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  • Good show but I am sorry I wasted my time on it.

    I enjoyed this show during its brief run, but am incredibly frusterated that I invested 12 hours in it only to have it cancelled without the killer's identity being revealed. I recall reading an article about the faith that the network had in the show because it was committing to run the full season regardless of ratings, so I was sure it wouldn't be cancelled. And then FOX cancelled it. Soooooo frustrating!! I am not sure if they filmed or wrote scripts for the other episodes, but I am very interested in the killer's identity if anyone can provide a definitive answer. I think FOX at least should have provided a narrative on who did it and the clues in the 13 episodes we did see that would have indicated the killer. I would have given it a higher rating if it hadn't been cancelled.
  • Great show with unique concept. Cut off in mid season leaving fans with a huge cliff hanger! Wish they would bring it back to finish it off, or barring that, put it to DVD! Let us see how it ends. Who killed Sam?

    6 friends. 20 years.

    Each episode covered 1 year, beginning with their high school graduation and culminating with their 20 year reunion where one of them ended up dead. Each episode revealed a little bit more detail as to the who, why, and how of not only who the murder was but first and foremost, who was murdered! Each episode began with one of the friends being interrogated by the police after the murder. Each would then recall the events of one year and reveal a piece of information about the events leading up to the murder. The final episode aired revealed that Sam was the one who was murdered. We never found out by whom, tho it looked like they all had a hand in it.

    This is one that Fox should release to DVD with all the unaired episodes. Look at Wonderfalls and Firefly. Fans will buy the DVD. The fans want to know how the story ends.
  • 6 friends, 1 killed and whole lots of mystery.

    Firstly, it's a show that you would not get hook up easily at the beginning. But after following a few episodes, you surely would be coming back for more. The story telling of this show was expressed and nicely constructed into 21 episodes (supposedly). Each episode tells another year and different suspend awaits.

    A story about six good friend were so close which can't talk about one without talking about another. On the night of their 20 years high school reunion, one of them was brutally murdered. With every murder there was someone on the case. A detective and as he pursues on the case, the story was told at the beginning of the year 1986. More of the true was revealed with every year gone, at the same time more mysteries concurred.

    This show also keeps people guessing. Which one of them died? What they had become? Why they had become? What will their life be like? Who ends up with whom? And of course mainly, who was the murderer? With people kept been introduced into the show, everyone can be the murderer.

    Every times you might think you know where the story was going, but it changes everything.

    Not that only the mysteries got the spotlight. The emotion drama of family, friendship and relationship really touches our hearts. In between, they still have their everyday problems to deal with.

    A true fact also stated in the story which seldom sees in ourselves. The fact that every decision was made will affect the future (example 20 years later), and it causes a chain reaction. Lastly, those who watched the show will love it and sad that it is cancelled. The sickness part was that leaving us hanging. The viewing rate wasn't that high doesn't mean it's bad. As for those who still don't like it, it's just not their kind of show. A show must see to know why it was great. Forget about it for who can't handle been left hanging.
  • i loved this show

    i was so mad when they stoped showing it i mean the didnt even give u a warning just canceled it out of now where

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  • From the first time I saw it it got me hooked. The music was absolutely fabulous. I just can't describe how I feel about the show it is just so good. I really like everything about it. The character development is wonderful.

    The show is great, I really liked Reunion was a very best series. It´s just amazing and attractive enough. Alexa did a very good job, so as other brilliant actors. All the perfomance can be deemed mature and fine as well as the story is very creative. I am desperate to know what the whole story is and what would be going on if the series continued. please bring it back for a decent finish. I thought that the producers of the show were very smart in what they did with the show. Thank you. I thought that they did a wonderful job making the show.
  • Six high school friends go over a course of 10 years leading to the death of one and one of the friends are to blame.

    BrInG It BaCk!!!!!!!! This show was cut before even being on the air for a while. Shouldnt have been cut when it was. It left us hanging on guessing who was the killer of Sam. The show was very interesting and awsome should have never been cancelled. They should at least give it a 2 hour movie to tie up the strings. Fox is one of the most worst channels ever. Toke some of my favorite shows of the air (such as Point Pleasant, Tru Calling, and this lovely show). This show was awsome and it was really sad to see it taken of the air. :(
  • You don't want to spend your time like that.

    I have no idea how anyone managed to stay awake during this show. The acting was ham-fisted and amateur, the story was old news, and plot development (or lack thereof) invariably had my eyelids sagging less than halfway through each episode. That's about all there is to say of it, because it genuinely lacked substance of any kind.

    How can you people like crap like this? It's freaking stupid, it's an insult to your intelligence. I don't even know how to further explain it... It's as if some of you will stare mindlessly at junk like this solely because you like the way some of the actors look, or because, for whatever crazy reason, you haven't seen the same formulas in dozens of shows a million times before.

    I just.. forget it. This show sucked, and thankfully it's gone forever. I wish they'd get to work on demolishing The O.C. once and for all.
  • it's different from other shows on tv.

    i can't believe this show is cancalled,it's so good,and i couldn't stop watching it.
    it's about 20 years ago six friends were best friends ever,each episode is each year,during 20 years,they have changed a lot,life has becoming more complicated,people felt so helpless sometimes,and 20 years later,when they met again,one of them was murdered at that night.a detective was trying to find out the killer,and in his opinion,the victim,sam's husband craig is on suspicion of this crime.besides sam,others was trying to cover sth,seems they had a big secret,when the detective arrested craig's son,he was going to tell the secret to save his son.
  • In 1986 they were the best of friends, but in 2006, five of them are trying to figure out who murdered Sam.

    A relentless New York City police detective, named Ken Marjorino, arrives in the town of Bedford, New York, to investigate the murder of a mysterious person at a 20th high school reunion. Through Marjorino's interviews with the suspects, the stories takes us back 20 years starting in 1986 where six close friends graduated from high school. What is Detective Marjorino's connection with one or more of the friends? Most of all, who is the mysterious and unseen 'third party' whom is anonymously sending the five remaining friends blackmail notes saying I-know-which-one-of-you-did-it. This show was sadly canceled mid-season just as we found out that Sam was the friend who was murdered. Come on FOX/CW/NBC/CBS/ABC... someone pick it up!
  • At least bring it back to wrap up the mystery, I mean, talk about the ultimate cliffhanger!!!

    I could not stand it when this show suddenly stopped airing new shows, or any shows at all. I was so engrossed in what was happening, and had finally found out who was dead, and then they leave me hanging. I like the CSI aspect mixed with a retrospective drama about how tangled life can be, how friendships grow, change and even end. I liked how there were consequences to the actions of the characters, and the retribution for the wrongdoers was never actually just (like in real life). This drama had a lot of potential, and although I have searched the internet, and found who the producers were going to make the killer, I am still left with no satisfaction for this series that was pulled before it had a chance to become something great, which is the road it was on.
  • Absolutely, the greatest show there ever didn't deserve to be cancelled

    This show deserved more of a chance....being a freshman drama up against CSI (which has been the number one show for those six years) It should've gotten at least one season, if The Office can get three seasons. Reunion should have gotten at least three seasons. I heard that the CW was considering picking it up again and I sincerely hope that they do...nothing would make me happier. FOX at least could have moved it to a better time slot. Maybe swapped it with the OC (which I believe went about four seasons to many) The bottom line is Reunion=fantastic show....and it should be brought back
  • Greatest show ever

    In my opinion this has been the best t.v. show ever, you never knew what was going to happen next, every single episode was full of mistery and suspense. It covered all my expectations since the very first episode. It had both amazing writers and amazing actors. I think that the show's plot was quite intelligent and creative. It was different from any other show on t.v. which made it one of its kind. Although there are currently a lot of great shows there is not even one that can messure up with the quality of this one. I really would like to know how it ends.
  • This show is about the unsolved murder of one of six friends dating back in high school. It is todays investigation and moves back to high school days to unravel the mystery behind the death of one of such friends.

    This is a very suspenseful yet romantic show. it is a love drama filled with suspense. It keeps you guessing from the beginning who was murdered, by whom, when, and why. Every episode makes you switch from one person to the other as to who was killed and by whom not only among the six friends but also those outside their circle of friends. It carefully unraveled the motives of each and every possible suspect yet gives you a reason also to doubt he or she is the real culprit. Every character in the show reminds me of some people i know. The show abruptly ended and made me feel I have been cheated, wasted my time watching the episodes and not knowing the ending. Please bring it back.
  • This show shouldn’t have been cancelled.

    Fox made a mistake by canceling Reunion it was a really good show with a well taught out plot line. The show was based on six friends who went to school together and what happened in their lives between the graduation in 1986 and their twentieth high school reunion in 2006. I am really disappointed that the show was cancelled in the middle of the season and left you no type of conclusion. It is rare to have a show like this with such a good plot line and a great cast and I think it is awful that the show got cancelled so soon.
  • This was a great show

    Fox shouldn\'t have cancelled it. I don\'t know if their ratings where bad, (which they probaly were since that\'s the only reason they really cancel a show) but I loved it. I couldn\'t wait until Thrusday night to see what happend. But when you think about it, the show really couldn\'t last forever. When they found out who the killer was that porbaly would have been the end of it.
  • Reunion is abselutely my favorite new show of the season! There is no other show out there like it !! The Best! Now BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!

    I cant believe that Fox is going to cancel yet again another great show! Seriously i like Reunion a little bit better than the OC!! I looked forward to it more than any other show on during the week!.. You know maybe the ratings are wrong, just all the people who watch this show are not part of the ratings bases... something to think about fox!
  • Why did I lose my time with this?

    I asked myself why I lost my time with this series. No answer comes to mind now that I look back to it.
    The concept was good, moving a year in each episode until reaching the end of the series and present time. This concept was new and in same ways was similar to \”24\” hours where the concept was also novel and worked extremely well. So, it potentially could have worked as well as \”24\” worked when it come up.
    But it did not work. It could go anywhere. The first few episodes were good, but from then on, it went down hill.
  • I think the show should be brought back and I think it was a ingenious idea for the plot!

    I'm really disappointed this show was canceled. It was a great show and I enjoyed it soo much and am pretty mad that it was cancelled in the middle so everyone who did watch it is screwed over because they do'nt get to know what really happened in the end! I think they should bring it back and advertise maybe a little more and start it up again because I definatally recommend it because it was one of the greatets shows that kept you on your seat with a good plot and great line of actors and actresses!!
  • I definitely luvd this show. i remember last summer..lke summer of '05 n i saw the preview fore this..i went crazy. i thought it lookd so oh good..n yah it was!

    I reli dont lke how this got cancelled..specially the entire plot, al of us that watchd this, have obviously been left with a major question..n wee didnt exactlee get the ancer. i wana see al the episodes. i wana see how it ends upp mi self. i dont get it..this show was super good, but then thers peeple that didnt lke it?? i mean come on..its GOOD. anyways, i doubt itl come bak..which makes mee mad n sad!
  • Reunion follows six close friends from their high school graduation in 1986 to their twentieth high school It's a murder-mystery that promises stories of love and loss, marriage and death, triumph and scandal as it depicts both the hopes

    Best show ever!!! Bring it back!!

    I was terribly surprised to know the show had been ended. I really liked it. I looked forward to Wednesdays to see the show. Please bring it back. It really catches people's attention.

    I missed the show, besides it is about a murder and everybody want to know who and why!!!

    We wanted to know what happens to all the characters. Why did Will become a priest? So many questions without answers. again, please bring it back. The story is thrilling and iteresting. We are missing it. Will you consider bringing it back? Thanks, thanks a lot

    It really stinks that we were left hanging with still wondering whot he killer was and whether Will is going to find out if he is a father or not.... we all really want to know. Please bring the show back... it was such a great show and I don't think people really had a chance to "understand" what the show was about. If you jumped into it in the middle of the story... people I don't think were interested.... but if you were one of the people that started the show from the beginning, it was so supsensful and kept you guessing.. what next??
  • Suited for the 30 to 50 crowd for it\\\'s music and shared memories, this mystery does an excellent job of developing characters and captivating the watch to try to figure how who did it.

    This show is very popular amongst the 30 to 50 crowd - I\\\'ve discovered that many people I know (from my younger brother, to former room mates, to former class mates) are watching the show too. The music and the memories depicted spur similar memories in the watcher. The suspense created in each successive episode is well orchestrated. My only regret - was in having invested my time to watch the series to have it disappear - with no way to find out who did it? If you have to take it off the air, can\\\'t you at least provide the means for those who did watch to see the rest of the story unravel?
  • The best show in years.

    Finally not another reality show and then. BOOM! Gone. Just like the final episode of Melrose Place. If we let these so called producers/directors/owners run all the shows they would be happy with REALITY TV. If I want to see reality I can look around me.

    A true weekly soap opera. Not too many out there.
  • I love this show! The show starts off with six friends from their high school graduation to their 20 year high school reunion, when one of the classmates are murdered on the eve of their 20 year class reunion.

    I was a fan of the show since it started on September 2005. It was on the Thursdays at 9pm timeslot up against The WB's "Everwood", UPN's "Eve" and "Cuts", NBC's "The Apprentice", and CBS's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". It was after "The OC". I was really disappointed that FOX cancelled the show after 9 episodes. The episodes never made it to 1995-2006 that were unaired. I hope they release it on dvd soon. I like some of the subplots of the show. It's the best quirky shows since "Twin Peaks" and "Cold Case". "Cold Case" did an episode called 8 years which is similar to the show.
  • Why did they cancel it????

    Come on Fox!!!! You left us hanging!!! I loved watching this show on thursday nights and then one night i turned it one and it was no longer. I was so upset. I really hope that they bring this back!!! I would absolutely love to see the ending of the show. I mean I can see canceling it after the season is over, but not midway through the season. This was the type of show that needed to be carried all the way through and I was very upset when I found out it was cancelled. In short, I think that fox should re-sign this show, I mean they did it to family guy why not Reunion?
  • Finish the story!!

    I rated the Fox's decision to cancel the show 1.5, not the show itself. I would rate the show itself an 9.0.

    Fox kept on promoting this show months before it started. Even during the World Series. They ran the first episode something like 5 times. So we all watched, and started getting into it. Then, because it's been cancelled, they tell us, oh by the'll never know who killed Samantha (the whole plot of the whole show!!!!) Goodbye. HOW RUDE!!! What a way to treat viewers. Just because not enough people are watching does not mean nobody is watching. If this were any other type of show with regular types of episodes, then it would not matter as much, but to leave viewers with no answer to the mystery is just not fair, and not right. If the whole thing depends on characters not introduced yet, then at least explain. I don't think people are very interested in those other characters, just who of the 6 friends did the deed.
  • the best show ever and fox cancels it

    a mestery about six friend and at their 20 year high school reunion on of them is killed it takes place in present day and the gang tell about the years from when they graduated in 1986 till present day each episoide is a new year and clue about who got killed and who the muderer was ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • .

    HI~from South Korea : )
    I\\\'ve searching for Reunion for a long time~!

    I couldn\\\'t understand why there\\\'re only 9 episodes when I finally found them. Soon I figured out FOX TV had cancalled
    other episodes due to low ratings. How stupid~!!!

    I\\\'m watching the 4th episode and it is obviously getting interesting~! Every scene makes me guess how it would be
    connected with the next happenings.

    Is there any possibility that FOX would continue this fantastic drama? :(

    I feel really sorry because I\\\'ve thought this drama is not one of those \\\"so-so romantic dramas\\\"

    Oh..btw I desperately want to know if there is any way to watch other 4 episodes (\\\'95~\\\'98) ??

    From Seoul

  • They shouldn't have cancelled this. Big disappointment from FOX.

    A lot of my favourite shows are on FOX, A LOT of them. 24, House, Prison Break, The O.C, Bones, American Dad!, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Idol... How many hours have I spent watching all of that? How many hours have I been loyal to the FOX networking company?

    All I have to say is what the hell. Reunion was an awesome show, with deep characters and a presumably wonderful plotline. It's a shame FOX should do this, they could've at least made the episodes, broadcast them at I don't know, 3 o'clock in the morning, I would've bloody hell stayed up for it. I love Reunion. Argh.
  • Why did they do this?... I just can't understand

    It is very difficult assume that this show is over, that we never will see the truth about Samantha's death.
    I consider myself a lucky one, because I could see the whole series...
    People at FOX are just idiot, this was a great show and they cancelled why? o yeah because it was a new show on C.S.I's time slot... I think that its ratings were good considering all of this. It just makes mad seeing really bad shows that are still on the air, while a great one like this enden in this kind way. They ended a mystery series suddenly, they left the fans thinking about everything.
    I love Jenna and Carla
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