Revelations (2002)

Channel Five (ended 2003)


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Revelations (2002)

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Do you ever have time to listen to the wind, or question where you fit into the world? For everything is interconnected... the earth, the sky and the sea. When did you last think about the existence of life? As well as your own existence? In this fast paced, material world, when did you last look at the clouds? Really look at them... or a flower? Or a fast flowing river? Now that would slow you down... Have you ever questioned why wildlife has such beautiful colours? Or what is spiritual? Do you ignore the whisper of mortality that inhabits every fading sunset? I know I have certainly turned a blind eye throughout my journey, but I'm trying to learn about the meaning of life and the core concept of existence. You see I am Man, the essence of every man. Most people call me Jess, and I have been travelling throughout history and across all the lands since the beginning of time. Now that's a revelation...


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