Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 02, 2012 on ABC

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  • Interesting as usual!

    The plo t continues to thicken, as you'd expect with this show! Interesting scenes at the beginning with what Jack told Daniel. Didn't expect that but it certainly makes things more interesting.

    Emily gets a confessional in one way, but this episode took a big turn with everything to do with Daniel! I can't tell how this is going to play out! It's unpredictable and amazgin!

    Interesting storylines for Charlotte and Ashley as well. Charlotte and Victoria discovering the rose at the grave fo David Clarke is a bit of a shocker!

    Can't wait to see how this unfolds next week!!! :)
  • 1x19 "Absolution"

    Excellent episode. Revenge is no longer the cheesy drama it was 19 episodes ago. Revenge is smart and unpredictable. The dialogue was specially good this week and the episode overall was a home run.
  • Really hitting it's stride

    Another great episode! Fast paced, full of twist and turns.... I just can't wait for the next one, I can only imagine how the finale will be.

    - It's still snowing in the alternate universe that is Revenge.

    - Emily is worried about Charlotte? I guess I'm just surprised that anyone is worried about her.

    -"Well, it's not exactly Dominic's best work. It's a little half-assed to me". Damn, some of Victoria's snark has really rubbed off on Conrad. I mean, Victoria looks like Gollum in that painting.

    -Sooo...are we supposed to take that flashback as proof that David Clarke is actually dead? I don't know anymore, Mike Kelley keeps changing his mind on this one. I'm pretty sure they're going to end a season with a reveal that he was actually alive the whole time.... if that happens I'm out. From whose perspective was David Clarke's death scene just there? Is Emily just imagining how it must have gone down? But how does that explain the white-haired guy from the photo? Why would she assume he was the perp?

    - ABC certainly likes the red spray paint on cars trick - Once Upon A Time.

    - Wow, Ashley is seriously the female version of Ellis from Smash. Not even with her scheming she's interesting, sigh. At least, they are giving her something to do and it's a step into the right direction. You know what would really cool? Ashley's family died on the plane that the Grayson's took down and blamed on David Clarke. She's there getting her revenge on the family from the inside. Th

    - I loved how this episode was able to contrast so completely the differences between him and Daniel. And thats why one of them is someone Emily could love, and why one of them isn't! The love triangle thickens...

    - So many new aspects to consider: David Clarke's new journal, Nolan's aunt, Daniel knowing everything and still choosing the 'dark' side and Emily finally getting her head clear about how she'll handle Daniel and continue with her revenge.

    - I am really liking the new Charlotte, she's a slut, a druggie and a bitch!

    - Why I love Nolan? He's on the phone with Emily. Emily walks in the room. He says "I'll call you right back."

    -Absolutely not surprised that Daniel folded and followed in his father's footsteps. Nope, not surprised at all. I'm actually happy with the direction they're taking, at least he's sort of interesting now and has something to do. That being said, I'm not totally convinced Daniel has truly taken the Grayson side. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts working to gather concrete proof clandestinely, keeping it from Emily so as not to trouble her. This would up the drama, because he would be on Emily's bad side while, unbeknownst to her, actually trying to help. I just think it would be a good way to ramp up the tension even further.

    - Well, this just confirms that Emily is about to go a whole lot more darker. Seriously, the episode end narration by her was chilling and ominous.

    - Loved seeing contrasting sides of Emily. Lately we've seen Emily getting darker, but we saw that she still has soft spots this weeks

    - It seemed to me that Victoria saw that she had finally and truly lost Daniel, so she is trying to cling to Charlotte now.
  • Absolution

    Absolution was a superb and very entertaining episode of Revenge and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development along with action, drama, and intrigue. Emily get's even closer to the truth of her father's murder with a photo from Charlotte and help from a woman who happens to be related to one of her allies. I think it was interesting how every thing came together with the characters and story lines. Charlotte is searched at school as Declan wants to look out for her best interest. Conrad and Victoria have their moments and Ashley tries to maneuver herself while being played like a chess piece all the same by multiple players. Daniel learns a horrible truth as does Emily. I love this show! Just when the story seems like it couldn't get any more deeper or better, it does! I loved how every thing played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • My heart goes out to Charlotte but this show just inflicts itself with pain which makes it unmissable

    So much happened in this episode Emily finds out the complex connection between Nolan's family and her Father. SPOLIER! So Nolan's Aunt was working undercover at the Grayson's company, inorder to uncover the evidence to release Emily's father from prison. However the Graysons being the Grayson's found a way of destroying the evidence which included killing Emily's father. I thought at this point Nolan was going to tell Emily that he had something to do with her fathers death, it would have been a god twist. Suddenly Emily's confidant is unrealiable. Not only this she he claws are not set in Daniel as deep as she may have thought. Daniel decides not to reveal his family's secrets, not gonna happen Emily!. So its clear that Emily will find her fathers killer through her new family the Grayson's. The saddest aspect of this plot is the people that get hurt particularly Charlotte she loses everything and I think her parents are not being careful enough when it comes to protecting her. So Charlotte loses herself and her reputation is smeared when she caught having drugs in her locker. I feel reallysad for her.