Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2013 on ABC

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  • Not that great

    I was left disopointed with this episode the whole Daniel, Grayson global storyline is uninteresting to me, charlottes storyline continues to be pointless and as for Emily she is so far from her original goal I can hardly remember what it was, I hope this show can get back on track because right now it is really of the rails
  • wheres the official review_

    Anyone know why Lily Sparks has stopped review these episodes_ I miss her witty, sarcastic an hilarious viewpoint...
  • Collusion

    collusion was a perfectly entertaining episode of revenge. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development along with drama intrigue and suspense. it was awesome to see Emily caught between both her Worlds. I like the conflicts that the characters faced with themselves and each other. it seems that the story will have many avenues to explore and I look forward to watching what happens next.
  • revenge "collusion"

    it looks like things are finally coming together but not in the season one standards but its getting there. however they still need to get rid of all of the unaceesary subplots and boring new characters that are unrelated to the plot and just focus on emilys revenge. im kind of glad that aidan broke up with emily now she could finally regain her focus. next episode looks promising.

    since things are finally coming together i will give it a 7.5
  • Keeps getting better

    I truly believe that the show has never been better!

    The second season had a great start, but at some point it began to stale and I found myself worried about the future of the show. But then the holidays happened and Revenge returned with a blast! I am just loving these past three episodes!

    This week we had some great moments! I love how they don't drag some plots that other shows like to drag for as much as they can (like Jack being in prison, or Padma playing Nolan). Instead, we get quick resolutions which just helps to not make this show tedious.

    I like the fact that Conrad is now involved with the Stowaway plot line! It gives both Conrad and Ashley on one side, and the Porter & Ryan brothers on the other something to do. I am not a fan of the Ryan brothers, but I guess this adds some twist to that plot line.

    Nolan playing Padma is something I am welcoming with open arms! I usually hate how the "good guys" suck at using revelations such as these to their advantage. With a little advice from Emily, Nolan has actually made a very interesting choice!

    Also the twist on Emily's and Aidan's relationship is nothing short of spectacular! Can't wait to see how that unfolds!

    The only downside to the whole thing is that we have to wait till February the 10th for the next episode! The promo showed that this could be the episode we finally reveal who sank with the Amanda in the opening episode of season 2 (not that I really cared too much about that, to be honest).

    All in all, it was a very good episode and I am definitely in love with the show again! Keep up the good work, Revenge!
  • Great episode, but not spectacular.

    There were some very interesting developments throughout this episode which are developing the storylines nicely, not least of which wsa Nolan's little double cross which is just brilliant! There were some great developments with those involved at the Stowaway, adn Charlotte makes an interesting decision on her 18th!

    I am also really loving this Helen woman! She is just so amazingly in control of anything and everything in the world it is really quite amazing! I love it!

    Some negatives were prevalent throughout thie episode. I have been finding this whole Daniel storyline and everything at Grayson Global to be rather boring. Now if all of this plays out into something spectacular, then I won't complain, but the developments today wiere definitely not that exciting.

    Overall, most storylines are going well! Some of them are a little boring, but not a bad episode and I hope things continue this way!