Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2011 on ABC

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  • I thought the last few episodes were incredible. Yet Revenge just keeps on improving!!!!

    I am so impressed by this show! It is rapidly turning into the highlihgt of my week!

    Today was really interesting. Nolan was really good today, and that storyline with Tyler was interesting.

    But the most interesting thing was the real Emily Thorne surfacing. Ic can't believe what happened to Frank! I can't wait to see the impact of all this!

    So much is going on! I feel like I'm forgetting something! Interesting scenes at the Grayson anniversary!

    Can't wait for more Revenge! Amazing show!
  • Charade

    Charade was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Revenge and I enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development as more was revealed about various characters. Frank discovered the truth about Emily and Amanda and paid for what he learned. It was great to see who was helping Emily and how. The Grayson's celebrate their 25th anniversary with a dinner that turns out to be full of drama and intrigue. It was awesome to watch all the entangled story lines crash together. Nolan made a few discoveries of his own about Tyler whose agenda has been revealed to an extent. Jack is hurt over Emily's relationship status with Daniel and there were some hints that Emily does have feelings for Jack despite seeing Daniel. I loved how things ended and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Finale-like, entertaining evil Tyler, inspiring Declan, interesting duality, promising new character, confusing flashbacks (Spoilers)


    What an overwhelming episode ! So many pivotal things happened that it could have been a finale. Getting Frank so quickly out of the picture was gutsy so it seems Victoria will carry his torch and investigate Emily. I already knew Tyler was gay considering how he Martha Stewart behaves around Daniel but I didn't see his negotiation with Nolan coming. It's surprising what he's capable to do in order to help Emily but I'm sure he won't leak the videos. As for Tyler's intention to get back in the game at all cost it's interesting because in some way he's not so different than Emily.

    In the romance department Declan stepped up his game and I can't see how a girl like Charlotte could resist someone who can call her mum Miss G. He's definitely funny and even inspiring because he defended his brother in front of everyone and people who tell what they really think are rare. As for the compass Emily gave Jack it made her love story with Daniel even more fragile because it seems she's really falling for him. I mean the last time I heard characters expressing their feelings out loud was while watching Dawson's Creek so it definitely proves that there's something fishy. In fact the voice-over was quite enlightening because Amanda should be her inside and Emily her outside but she apparently never expected her actions would blur the lines between them so much. Will she find the light in the darkness she created ? Is she becoming as evil as the people who framed her father ? The question deserves to be asked because the moving and Shakespearean balcony scene revealed that Victoria still has a heart. It's broken but she definitely loves Daniel.

    Now the identity switch between Amanda Clarke and Emily Thorne was revealed I really wonder how they'll deal with Frank's corpse and of course Victoria's growing suspicions. Maybe the first will offer her a free lap dance. At least learning more about her should be interesting so let's hope she'll become a recurrent character. Seriously my only complain about this episode would be the confusing flashbacks. The transition between the present and the past was too sharp and the fact that young Victoria is also played by Madeleine Stowe doesn't help. So I wish they had been as polished and creative as Amanda's ones. Last but not least anyone has noticed how Reven8e's intertitle is similar to Lost's one ? They both feature a zooming logo and a mysterious tune.

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

  • Really good episode!


    This was an amazing episode! We got to learn so much more about the characters and what they are going through. We see Nolan wanting to pull away from Amanda Clarke and her revenge program but Emily Thorne is having none of that. She continues to keep him involved with what's going on.

    We learn that Ashley is not the sweet hard working girl we thought she was. She is trying to make a name for herself and carve a new life in the Hamptons. We get some further explanation about why Tyler drugged Daniel and about Tyler's past. Tyler shares a lot of that with Ashley (but not all of it.)

    We learn that Tyler is a hustler but he isn't gay. Nolan shares that he is a 3 on the Kinsey scale. (It'sa scale of 7 to define sexuality with a 1 being totally straight and a 7 being totally gay.)

    The newspaper article highlighting the Graysons as the perfect couple is brilliant. To the outside world they have projected this image and it is completely false. They did it when they passed themselves off as innocent and had David Clarke take the fall for money laundering and insider trading. And now they are doing it again.

    We see that Daniel is falling hard for Emily. There are hints that Emily may be falling for Daniel.

    We get to meet the REAL Emily Thorne who met the REAL Amanda Clarke in juvenille detention and they agreed to switch lives. Frank learns the truth and the fake Amanda Clarke as a stripper tells him to go into the parking lot. She hits him over the head with a shovel and then takes a road trip to visit the REAL Amanda Clarke. Amazing episode. So much stuff is going on.