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Season 4 : Episode 2

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Revenge is a new take on Alexandre Dumas' classic tale as told from a female's perspective, and stars Brothers and Sisters alum Emily VanCamp. The series follows the exploits of Amanda Clarke who under the alias of Emily Thorne, has returned to The Hamptons with one goal -- to seek revenge on those responsible for destroying her father.

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp

Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke

Madeleine Stowe

Madeleine Stowe

Victoria Grayson

Gabriel Mann

Gabriel Mann

Nolan Ross

Josh Bowman

Josh Bowman

Daniel Grayson

Nick Wechsler

Nick Wechsler

Jack Porter

Ashley Madekwe

Ashley Madekwe

Ashley Davenport

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Fan Reviews (139)

  • Revenge

    I like this show vary much but I wanted to let you guys know about would like you to spread the word about bloom .There a new show called bloom It is web TV show the director of the show is named david-matthew barnes bloom tv blogspot dot com I really recommended it. the first full episode airs on January 12, 2015.. it is base out of Colorado and is a teen TV show it about .this is off of there web site. innovative look at teenagers grappling with love and loss while living in the town of Tanglewood, Colorado. When Mercury Jones isn't working as a number caller at the local bingo hall, she's secretly crushing on Travis Emerson the athletic star of Tanglewood High. Her best friend, Johnny Ramirez , is falling in love with Alex Wilde , a classmate he's been hired to tutor. Jennifer Carlisle, the girl most envied and adored, is desperate to keep a crime she committed a secret. Easton Meyers , who's just returned home from serving a sentence at a work camp, is the only one who knows the truth. Fed up with the superficiality that surrounds her, Allison Freeman decides to make drastic changes in her life, starting with forgiving the absent mother she hasn't heard from in five years. Cracking under the pressure from being the daughter of the high school principal, Raquel Montgomery is finding it impossible to meet the high expectations of her demanding mother. Tired of being the glue that keeps her family together, Sofia Ramirez embarks on an emotional journey of self-discovery and seeks comfort in her complicated friendship with Rindy Sinclair the non-conforming star of every school play. Intervening and inspiring when she can, Penelope Garrison is the high school guidance counselor with the best intentions, who is soon overwhelmed by the complicated lives of the students she's trying tomoreless
  • The series lives up to its name but...

    First of all, Revenge is not about good vs evil, it's about "Revenge" and the impact and the complications it has. That's why i don't actually see Victoria as the "devil" and Emily/Amanda as the "angel" as it seems that both are equally capable of doing good and bad things. It's also about what it means to have "Revenge" as a path of life. Emily becoming addicted to it is a logical and clever approach and that's actually a reason why i think David being alive is rather good for Emily. Now Emily might start to question some things about what she might become if she don't control her urges and passions. Seeing her dad on a revenge spring might prevent her for becoming what she hates, "Victoria No2" and the proper conclusion of the series should have a meaning such as "Not everything is about revenge".

    While the series has become a bit unbelievable, it still can holds its philosophical and phycological meaning. Some characters are really annoying (like Margaux and her brother) and making Jack a cop was a really stupid idea. It seems that Nolan is the most stable character of the show and also one of the few to actually being in very good terms with himself and that's why i feel that Emily needs him the most.

  • revenge

    i'm willing to give this show one more chance, and if it doesn't improve like couple episodes into the new season then i'm out. i'm normally the type of person that sticks with shows till the end no matter how bad they get but this is just unacceptable the way these writers are writing the show. it almost feels like they are making up stuff as they go along.
  • From fantastic to trash!

    I loved Revenge the first season! Even the second season was pretty good. But season 3 has been a total waste of my time. I have gone from lovng Emily to hating her and I don't really see a point continue watching this show when you don't like the main character and don't give a flying f*** about her getting her revenge anymore which the show is all about. They have milked this for way too long and the story has been dragged through the gutter. It's a real shame really. They should have ended it on season 2. If they want to save this show they have to perform a miracle.moreless
  • Fashion of Revenge

    Checkout the fashion of REVENGE here on TV Fashion Guide


    Revenge Season 4 Premiere Review: The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same

    Emily Thorne is back, but so is David Clarke, which means things are about to get messy.

    • good show the other night
      I posted a comment but they put the old one on instead of the latest. now that david clarke is alive they will have to start a new...
    • So many ass-pull lately
      Im not much of a forum poster, but lately Revenge, one of my favorite show has been doing a lot of ass-pulls, and I have nowhere t...
    • wont return till march
      it is unbelievable that this show will not be back till march 9th. I will forget what happened in the last episode. what is wrong ...
    • Victoria Grayson
      Is Victoria going still put up with Conrad in the end or what will she to do react now
    • Amanda Clark and Jack Porter
      Will Jack finaly understand or what will he do or react when it comes back to reality to season 3 to his respone to Amanda Clark

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