Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode opens with a flashback to Amanda as a young girl. There is a storm raging outside but she is resting in the arms of her dad. All the while Emily Thorne is narrating about the fact that most of her childhood memories are happy and warm ones. She shares that every storm would eventually pass. For a while at least they always did. Then it cuts to her sharing her story in a therapist office and she tells the story of Emily Thorne's parents dying in a car accident. The therapist offers her advice stating this early impermanence is the reason she finds it hard to trust in her relationship. Emily Thorne then shares that she wants to get past this and she wants to know how to get past this. She wants to move forward in this relationship she is currently in but she is afraid. The therapist tells her to stop playing the victim and start taking an active role in her own happiness and that until she does so this relationship and any other will end badly. The session is then up and Emily Thorne hugs Dr. Banks thanking her. Emily looks over her shoulder at the camera knowingly and then says, "Every time I leave here I feel more and more determined to take control of my life." Then Dr. Banks goes to her computer and records that she doesn't feel like Emily is making any progress and that the past is dominating her present and will continue to define her future.

Then it flashes to the Graysons with Victoria responding that she didn't sabotage the Senator. Conrad tells her it is no secret that she didn't like the guy. Victoria then turns it back on Conrad saying that it's no secret how many people despise him. She reminds him he leaves that laptop everywhere and that anyone could get it. The bickering changes gears when they talk about Conrad leaving town. Victoria asks business or pleasure. Conrad and Charlotte have a sweet father daughter moment saying goodbye. Charlotte is about to leave before Victoria tells her that they have a dress fitting for a mother daughter tea coming up. Charlotte says she has plans with her friends and that if Victoria had been nicer to hers she might still have some. Then Conrad steps in and asks Charlotte to do this for her mother and that when he gets back she can tell him "how horrible it all was." Charlotte agrees and Victoria thanks Conrad for the help with a sarcastic smirk.

Then it flashes to the 2 couples playing tennis, Emily & Daniel vs. Tyler & Ashley. Emily hits a shot past Tyler that wins the game. Ashley completes their performance while Tyler tries to argue that the shot was out. Daniel tells him to accept defeat and he responds, "Never! Good game you guys." Then Tyler suggests grabbing a bite to eat and having a swim. Ashley jokes with them saying she can't because some of them have to work for a living. Daniel offers a short little menu advice and Ashley turns it down saying she wants to impress his mother. Tyler then suggests going to a club tonight instead. Daniel says he is trying to stay off the club circuit this summer and Emily reminds him of the plans for dinner they have. Emily encourages Ashley to go and Tyler says perfect. The couples then go their separate ways.

It flashes to Amanda as a child with her therapy sessions with Dr. Banks. Little Amanda begs to see her Dad and promises to be good. Dr. Banks tells her she would just be pretending. She then says, "People who aren't who they claim to be are very, very, dangerous. You would be wise to remember that." She then closes little Amanda in the isolated room and Amanda bangs on the door and says don't leave her in there and to let her out. It then flashes to Emily watching the archived footage all grown up. Then Emily Thorne opens a magazine with an article on Dr. Banks and circles her face. Something she has done on previous targets right before she takes them down.

We come to a picture of the Grayson household from the air. Then it shows Ashley working on the presentation for Mother Daughter Tea Party. She says it's no Ken Burns but it tugs the heartstrings. Emily Thorne tells her, "Nice now just connect the heartstrings to the purse strings." Victoria walks in and says, "I didn't know you were helping Ashley on this." Emily corrects her saying no it is all Ashley. Though she did purchase a ticket in her mother's memory. Victoria smirks and says that is touching. Emily then shares that because Dr. Banks is speaking she knew she wanted a front row seat. Victoria asks her how Emily knows Michelle (aka Dr. Banks). Emily confesses she has been seeing her for about a year while working on some things. Victoria assures Emily that she is in good hands and tells her that she will see her at the tea. Emily says she wouldn't miss it and then leaves to go find Daniel. Victoria leaves as well while Ashley gets back to work.

Emily walks into the pool house and says hey handsome to a guy drying off. The guy turns out to be Tyler and she says she thought he was Daniel. He said sorry to disappoint. She was dropping by to see how Daniel felt about rock shrimp. Tyler informs her that it is a good thing he was here because Danny's allergic to shellfish and that she could've killed the guy. Emily says Tyler sure does know a lot about him. Tyler says best friends are like that. Emily says "Right. Harvard boys." She asks Tyler where he is from exactly. Tyler says, "No where anymore. My parents have estates all over the map." Tyler then says that Emily is an orphan and says money can buy a lot of things but family isn't one of them. Emily says that family can be overrated. Tyler walks to the door and says, "What time do you want him? 7? 8?" Emily says she'll just call Daniel to confirm plans. She leaves and then Daniel comes out of the bathroom. Daniel asks if he just heard Emily which Tyler confirms. Tyler then lies saying she dropped by to cancel their plans. Daniel asks if she gave a reason and Tyler says nope. Daniel goes back into the bathroom confused. As that happens his phone begins to ring and it is Emily calling. Tyler picks it up forwards the call and then hides Daniel's phone in a gym bag.

Then it cuts to Nolan & Jack going over Jack's father's will. Sammy barks at Emily (aka Amanda Clarke) and she goes up to talk to the boys. Jack shares that he is getting financial advice from Nolan and is thinking about selling the bar. Nolan and Emily then have a conversation about Jack and his plans as if he can't hear and isn't there. He then says that he sold his boat to Nolan. Nolan says it's a funny story about getting the Amanda. Emily pets Sammy and walks away. Nolan then says, "Jack & Emily sitting in a tree."

Cuts to Charlotte on a park bench. She gets a text from Declan saying to smile. She does and looks up asking him if he is always in a good mood. He says that he is whenever he sees her. She makes fun of the ring that he is wearing and he says it was his mother's and he is going to try and pawn it for money. He then drops it and gets on one knee to pick it up. Victoria walks out to the scene and Declan introduces himself. Victoria reluctantly shakes his hand. She apologizes for interrupting the young ones but that Charlotte has a fitting. Declan jokes that so does he. Victoria accuses her of doing crazy things to torture her and Charlotte reminds her mother that it isn't always about Victoria.

Next scene Emily has dinner prepped and is calling Daniel and getting his voicemail. She says it is 9:30 and is officially getting worried. She hangs up and hears a knocking on her door. She walks towards it saying about time and pulls aside the curtain to see Jack. Jack says he was saying the same thing the whole way over. He gives her flowers from Sammy. Emily says it is nice of Emily. Jack apologies for not calling first and that he is interrupting. Emily invites him in to enjoy a glass of wine. He says okay. Emily asks him if he has made any decision. Jack says he is going to postpone any decisions til the end of the season. She asks why. He says he is looking for a good reason to stick around. Emily says, "A reason better than the Stowaway." He says yes. Then it cuts to Daniel outside looking through the window at them having dinner and enjoying themselves. He leaves without saying anything, upset thinking his girlfriend is into another guy.

The next scene is at the fancy tea party with women and their daugthers. Victoria greets Michelle. Dr. Banks compliments her and Victoria says it takes a village. Victoria introduces some of her friends to Dr. Banks and they are like, "She should know me. I'm in her office for sessions 3 times a week." Victoria leaves to call Charlotte and say that it is important she be there and not to let her down. Charlotte walks up behind her and says that she wouldn't dream of disappointing her mom. Victoria thanks her smile as her daughter shows off her dress and then hugs her. Ashley is in a tent moving around and Emily asks her if everything is okay. Ashley says no that she is hung over and has lost the DVD. Emily says don't worry I help. They look and Emily asks if she looked in the player. Emily opens it and shows that the DVD is in the tray all along. Ashley says she had a blast with Tyler and that he is a mad man. She asks how dinner was with Daniel and Emily says it didn't happen. That he was a no call no show. Ashley says in disbelief, "Really? Prince Charming….well there must be an explanation." Emily waves it off and says let's focus on her event and that she had dazzling to do. The girls see Nolan and Emily says she will handle him. They have a confrontation about Nolan & Jack's interactions. Nolan throws Emily & Jack's dinner in her face. Nolan says he smells retribution in the air and Emily refuses to let him come. "Mothers and daughters only."

The next scene is Daniel searching for his phone. He asks Tyler if he has seen it. Tyler lies and says he has seen many things in the last 24 hours but his phone is not among them. Daniel asks if they had fun and Tyler said they did but that she left early because of the tea and that he got in a limo with the real housewives and made it all the way to New Jersey before he was sober enough to come home. Tyler says he missed Daniel. Tyler asks if they ever connected. Daniel says he went over there and sees another guy. Tyler calls her a name and says he saw it coming a mile away. Then Tyler tries to get Daniel to drink. Tyler starts pushing alcohol on him. Daniel caves and has a drink.

Conrad goes to visit Lydia. She apologies for the blackmail. He says it isn't her fault but Victoria's. Conrad starts asking about Senator Kingsley. Lydia then asks why Victoria invited Lydia's ex-husband.

Then it cuts to Dr. Banks talking about the benefit providing low income special needs children top medical care close to their home. The video begins but then turns into Hamptons Exposed. The taped sessions of women at the party and people are shocked at the revelations. Victoria yells at Ashley to turn it off. Emily's session shows up. Then Victoria's session where she says she doesn't feel close to Charlotte and thinks having a second child is a mistake. Charlotte leaves upset and says she wishes she had never been born. Dr. Banks starts to apologize and Victoria tells her she is going to destroy her.

The scene comes back with Victoria leaving a threatening voicemail on Dr. Bank's answering machine. Frank grabs the phone and tells her she shouldn't be doing that. Victoria says she could expose a lot more than just her bad relationship with her daughter. Frank asks how much she knows. Victoria says too much. He tells her to stay there don't call anyone or do anything for the next hour and Frank leaves.

Victoria flashes back to her first meeting with Dr. Banks. She then wants to encourage little Amanda to be institutionalized. Victoria says this job must be hard. Dr. Banks says it is the job. Victoria offers her a private practice with the "right kind of clients" and that she will be her first patient. In return she wants Amanda to receive the care she needs by being institutionalized and by being kept away from the monster that is Amanda Clarke's father. It then flashes back to Victoria in the present.

Declan is trying to buy a motorcycle. Jack says he isn't planning to sell the bar. Declan complains that he doesn't have any say. Jack says to get over it. Tyler & Daniel walk into the Stowaway. Daniel says he is just looking for a good time. Tyler asks for a bartender.

Nolan is sitting on Emily's porch and claps as she approaches. He says Emily has outdone herself with her Hamptons Exposed link and that putting in her own session to throw suspicion was brilliant. Nolan says he has made copies of the site so it will never die. Emily thanks him and tells him to leave before Victoria sees me. Nolan confesses he has learned about the past on Dr. Banks. Emily says that nothing is random. Emily is glad the Dr. will never practice again.

Victoria is calling Charlotte and begging her to come home. The police knock on her door. Victoria fears it is about Charlotte. They inform her it is about the disappearance of Michelle Banks. They question her about her quarrel with Dr. Banks. Frank comes in and provides an alibi by saying they have been together all afternoon. He asks if he is Mr. Grayson and he says no that he works for him. Frank sends them off and they tell Victoria not to leave town. Frank then tells Victoria that he went to Dr. Banks office. He tells her they are going to figure out what's going on and Frank tells Victoria to call her Husband.

Conrad forwards Victoria to voicemail while he is sleeping in Lydia's Bed.

Tyler & Daniel are playing pool and getting drunk in Jack's bar with two slutty girls. The girls win. They promise more.

Emily Thorne is painting in her house. She then flashes back to her childhood. Dr. Banks is asking young Amanda to draw something different. Little Amanda asks to see her father. Dr. Banks says she can't see him because he hurt and killed people. Young Amanda accuses "them" of doing it. Dr. Banks tells her that there is no them. Nolan sends a video message about what Emily's fake boyfriend is doing at her other boyfriend's bar.

Ashley confesses about the loss of the DVD to Victoria & Frank. They find out that Emily Thorne "found" the DVD and want to question her involvement. The boys come in drunk and singing. He bids them goodnight as Tyler apologizes to Mrs. Grayson. She tells Tyler to make sure he goes to sleep facedown. Ashley & Tyler start talking and Ashley notices that Tyler is sober. He tells her he is.

Emily comes into the bar and sits down with Nolan as he is watching the news report about Dr. Banks. Emily apologizes to Jack about Daniel's behavior. Jack offers her food or a drink but she says no and leaves. Nolan then has Jack go look at the Hamptons Exposed site.

Dr. Banks begs to be let out of the storage container. She bangs on the door while in the distance Emily Thorne watches. The next scene Emily is watching the news and sees that Dr. Banks has been rescued due to the "news hotline." It switches to Victoria watching the same news report. Frank continues to provide an alibi for Victoria. Frank tells Victoria that the storage unit Dr. banks was found in is Grayson Global. Frank vows to get to the bottom of things. Victoria asks Frank to stay the night.

Charlotte and Declan are having a conversation on the swings. Declan is trying to comfort Charlotte. Charlotte asks about what happened to Declan's Mom. Declan says he never knew her and that he is keeping the ring because he wants his mother to come back for it. Charlotte tells him the ring is fake and that it isn't worth anything. She then says if it means something to you then it's priceless. Declan tells her to go home.

The episode ends with Emily Thorne listening to the last of the news report, putting something in her revenge box, calling Daniel, and narrating about weakness and the nature of individuals to act in certain ways. A montage plays with us seeing all the main characters. Charlotte coming home. Tyler turning Daniel over face down. Jack listening to Emily's confession on Hamptons Exposed thinking it is about him. Emily watching archived footage of Victoria talking about her deep love for someone. When questioned she said it wasn't Conrad. It ends with a flashback to Young Amanda seeing Victoria & Frank in the Clarke house stealing David's laptop.