Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 2012 on ABC

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  • Question

    I just have one question: where is Nolan's bodyguard ? Isn't that why he hired him in the first place ?
  • A bit let down...

    When I first began watching this show, it was a cheesy but pretty guilty pleasure. The flashbacks have always been a bit hokey, but by the tenth episode I was hooked.

    Unfortunately, this climactic episode left me a little disappointed. First, a blanket statement: The big reveal that Tyler was on antipsychotics was, to me, a bit unnecessary. It just seemed to me like an excuse for them to do more crazy things with the character.

    And boy, they did. Tyler went from a real, interesting human being to a soulless psychopath pretty damn fast. The scene in which he held a tiny little knife to Nolan's neck was a bit laughable, and I wasn't afraid at the end because of COURSE they're not going to kill the main character. The whole thing with the older brother, too, was pretty deus-ex machina. All in all, this episode just lacked the sneakiness and subtlety I had grown to love about the show. I'm just glad, reading farther on, that Tyler isn't entirely out of the picture. Perhaps they can redeem this character.

    It just seems, to me, like pyrotechnics. I really hope Emily studies how Tyler tried to take down the Graysons and compares it to her own quest, or perhaps Tyler's return later will add further depth to his character in relation to Emily, because at the moment, it seems like he was just shoved in there to complicate her life and for no real purpose. I'm curious to see where the show goes from here--especially with the Victoria-and-fake-Amanda storyline, but overall this episode was the first where I felt it was all pretty clumsy and strange. Anyway. I'm pretty confident, though, that it'll get back on track.
  • Very good and suspenseful episode, but I fely it was slightly anitclimatic.

    The episode was, for the most part, extremely entertaining. I was enthralled, and there were so many epic developments, in addition to a lot of great drama and big twists and turns. So many interesting developments with Tyler, and such great work by Emily with Frank's wallet! The episode was flawless with its structure.

    My only negative is that the scene at the beach seemed anticlimatic. Maybe because it was hyped up SO much here in Australia, but I guess I was expecting a little more.

    But that was my only negative in an otherwise flaewless storyline! Keep it up, Revenge, and I cannot wait to see what's happening next!
  • Duress

    Duress was a perfectly entertaining episode of Revenge because Tyler goes psycho and begins a deadly game. It was awesome how well Emily manipulated the situations at hand and it was interesting to see how things unfolded. Victoria's lawyer comes up with a way to null her prenuptial agreement with Conrad giving her the edge which leaves us waiting until the next episode to find out more about how the divorce will play out. Both Declan and Jack are guests at the birthday party and it was interesting to see Amanda interacting with every one. Jack and Daniel helped save the night which was cool. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Duress? Manipulation more likely!

    I think Emily played Tyler brillantly and I found myself highly entertained with the first episode after the holidays. It is my special New Year's treat. Even if everyone saw Tyler's breakdown coming as we have not been blind it wasn't the question when or if it would happen. It was the how which held my interest throughout the episode always bearing in mind that at the end of the season we need a suspect for Daniel's murder (if the person shot indeed is Daniel). There might be a great moment looming at the end of season one which hopefully we'll be able to compare to the Dallas mystery of "who shot JR?". It seems that one suspect has been eliminated for good but with Revenge you never know even the almost dead come back unexpectedly and with a vengeance.

    I really liked the episode playing on relatively close quarters. I got the impression of watching a stage play or a challenging chess game. For the most part the party guests were interacting with meaningful glances and facial expressions. And the subtle biting side blow served with a chilly smile.

    Though the best part for me was that Emily has finally come to terms with Nolan and even apologized to him. Now it's time for Emily's next move on the Graysons. I can't wait to see what she'll do now that (finally) Tyler is out of the picture.

  • It's a Birthday and someone is about to burst the birthday boys party balloon. uh oh Tyler is one loose cannon.

    I can not put my finger on it but this episode lost me. There was supposed to be even bigger fire workes excepted in this weeks show but alas we got sparkles.

    Ok so the most exciting thing that happened in this weeks show was the realisation that Tyler is ill. ( big sigh.. we saw that coming). His plan to we blackmail bascically everyone he knows starts to fal apart as everyone weidly comes to the conclusion that he does not matter. That plan seemed flawed from the beginning. Why would anyone want to give into someone who exsporting them. The show began with Emily heroic plan to claim revenge for her fathers death it was brilliant, she had a list of people and one by one they fell like a stack of cards.

    Now Tyler's games have become so seriouse that he has to be put down too. Frankly all i here is the same song playing and in terms of scheming; i have seen more tricks from a dog. I am not sure if i really enjoyed the ride this time round. So far the show has been a brilliant guilty pleasure, just hope its not going to be another dispointment.