Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2011 on ABC

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  • Great Episode

    This episode was just fantastic the drama was great the takedown was great and the chracters continue to grow and develop
  • Hard to say - since the other three were so good - but I think this one might just be the best yet!

    So much great drama in this episode, and I thought it was the best one so far in some ways!

    I absolutely loved the storyline, and I was hoping for some serious revenge, after seeing the way Amanda was treated as a child. The plot was absolutely perfect, especially the inclusion of Emily's own psychological session in the DVD. It was just epic!

    Meanwhile, some fo the other storylines had great developments too, such as the cheating with Conrad, and Emily and Jack. This show is so aweseome, already, and it's just 4 episodes in! I can not wait for the next one!!!

    Keep it up, Revenge!!!
  • Duplicity

    Duplicity was a perfect and very engaging episode of Revenge and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of intricate character and plot development. It was awesome to watch Emily maneuver and manipulate in order to see a woman who drastically altered her life face the consequences. There was mystery, intrigue and plenty of drama in this episode leading to a rich and diverse multitude of story lines. It was entertaining to watch each unfold in its own right. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Nice continuance...


    What I most enjoyed about it was seeing Emily get physical...Knocking Dr. Banks and placing her in a storage by herself was impressive...However the reason for doing it puzzles me...Did she do it to get back at her for her sufferings or to protect her from the wrath of Victoria?

    Another element of interest was the behavior of Tyler, the friend of Daniel...He seems to be on a revenge against him, or at least to break him and Emily...The show didn't show why he is doing it, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he was hired to do it by Emily or someone close to her...

    Anyhow, the show gets closer to the core of the problem specifically Victoria and Conrad...As it appears she wants to get back at Victoria mainly for her attitude towards Emily( Amanda) but somehow I think there is more to the responsible party and the way Victoria is presented sometimes trying to do the right thing and other times being extremely vicious, she may not be main player.

  • Again a good episode, this show remains solid.


    (spoilers) This episode had the same concept as the others, the take down of one of Amanda's enemies. I found this particular one very interesting. It showed how much she had to go through in her past. I don't know if every episode will have this same concept, that will be a big risk to take in my opinion.

    The best friend of Daniel seems to have his own hidden agenda, which is interesting also. To me it looked like he was on his own path of revenge.

    I really like the character development. The actors are doing a great job portraying them. They seem genuine and everything just seems to work.

    This show is a big surprise to me in a good way, as Terra Nova for example is in a bad way. For some reason it has this X-factor which some other shows are simply missing. You can throw together all of those great concepts, actors, throw huge amounts of money at it but if it doesn't 'mix' well you have nothing. It needs this X-factor, which in my opinion, Revenge has. (for a very small budget)... It just works. Great work.