Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 2012 on ABC



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    • Daniel: What do you want me to say Dad?
      Conrad: Nothing. I'm just asking you to listen. I've got enough people hating me son I don't want to add you to the list. You and Charlotte you're everything to me. I'm not asking you to take sides against your mother or even agree with my actions just don't cut me out completely.
      Daniel: Okay but what about Tyler? Clearly he was just using me to get to you but you still hired him.
      Conrad: Admittedly it was a mistake. I wasn't thinking clearly. Consider him gone.
      Daniel: Then consider me back on board.

    • Emily Thorne: (voice over at the opening scene) Defence lawyers use the term duress to describe the use of force, coercion or psychological pressure exerted on a client in the commission of a crime. When duress is applied to the emotionally unstable the result can be as violent as it is unpredictable.

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    • Emily: I Googled friendship on the "Interwebs" apparently when you have a fight with a friend you are supposed to apologize.

      Interwebs was one of the words that George W. Bush invented during the 2004 Presidential Debate.