A Revenge Community
Sunday 10:00 PM on ABC (Returning September 28th, 2014)
I know Revenge has lost it's mojo in recent weeks, but I have to say the last episode is worth discussing. If you did not catch last night's episode, don't read below this line.

First of all, Emily returned to her taking down ways again, and this time it is a big fish. Conrad Greyson has been exposed and he exposed himself. I personally feel he went down too easy. The almighty Conrad, taken down by a spy cam and by the unlikeliest of people. What do you think?

Secondly, It seems David Clark is still alive. Maybe infinity to infinity is still possible for Amanda and her father. I don't know where they are going with that.

Finally, it seems Emily made a mistake and now Victoria knows who she is. What did Victoria find out? Any theories??

Where does this show go from here? Or is the end approaching?