Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2013 on ABC

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  • Nolans and Patrick

    I like Nolan's character and I was pretty disappointed when the writers decided to go back to the gay side of his bi-sexuality. I find it disturbing and unrealistic; I think if he was only gay and not bi it would seem more realistic. Last season he was crazy about Padma and this season he is falling for Patrick? Those are some wildly opposing feelings there. I'm getting tired of every tv show feeling like they need one or two gay characters. I think the percentage of gays on tv now is likely higher than the percentage in our population. It's really getting ridiculous. Nolan looks so silly in his "gay" outfits too, scarf around his neck, bright colors, etc. I know several gay men and believe me they don't dress like that. It's becoming tiresome.
  • It's Going the right way

    I love were the show is going. The epsiode was awesome
  • Loved it!

    Just when you think things are going Emily's way it all falls apart, but then comes back together again. I haven't been soooo into a TV show for a long time!! As for a certain person saying that the episode was 'disgusting' - grow up! You are obviously a ***phobe and good people don't need you on this earth telling them they were born wrong.

    If you dont like to see it on TV then stop watching and read a book!
  • Disgusting

    This episode is disgusting. The plot is becoming pure fantasy, but I could accept it. But the scenes with Nolan made me sick. Do they really have to be so explicite. Yes, despite all that political correctness, there are still people like me who cannot stand gay sex on public channels.
  • Control!

    This was a phenomenal episode of Revenge as Emily seek to get things back on track after the calamity of everything seemingly falling apart last week.

    Some huge developments at Grayson Manor as Aiden investigates the crash with some surprising revelations! Which also opens up room for a power play.

    So much happened! Nothing else I have to say other than to say it was perfect! Can't wait for next week!
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