Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

While Emily quotes Hamlet in over-voice, the Graysons pose for a newspaper's photo shoot. The subject of the story is the Grayson's 25th wedding anniversary and the secret to their success as a couple. The cutest couple in the Hamptons can barely veil their contempt for one another as they explain that trust and respect are the cornerstones of their solid relationship. During a break Victoria tells Conrad she can't handle too much of the charade. She's worried about Lydia ,who lies unconscious in a hospital while Frank, her assumed attacker, is MIA.

Emily drops by Nolan's glass castle only to ask him if he can hack into the hospital computer and find out Lydia's status. She's confronted by a bodyguard, whom Nolan quickly calls off. He tells Emily she'd get one, too, if Frank had tried to blow her kneecaps off. He admits he's already hacked in to check on Lydia. She's still comatose. Before she leaves, he asks her if she wouldn't be happier just giving up on the revenge mission and live happily ever after with Jack. Is it because she's actually falling for Daniel?

Mid-interview, Victoria talks about the traditionally intimate anniversary dinner they have every year. Tyler asks if he can bring Victoria's assistant, Ashley, as a date, and Victoria thinks it's a great idea. When Charlotte asks if she can bring a date, too, Victoria turns her down cold. Meanwhile, Daniel still hasn't shown up for the interview. Later, Charlotte will ask Declan to be her date, anyway.

When he finally returns home, Tyler, who has been getting very cozy with the Graysons, chastises Daniel for his tardiness. He adds in a guilt trip about how Daniel slammed his head into a wall while drunk last night. Daniel apologizes, not remembering a thing, or realizing Tyler's wound is actually self-inflicted. Emily walks in on them and while Daniel and Emily talk alone Tyler spies on their conversation, only hearing that Emily doesn't want Daniel to mention her in the article. During his interview, he refuses to mention Emily's name, but Tyler is only more than happy to oblige after Daniel leaves.

Frank turns up first at Emily's with her juvie files, which Emily thought had been sealed. She puts a quick call into the warden who ran the juvenile facility where she was confined. Then Frank has the nerve to walk into Lydia's hospital room, Victoria tells a nurse to call a guard. Before security escorts Frank out, he vows to prove himself to Victoria. Later, at the detention center where Amanda did time, the counselor assures Frank that "Emily's" attack on her foster father was self-defense, and then shows Frank the new library, built on a generous donation from "Emily".

Nolan shows up with his muscle at Emily's place. They recommend she get a better security system, but Emily is just annoyed that they're stalking him. Nolan complains that her public statements about Daniel hurt Jack's feelings and but a wedge in his friendship with Jack. Emily asks him to help her drive a wedge between Tyler's relationship to the Graysons, since he seems so keen on doing so between her and Daniel. Nolan practically laps up the opportunity to be involved in one of Emily's plots. He arranges a meeting with Tyler and swiftly blows his cover. Tyler isn't exactly who he says he is; he recently had a restraining order filed against him by an older male lover. Tyler comes clean and explains that his family lost everything and now he's trying to worm his way into a job with Conrad's firm. Nolan suggests the Grayson's wouldn't look upon him so favorably if they knew what he knew. Tyler cozies up to Nolan and says he wants to negotiate.

At the anniversary dinner, Victoria tries to keep her cool when she sees Charlotte has invited Declan. Dinner doesn't go well at all. Ashley is wondering why Tyler is late, Declan confronts Emily on her treatment of Jack and storms out, Daniel wants to know what's going on, and Charlotte leaves after everyone else has gone, leaving Victoria and Conrad alone. They fight about David Clarke and she kicks him out.

A flashback scene shows that Victoria was once strong-armed by Frank and Conrad to frame David or risk losing everything. The regret seems to haunt her.

Frank digs up some important information on Emily, he finds the real Emily Thorne, Amanda Clarke's cell mate in juvie. She's currently working as a stripper under Amanda's name. Frank pays her for information and finds out the two switched identities. The real Emily asks Frank to meet her in the parking later after her shift. Just as Frank is calling Victoria to tell her he has hard evidence that Emily isn't who she says she is, real Emily clubs him from behind, kills him, and uses his cell phone to track down her counterpart. When she shows up at Amanda/Emily's beach house, her old cell mate couldn't be more surprised.

Later, Charlotte shows up at the bar looking for Declan to tell him she's impressed with his honesty and that she likes him. Emily tells Daniel she's falling for him. Conrad goes to sit by Lydia's side just as she wakes up.

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