Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 2012 on ABC

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  • Promising start

    I liked the episode; but I have to say that in comparison to the intense season one finale, it was surprisingly lackluster/quiet. It was not terrible by any means, but certainly not the best the show has to offer. Nevertheless, it did have some strong points and it definitely worked in a sense as a premiere episode. I mean it managed to set up perfectly what each character had been up to and set up all the pieces for the rest of the season. While, the first season was Emily's revenge against the Grayson, this one is clearly the mystery of Emily's mother, who she is and what exactly happened to her.

    - While it was no surprise that Victoria was, I liked the way they handled the whole situation. First, there was that red herring at the beginning alive with the search of survivors, that turned out to be the next mystery. Second, they didn't include Madeleine Stowe in the credits and then they had Charlotte whisper her fate to Emily.

    - The opening scene with the lights piercing the water, the sunken boat, the body- was kind of haunting and beautiful. This show nearly always has cool opening scenes, I think. That being said, while I think the big mystery was visually striking, the execution wasn't as exciting as last season it was done in a more subdued manner.

    - It was a little hard to believe that if the government is keeping Victoria at the 'hidden' location, that they would not be filming/bugging her and that she would not at least suspect it - meaning that she would not risk having the white-haired man come to visit, plus they would have seen Emily (who also would have to suspect that the government would be watching).

    - I liked the parallels between the pilot episode and this one. For instance, Emily on the boat looking through the round mirror, only to see Ashley instead of Victoria. Then near the end, when Emily is on the deck holding the belt with the infinity symbol from her mom and from up at the Grayson manor, Daniel was looking down at her, where as last season it was Victoria.

    - I'm confused. The white haired man is shown talking to Victoria, surely he has told her that Emily is Amanda? Didn't he tell Victoria? Did I miss something? Didn't Emily reveal to the white haired man her true identity when she almost killed him in last season's finale? Wouldn't he have told Victoria that info if they are aligned with each other? Does Victoria know Emily is Amanda Clarke then?

    -Why is it so hard to believe that Jack is the baby's father? He and Fauxmanda were livingand sleeping together for months. It's not a huge stretch that he's the father. Please don't have the writers fall on the old trope of the woman lying about whom the baby's father is. It's old and tired and frankly as soapy as the show is, this isn't the Maury show. I thinkit's more interesting that he is the father and explore the consequences of his actions.

    - I like the new Charlotte; she finally has a bigger purpose to the story. I'm kind of hoping she's the character that discovers Emily's identity and joins forces with her. I mean, it was nice seeing that Charlotte trusted Emily enough to let her know where her mother was.

    - Am I the only one thinking that Ashley is sleeping with both Daniel and Conrad? I mean, Conrad's expression when his son talked about Ashley was quite suspicious. The whole ""at least she won't cheat on me" was especially eyebrow-raising.