Season 3 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2014 on ABC
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Victoria is confident Emily will take the bait when she sets a trap for her. Meanwhile, Emily uncovers the identity of one of her dad's main conspirators.

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  • Ridiculous!

    My God this episode was ridiculous in so many ways I can't even process it! A phone that takes a photo of a glass and can reveal the print that's been on the glass??? Seriously?! It's crazy!! Even for Revenge! It's amazing how bad of an actor Olivier Martinez is. It's a perfect fit for such a soappy show like Revenge but, come on! I hate the fact that both Emily and Aidan's fathers were framed for putting a bomb on a plane that killed several people. It's pretty convenient isn't it?! Oh and that last scene with Victoria figuring out everything in 5 seconds while Pascal was in the background not giving a damn about what she was saying was priceless!! Those characters are getting way too despicable, both good and bad, and I think I might just stop watching this nonsense after the end of this crappy season. Oh and what the hell does Nolan do all day?! Does he still have his company? I remember Grayson Global buying it but what happened after that?! Javier's naivety isn't even touching, Charlotte's persuasion methods are questionable and Daniel and Conrad's villain act are getting old!moreless
  • Duh !!!!!

    I love Tim DeKay but it seems he was wasted in this wish he was in the role of stand that is a list of people i cant stand in this awesome Delgado, Margaux LeMarchal & Charlotte Grayson think all of them have overstayed their was glad when jack's brother died and amanda died, seemed like there is hope someone from the grayson family will fall...

    After almost 3 seasons it seems Emily 0 - Grayson 2 .... I am amazed that it took Madeleine Stowe so long to figure it out her acting was wicked the first season and now its just pathetic think Josh Bowman is taking acting classes from her of Conrad is the big bad wolf we love to jack's mother was wasted (in more than one was her point again....

    I wish they would go back to basics and more revenge and less overacting....

    More you..

  • Heating up! (Be warned of episode spoilers!)

    The plot has been bubbling for a few weeks now and the last scenes of this episode proved that we have finally reached boiling point! This episode was very interesting and intense - while Emily takes down another taregt, Victoria starts connecting the dots! I love it!

    The scenes with Nolan sparking up the Grayson siblings was gold - I would love Nolan to teach them a thing or two! That would be perfect.

    I loved Jack's involvement today - as much as Emily is against him being involves, it is always better when he is.

    The last scene was very poetic - the colour of the Sharpies, from the red crosses of the Red Queen to the black of the Black Queen - so fitting!

    Can't wait for the last few episodes of the season - time to go out with another bang!moreless
Tim DeKay

Tim DeKay

Luke Gilliam

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John Prosky

John Prosky

Oscar Chapman

Guest Star

Sal Landi

Sal Landi

Mr. Marino

Guest Star

Karine Vanasse

Karine Vanasse

Margaux LeMarchal

Recurring Role

Henri Esteve

Henri Esteve

Javier Delgado

Recurring Role

Olivier Martinez

Olivier Martinez

Pascal LeMarchal

Recurring Role

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    • Victoria: I assume your diligence with that new deal has something to do with the boy Charlotte brought home. I have to say, Daniel, I don't like you using your sister.
      Daniel: Oh I'm not, she does what she wants. And I actually think she likes him.
      Victoria: He's a felon.
      Daniel: Then he should fit right in.

    • Oscar: I didn't realize who you both were. I thought you were here to kill me. (after tasering Nolan) I'm very sorry, Mr. Ross.
      Nolan: (sarcastically) It's no problem. I always found the use of both arms redundant

    • Aiden: Why exactly am I waiting here?
      Nolan: (handing Aiden a burrito) You can't have a stakeout without takeout.

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