Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 2012 on ABC

Episode Recap

Daniel's birthday party takes a turn towards the shocking when Tyler shows up holding a gun at Emily's head.

Flashback to a few days ago, where Emily is discussing a small gathering for her boyfriend's birthday. Daniel is in good spirits now that he thinks that Tyler isn't a threat anymore. Thank goodness Conrad's fired him. However, Daniel just wants to make sure he gets the most out of the fallout from the divorce.

Victoria wants the mansion, some art, and Charlotte, but Conrad doesn't want to give that all up to his soon-to-be ex-wife. They signed a pre-nup, but since Victoria was pregnant at the time, the document is rendered invalid. She could have signed it under duress, and this means Victoria could get half of their combined assets.

Victoria's lawyer, Ryan Huntley, knows that she faked her pregnancy so that Conrad would marry her, and then faked the miscarriage after, which means that the pre-nup would be legit. Emily had also given Huntley evidence which proves her fathers innocence, but he never did anything with the proof. Thus, Emily puts a lot of blame on her father's death on Huntley.

Emily and Nolan try to make plans to deal with Tyler. He's already stolen the hidden camera which includes a bunch of incriminating videos, but Emily steals it back. While in Tyler's pool house, she notices that he's taking a lot of antipsychotic meds. Tyler is not a mentally stable person.

When Tyler discovers the camera is missing, he trashes the room. Tyler tells Conrad that he had a video of Frank throwing Lydia off the building, as well as evidence which reveals that Conrad was complicit in framing David Clarke. Emily discovers that Tyler has a brother who is a surgeon living in California. Nolan offers to fly the brother to the Hamptons in order to talk some sense into Tyler.

Tyler tells Daniel that he's skipping town before the birthday party, but it's a ruse. Tyler goes to Nolan and demands the video camera back, threatening Nolan with a knife. He slices Nolan's arm and ties him up.

Emily gives Daniel a photo of them together as a birthday present. Ashley asks Jack to help out with the clambake, and Jack brings along Amanda. Tyler's brother arrives and unties Nolan, who calls Emily to warn her, but it's Tyler who answers her phone. Victoria gives Daniel a scrapbook filled with family memories, and Emily can't help but feel a little jealous since the photo idea was hers.

Tyler confronts Emily as she goes inside to get Daniel's birthday cake. They argue, and Emily secretly slips something into Tyler's pocket. Tyler takes Emily's gun and forces her outside in front of the other party guests. Tyler demands that Conrad tell the truth about what happened to David Clarke, else Emily will die. He's about to pull the trigger when Tyler's brother arrives. This distracts Tyler enough so that Jack and Daniel can knock him down. The police search Tyler's pockets and discover Frank's wallet. He's now pinned as the prime suspect in Frank's death.

Emily goes home with Amanda, and Amanda wonders what Tyler was talking about when he asked Conrad about David Clarke. Meanwhile, lawyer Huntley tells Victoria that he knows a doctor who will forge documents which prove that she had a miscarriage, which will invalidate theprenuptialagreement.