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Revenge is a new take on Alexandre Dumas' classic tale as told from a female's perspective, and stars Brothers and Sisters alum Emily VanCamp. The series follows the exploits of Amanda Clarke who under the alias of Emily Thorne, has returned to The Hamptons with one goal -- to seek revenge on those responsible for destroying her father.

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp

Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke

Madeleine Stowe

Madeleine Stowe

Victoria Grayson

Gabriel Mann

Gabriel Mann

Nolan Ross

Josh Bowman

Josh Bowman

Daniel Grayson

Nick Wechsler

Nick Wechsler

Jack Porter

Ashley Madekwe

Ashley Madekwe

Ashley Davenport

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Fan Reviews (183)

  • This Show shouldn't end yet

    This Show is amazing and I watched most of it and all of it with my family. Its the most heart warming show you'll love. I wish it didnt end. I want another season. I watched every season and episode from the begining.
  • loved it!! thank you

    i just signed up on this site at this moment, needed to have my input on the Revenge finale. I have been a loyal follower for the past four years, seen every episode, and unlike so many other series endings or series finales, this one absolutely rocked!!!!! Though a couple times it was not going the way I wanted and raised my voice at the tv, but all was good in the end. Congratulations Revenge creators for getting it right and having your loyal fans like me very happy with the way things ended. I have closure on a great show I have watched for four years and it is not a show I would have watched but the star was from Port Perry, which is about 15 minutes north of Oshawa where I live, so I gave it a chance and loved it, and am very happy that she is with Jacjk in the end.

    I enjoyed watching Emily Van Camp for the past 4 years and wish her all the best in the future, really enjoyed tghe show and we are very proud in her accomplishment, andf thank you for the creators to make the finale what any true fan would want!! Thank you Bobbymoreless
  • Die you sod Die

    I used to watch it and really liked it but near the end of season 2 it was getting stupid .Have only watched the odd episode after that it is finally over i will skip through a few episodes and then go to the ABC for finally putting an end to this drawn out saga that was going nowhere but down hill since season 3.
  • Petition

    please don't cut off this show,. I'm dying watching the twist and turn of every episode. Why are you doing this to all your viewers here in the Philippines. please don't cancel this one otherwise I will kill myself for sure. Just to get your attention that we are desperate and hopeless and we will never watch any CW show ever .
  • Strong Start Weak Progression

    When the show began, it was all fun and games. The show had clear villains with a clear mission. Sure, it may have been soap opera-like at times, but what great drama isn't these days? Somehow the show lost its greatness. I'm not sure if it fell short because the writers ran out of ideas or what. But, I miss the first season.

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