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Revenge S03E21: "Impetus"

How do you like them apples, Conrad? 

The truth is out there, and it's only taken us three (very long, very winding, sometimes very frustrating) seasons to get to this point. Who knew that all Emily had to do was kidnap Charlotte, show her a bunch of stuff, tell her that her father was a jerk, and then plant a camera on her when she went to confront him? Total piece of cake. Nolan hacked the local news and now the entire New York area (and soon the world) knows that Conrad is not only a murderer and a terrorist, but also a very terrible father. 

So much drama and pain could have been avoided, though. Like, this is a plan that I personally could have come up with, so I don't know what that says about Team Revenge. However, I also can't believe the show finally went there. After stringing us along for three years, the writers put Conrad behind bars. It's a little sad, because Conrad is so deliciously evil that I almost hate to see him shackled, but this was also the natural progression of this story. Something had to give, and I'm glad it was Conrad. 

So where does Revenge go from here? There's only one episode left in Season 3, but the show will pretty certainly be renewed for Season 4, so what's next for Emily and Co.? Emily still needs to take down Victoria—which, if we're being honest, has always been the real storyline anyway. Conrad was the evil SOB who put everything into motion, but Revenge has always been about the struggle between Emily and Victoria—the two women who loved David Clarke—and that's mostly what made the show so good early on. So will Season 4 be about Em's take down of the Queen? 

The police and the FBI will obviously want to question Victoria with regard to Conrad's crimes, but it's going to be difficult to prove that Victoria was a co-conspirator, and I assume she'll try to use some sort of "he threatened me with my life" garbage as a defense. Even if Emily was able to lock Victoria up quite easily, she admitted to Nolan that she hasn't thought past this point. For so long, her goal was only to exact revenge on the Graysons—she didn't consider life on the other side of that. And now there's that silly new mystery involving David Clarke, which will probably continue into the new season. 

Given all this, what are your hopes and dreams for next week's season finale, and Season 4 after that? What's next for Emily and Vee? How will Daniel play into all of this? Will Aiden be back? What will Jack's hair look like next season? Hit the comments with your thoughts and predictions!

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