Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2012 on ABC

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  • More amazing storylines!

    OK, so firstly to Victoria's new relationship. It seems like it is either going to tie into the storyline (which I hope it does) othererwise I think it's quite pointless as the storyline really wouldn't need it.

    In other news, things got very interesting today with what Victoria did to get Daniel away from prison. The final line and scene of the pisode today left me a little confused. Clearly Emily is conflicted, but who ws that man and why was he so significant that she had to beat him up like that?

    Meanwhile, interesting storyline with Jack pursuing Amanda, while Charlott e and Daeclan's storyline was equally interesting.

    So many great scenes! I can't wait to watch the next one!!!
  • An okay episode

    -Okay, so I liked the episode but I didn't love it.

    - They managed to create more layers to Victoria, I loved her scenes.

    - Everyone is betraying everyone

    - Seriously, can't they get some decent wigs?

    - Charlotte is a little bit more interesting now...

    - "This is for jack. This is for Daniel"- that final line managed to confirm that she is conflicted and loves both. Hopefully now people can stop with the "she only loves jack," "she is only stringing Daniel along for her master plan" talk.

    - The episode was uneven, I mean:

    *How could Victoria possible try to implicate Emily? She was at the party while Victoria was giving the toast, just as the shots were heard.

    * How could Declan credibly rat out Charlotte?

    * Why bring in a new lover for Victoria, is this just soap or will this somehow be tied into the plot?

    * If you are going to hire a spin doctor, wouldn't the wealthy Graysons hire a professional PR firm, not some author like Treadwell?
  • 1x17 "Doubt"

    Revenge returns after a LOT of time with a highly enjoyable episode. Some serious character and plot development in 40 minutes of the Hamptons most disturbed family. The fun you get watching Revenge is the kind of fun only a few shows really pull off and this episode had some good lines and moments to remember (like the end).
  • Really enjoyed the ending.

    I loved seeing Emily finally beat the s**t out of somebody and using the skills we all know she has and except for Nolan they don't.
  • Doubt

    Doubt was a great episode of Revenge if only for a few key scenes. I really did enjoy watching because the action and intrigue picked right up and took some interesting turns and twists. There was a lot of character and plot development, though what there was just didn't seem like enough in some scenes. I was thrilled to see Emily take an inventory of herself and re-acclimate to the situations at hand. Declan and Charlotte are at odds over the night on the beach while Victoria plots to get her son home at a price higher than money can buy. I loved how Emily caught on to the fact and got Revenge for the incident initiated by Victoria. There were some very intriguing aspects to this episode and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Writing is getting worse... :((

    The lines in this episode were very unbelievable, messy and made little sense, all happening at once, and every action having a sub-action, and every character having a sub-plot in his lines. The most "amazing" character is Emily, who seems to be a know-it-all in EVERY single situation, which she deals with the SAME empty look in her eyes. Is it getting boring for you too, Emily?... What a disappointment... It was certainly not something worth waiting for.
  • a bit boring

    Pretty boring episode. After such a long wait I thought they would have a bit more action and intrigue.

    I hate it when there is a two month break in between episodes.