Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2013 on ABC
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As Daniel's attention is directed elsewhere, roadblocks mount for Emily. Two people start turning on Emily.

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  • Excuse me? What is this all about?

    We are waiting for Daniel and Emily's wedding. But there is no chance Emily may uncloak who the Graysons really are. So now, her big plan has changed and she wants to be "killed". I feel the script writes have gone too far now. Showing the gold to Victoria? And... what? Nothing happens about it. The only thing that keeps me watching this show is Madeleine Stowe's and Henry Czerny's acting. The story line has become terrible.

  • Epic!

    Wow, I'm just totally stunned! Just finished watching the episode and I don't really know what to say because I'm speechless with the way it ended!

    I loved that someone from Daniel's past has made a reappearance, and will undoubtedly be very interesting to see where that leads. Charlotte certainly has some ulterior motives of her own!

    My favourite line was after the woman was revealed to be Conrad's real estate agent and Victoria said "Buying land in hell?" or something along those lines. :P

    Can't wait for next week! What a bombshell at the end!!!moreless
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Gloria Votsis

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Justin Hartley

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Annabelle Stephenson

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    • Emily: (to Jack and Nolan) I'm not very good at expressing myself. The thing is, you're two of the most important people in my life. The wedding is in five weeks, and this last bit of time we have, I don't want either of you to feel alone, or in the dark, or at risk because of me. I want nothing left unsaid.
      Nolan: Why? You're leaving Long Island, not the planet.
      Emily: In order for me to do this properly, I have to disappear without a trace. I'll be gone for good. You'll never see me again.
      Jack: (long silence) Is that all you have to say?
      Emily: No. Like I said, I want to tell you everything, including my plan for August 8th. The day Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne.

    • Nolan: I told Jack that I'm in the inner circle.
      Emily: What? He was never supposed to know that!
      Nolan: Do you realize how out of touch you sound? Besides Aiden, Jack, and I are the only ones circling Planet Emily, I know you've tried to keep us in separate orbits, but we were bound to collide, and you know what? I'm glad we did, because there are no more lies between us about you or anything else!
      Emily: This was a huge mistake.
      Nolan: Not for me, it wasn't. Your need to control everything and everyone has kept me isolated when I didn't need to be. I've had no one else to talk to about the crap that I'm going through.
      Emily: I talked to you about Patrick!
      Nolan: All you did was tell me to be rational. I can't turn off my emotions. I'm not a robot! I'm a human being!
      Emily: I thought we were on the same page. You wanted to be a part of this.
      Nolan: (long pause) Yeah. But Ems...all I have ever really wanted was friendship.

    • Jack: (about Emily's true identity) How long have you known?
      Nolan: I've never not known. Before he died, her father made me promise that I would look out for her. A simple request from a man that I idolized. I just never realized it would blow up into this.
      Jack: I should have just come out and asked you. It's not like I didn't suspect that you knew, but the chance that you didn't always stopped me. I hate that my first instinct is to protect her, after everything she's done!
      Nolan: You're not alone.
      Jack: Why do we do it?
      Nolan: Because we see the broken, betrayed little girl inside.

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