Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2011 on ABC



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    • Jack: You get any sleep?
      Declan: Barely? Every time I drifted off, Dad was there and I'd get up to tell you the good news.
      Jack: I stayed up til dawn looking over Dad's will. The Stowaway's all ours now. He didn't want a funeral he just wanted us to scatter his ashes at sea.
      Declan: Know the last thing Dad heard me call him was a loser?
      Jack : We both had a lot of fights with Dad. He knows you didn't mean it.
      Declan: Yeah I did mean it. Scatter him without me.

    • Nolan: Hey Sportie who's fist did you walk into?
      Declan: Some rich jerk-wad a lot of them around this time of year.
      Nolan: You planning on getting even?
      Declan: Considering I'm half the guy's size with half the friends, no.
      Nolan: Violence is only one way to take someone down.

    • Daniel: Still in rehap last I heard. I haven't spoken to her since that night. My parent's covered Sarah's medical bills and set her up so she wouldn't have to worry. Paid a judge off to keep me out of jail and in return I had to swear I would never see her again.
      Emily: Sounds like you regret that now.
      Daniel: Every day. Do you think I'm a bad person?

    • Emily: For the innocent, the past may hold a reward, but for the treacherous it's only a matter of time before the past delivers what they truly deserve.

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      Blue Orchids by Sun Kil Moon
      All in One by Mari Persen
      Undercover by Little Majorette
      Melissa by Allman Brothers Band
      You're Too Weird by Fruit Bats
      A Twist in the Sky by Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
      Apostrophe by Jed and Lucia

    • This episode had 7.68 million viewers on its original airing.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 5, 2011 on Citytv
      Norway: February 9, 2012 on TV3
      United Kingdom: June 11, 2012 on E4
      Czech Republic: February 11, 2013 on Prima LOVE

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