
      Other People's Money Never aired pilot: Dave Annable (Aaron).
      Undeclared: Alexa Davalos (Sam).