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  • Honest concept, needs more laughs

    Let's get the bad stuff out of the way shall we: so many drama comedies these days forget to make people laugh. What's that about? There wasn't one point in the pilot episode where I chuckled, let alone laughed out loud. It doesn't have enough heavy drama to make it stand alone as a drama so we'll have to see where it goes in the season.

    Cricisms aside, the show has some brilliant talent involved in it and, as such, the acting is superb. Anything with Peep Show's Olivia in is worth a watch if you ask me.

    The storylines were an honest portrayel of modern-day church life, unlike most other religious series out there. It touches on subjects like parents' trying to get their kids into school to vandalism and athiests. It's clever and it has a lot of potential but it doesn't deliver just yet.